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Interview - John Tardy (Obituary)

Interview with John Tardy from Obituary
by Mike Coyle at 22 November 2014, 1:29 AM

OBITUARY is a rather well known name in the Metal community, they will be releasing their latest album "Inked In Blood". Metal Temple's Mike Coyle was lucky enough to get the chance to speak with John Tardy about a number of things including some band background, preparing for shows, and hanging out with AMON AMARTH!!!

First off, John thank you for taking the time to do this interview today.


So first off how're you doing John?

I'm doing great

So it has been five years since Obituary recorded Darkest Day back in two thousand nine?

Uh, something like that (laughs)

Now five years on, you guys have a new album coming out entitled Inked In Blood, what was it like to enter the studio again, and what goals did you guys set out to accomplish on this record?

Well I mean A it's always fun you know putting an album together, we didn't real thing expect for it to take five years, no big deal either way and we actually wrote a lot of the songs three years ago and then you know one thing after another between getting pulled away for touring and trying to set up our own record label so we kind of got busy and backed things up a couple of years but it's no big deal, I mean through the years before Frozen In Time was a long time, Back From The Dead was a long time, it just kind of depends when we feel like writing that we go ahead and do it, that was no big deal but it's always fun getting back in the studio especially when the studio is right here in my own house, we have a home studio now, we actually wound up tracking and recording, mixing and producing the whole thing ourselves, that was pretty cool!.

So what was it like having the new recorded funded by the fans?

Well, you know it goes back even back when we were at RoadRunner we've been wanting to do our own record label ever since then, now we kind of started doing some leg work for it before we signed with Candlelight to do a couple of records, but you know it got to be overwhelming, we just tapped out and ust decided to do a licensing agreement with Candlelight and kind of went that rout, and you know once again once we started to do this album we're like man we just really want to and we spent a year trying to figure out how we were going to do this, and we also got involved with some other projects that we were doing, a documentary at Morrisound, well we had some friends of ours mention this Kickstarter thing because we're sitting there telling them these people we were working with nd they were like have you guy ever heard of Kickstarter campaign maybe to get some of the money you want because we're sitting there going man we just wanna release this album on our own, we wanna do this, we wanna do that and I'd never heard of it, Uh but they showed it to us, I know that Sepultura had a campaign at the time, they were trying to fund this and that, so they kinda talked us into it and helped us all get it set up, and we didn't expect much to happen out of it, but you know as it turned out we have some great fans and the support was just overwhelming.

Looking back on Obituarys history how would you sum up the journey you have all taken as a band ?

Wow (laughs) I don’t know I mean we are just one of those bands that I mean you know we didn't really plan on doing that first CD it kinda came to us you know, I mean we were so happy just coming home and jamming in the studio, and any recording we kind of did we just make cassettes of it and sir down and jam it ourselves and trying to get our music out there in the whole nine yards, when Roadrunner kind of came to us and said hey you know we wanna release an album for you, you know that was like the first time we even kinda thought about a record label and signing and doing things so, so the fact that we're still going this day and after all these years and you know it just seems like our shows are just about bigger than ever so things are going good for us, we're having fun especially with the new band members in play and hey as long as it continues we'll certainly keep on riding it.

This year you guys played the Bloodstock festival in Derby England, what was it like returning to that stage after playing in 2010?

(Laughs) Well it was money once again (laughs) but I mean Bloodstock is a fun festival for sure I mean it has a great group of fans you know they sit out there in the mud or rain or whatever might be happening but I mean we just get such a good crowd response and it just makes it fun no doubt, so I mean it's not the biggest of festivals but it's big enough to make it super exciting and personal, I just think it's a great, great show and I had a good time Amon Amarth guys there hanging out with them and we certainly had a good time that’s for sure.

So before going on stage what do you do to prepare?

Not a whole lot I guess (laughs)

Looking back at past shows which five would you say have been the most inspiring and energetic?

Oh god I don't know, I can I can remember like I remember the first time you know back in the early nineties I think it was nineteen ninety that we played the dynamo festival in Holland, I mean I didn't know that big music festivals like that happened for music of our kind and especially in a different country I mean we did the one tour so going over there playing the Dynamo Festival and there was like thirty thousand people there, that was just like the hugest thing ever for us, I mean at that age we had done nothing at that time, so I remember that show.

So what’s next for the band now that you have the new record coming out?

Yea that’s it, we're gonna finish up this Kickstarter stuff and then the touring starts next weekend next week, fly to Mexico and then from there we start the Carcass tour (Inked In Steel Tour) that we're doing in America, we're playing with Carcass and then it goes into a Death To All run, after that we're home just for Christmas and then we head back over to Europe and do the Inked In Blood run over there, and then obviously we have some more Summer festivals getting lined up and booked already with Full force and Wacken are two that we're playing.

One of the last three questions, and it is a bit of a random one, what two essential items could you not live without if you were stuck on a desert island, one item can be food, the other can be an object that you couldn’t go a day without?

Well obviously we're gonna need some food and Beer, those have to happen, but I guess probably my direct TV NFL package (laughs) I got to be able to watch my Miami Dolphins (laughs)

What is the most random thing you have ever seen at one of your shows?

Most random thing that I've ever seen, One time I signed this girls hand one time on the top of her hand and a couple years later we went back to the same place, she shows up again and actually has had it tattooed over my signature and I was like you are actually out of your mind, but that’s pretty crazy.


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