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Interview - King Lizard

Interview with King Lizard from
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 29 January 2014, 7:19 PM

Recently, Blacknasa was lucky enough to sit down with the English Sleaze Rock / Metal trailblazers, KING LIZARD, formed in 2002, right before taking up the stage in the Israel for the first time back in December 2012, see how that went.

​​Hi there guys how are you? Thanks for taking the time for this interview for Metal Temple prior to your live show. First of all let me congratulate you your first time performing live in Israel, hopefully it will be a kickass show. ​​

Band: Thanks man, we feel great tonight.

​​So guys how did you get together?​​

Flash Roxx Sawyer: I formed the band when I was a kid really, many people come in and out from the band, however when I met Niro Knox things got more serious, I was like 6 or more like 7 years ago.

Niro Knox: I was playing around like 3 years all over London. I didn’t really had much artistic collaboration with anybody, however I was working in a bar in London. Flash came in with his old guitarist and I started to talk with them and understood that they are in a band , and they stated that they are playing in a gig just across the street and I should come and see them. so I did (Niro Knox), the moment I got to the gig Flash Roxx Sawyer just went up to the stage and gave a Scream out from Hell and I said to myself 'What the Fuck?' I went to see them a few more times and I started to talk with Flash Roxx Sawyer in order to join the band. Eventually, Flash Roxx Sawyer came to see me (Niro Knox)  play with a bunch of guys I was playing with and after the show I said that I was the only one that was good and he would like me to be in is band. That’s the foundation of the current KING LIZARD band, there were some changes in the band however the current line up with Moyano El Buffalo on Drums and Lee Benz on Bass is the lineup for around 3 years now.

​​Why the current sound, Hard rock meets the Glam?​​

Flash Roxx Sawyer we are not really glam, however If you listen to the music you can see that it’s more of Rock or even Hard rock, and to be honest I think that we like our music to be something that we care about without any specific categories, it seems to people that our songs are not serious.  However, we do have serious lyrics.

​​What are your influences? ​​

Band: Our influences it’s ourselves we are influenced from our own music , it’s like we are in the studio it feels very natural to us , sometime we do strange things in the music however it’s are own and not influenced by others, however id we need to say what is  our influence I think we probably will say GUNS AND ROSES , even some PANTERA, some of the riff we have are loosely influenced by ROB ZOMBIE and even MARILYN MANSON however it’s loosely influenced because I used to listen to them so you can escape from being influenced by them.

Niro Knox: if we are talking about influence guitar wise after all I’m the guitar player I must say that I like MEGADETH , PANTERA and W.A.S.P  riffs

​​Flash Roxx Sawyer is a leader vocalist what Is your style and influence?​​

Flash Roxx Sawyer: I think that my first influence was Freddie Mercury however I lean more towards Axel Rose from GUNS AND ROSES

​​How about the reincense with Hard rock and Glam now, any toughts about it?​​

Niro Knox: I think that the crowd like more Shows that have big guitars and loud vocals and that what Hard Rock and Glam gives.

​​Any Tour in mind?​​

Flash Roxx Sawyer: we really want to tour the state, I mean the USA , we did mainly tours in the Europe and off course in England , however we are very excited to come to Israel and play , after all our guitar player Niro Knox is from Israel so we are proud to play here.

​​So guys on behalf of Meta-Temple I would like to thank you and kick ass on the stage. ​​

Band: Cool dude, enjoy the show and thanks for the interview. 


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