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Interview - Michael Stutzer (Artillery)

Interview with Michael Stutzer from Artillery
by Emily Coulter at 06 August 2014, 7:55 PM

It is the final date of ARTILLERY's UK tour supporting ONSLAUGHT and it's surely been a big adventure for the band. Emily Coulter had a talk with the band’s guitarist Michael Stutzer about the past and future of ARTILLERY and how metal has changed since the beginning of his music career. 

It's the last date of your tour with ONSLAUGHT how much have you enjoyed it?

It's been great, this is the first time we have really toured the UK and we couldn't of expected how great the crowds were and we've absolutely loved it.

Any highlights so far?

Playing Ireland was amazing but the show in Bristol was mind blowing but hopefully the Birmingham show is as impressive as the rest.

What do you think has been the best night of the tour overall?

Bristol and London have been probably the best.

What is the hardest part of touring?

The tour bus because you're stuck with the same people in a cramped area constantly so everyone gets a bit frustrated but it's been great overall.

ARTILLERY has had a lot of lineup changes since the beginning, do you think this is the final lineup?

Up to now it has been great and all of us are so passionate about the band and how we play music so it would be impossible to change anything now.

What is it like being in a band with your brother?

It's fun but hard at the same time, two brothers are going to have struggles but we work well together in the band.

What bands got you into the thrash metal genre?

Lots of bands from various sub genres such as GBH, DISCHARGE, ACCEPT, MERCYFUL FATE which all contributed to our overall sound.  We started as punk but transferred to thrash so we joined the sound of bands such as EXODUS.

What bands inspired you to play guitar?

The likes of DEEP PURPLE really inspired me to start playing with songs such as ''Smoke On The Water''.

What other instruments can you play?

A little bit of bass and a little bit of drums but not much else.

ARTILLERY released ''Legions'' last year, do you think it got a good response when compared to previous albums?

Yeah we got some great reviews from fans and press who all loved the album, no one knew how well it was going to be received but we're super proud. I think this has been our best album since ''By Inheritance''.

What is your favourite track from ''Legions'' currently?

I love all the tracks from the album but currently it's ''God Feather''.

When do you think ARTILLERY will release another album?

Well I think the plan is to go into the studio in February then release a new album around 6 months after that.

Is there anyone you would like to work with in the future?

It'd be great to work with Andy Sneap and Tony Iommi would be a dream collaboration.

With you being with ARTILLERY since the 80’s do you think there is a huge difference with the sound coming out of metal?

It's changed dramatically since I began in the industry, bands aren’t making as much effort as their used to be and they think they can be big quick. A lot of bands sound the same and it's hard to get any originality anymore.

Michael, I thank you for your time, good luck on the show. Cheers.

Thank you.


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