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Interview - Mike Hill (Tombs)

Interview with Mike Hill from Tombs
by Danny Sanderson at 14 August 2014, 4:01 AM

One of the new messengers of the development of Metal music nowadays, the American TOMBS have been carving themselves on the stones of obscurity, leaving riddles than answers. Danny Sanderson talked to Mike Hill of the band in order to possibly crack the band’s code.

Hello Mike, great to have you for this interview, what have you been up to lately?

I’ve been busy. I launched my coffee brand, Savage Gold Coffee a couple or weeks ago. It’s been a real hustle; getting orders out, fine-tuning the site and working on getting more products ready for the webstore. The band is going to be recording a cover of “Mother of Mercy” by Samhain for a compilation coming out later this year. I’m also working on some new song ideas, putting together some production for the tour with Pallbearer this fall.

First of all congrats for the new album "Savage Gold", which was recently launched by Relapse Records. What can you tell about the touring of Tombs for this album so far?

We just wrapped up a west coast tour with Pelican. We are heading out this fall with Pallbearer. A European tour is being working on for 2015. There are some other random dates here and there.

How do you think your new album "Savage Gold" has been received by fans and the music press?

It seems like people like it. Honestly, I’m already thinking about new material. I know the record just came out, but the material is old to us.

What is the significance of the title "Savage Gold"?

One of the goals of alchemy is to transform a lower metal into gold. I worked this idea into the title. The record deals primarily with transformation from one state to another; from life to death, from this reality into another reality.

In comparison to your past ventures, what makes "Savage Gold" standout?

Working with Erik Rutan made a huge impact on the record. The production is way different on Savage Gold than on our earlier material. We are always looking for a more powerful, intense sound and I think we hit it right on the mark.

There is, to my mind, a clear Black Metal influence on this record. What music inspired this album in your opinion?

Meditations on death; I don’t get into any of the typical black metal ideologies but the power of the music was a huge influence.

You are often described as "Post-Metal", or fall into the more progressive edge of the Metal spectrum. Would you consider yourself a Post-Metal band, or do you consider yourself something else?

Something else. Honestly, I don’t really know what bands are part of the “post Metal” thing.

What do you think a band should have to be considered a "Post-Metal" act? Though it is rather obscure as a whole as this kind of musical thingy is rather new.

I have no idea. I don’t even really know what a post-metal band is. I like Slayer and Celtic Frost a lot; I also listen to Joy Division and Bauhaus. I write music that incorporates those sounds.

What sort of techniques and gear do you use in order to get the sound that you have?

It’s actually pretty basic. I used Lace pickups, Gibson les paul studio, mesa boogie dual rectifier, Musicman HD-130. My effects pedals are all stuff I bought off the rack, most of them are Boss, Maxon and MXR, nothing really exotic. My gear is pretty generic.

What does the immediate future hold for Tombs?

We’ll be doing some touring and as usual, writing more music.

Mike, I wish to convey my thanks for the time for this interview. I wish you guys all the best with the new album. Any last words for the readers?

Thanks Danny. I hope to see you guys out there on the road.


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