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Interview - Mr. V (Vintersorg)

Interview with Mr. V from Vintersorg
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 30 August 2014, 11:51 AM

And it’s time to speak with one legend of Swedish Metal, VINTERSORG. Well known for doing a mix between melodic themes with harsh aspects of extreme Metal, and for being creative, now the duo comes with their new album, “Naturbål”. Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia could talk with them, to know about the past, present and future plans.

First of all, I want to thank you for this interview. And to begin, let’s speak about “Naturbål”, the newest album. How it was conceived, and how recording were done? And is there a main conception behind it, can you tell us, please?

Hi there! Well the whole idea behind the album is the natural element “fire”. We’re doing the four elements now and this is part three, earlier we’ve done earth and air. It’s a concept album in that sense that all the songs concerns fire in different aspects, and we’re talking fire in nature here. So, we have the volcanic fire, lighting, the stars, wild fire but also fire in nature from a bit of a folk lore aspect as well. You’ll also find a song about the aftermath of a huge forest fire when everything has turned into soot and ash and so on. We recorded the album by ourselves at my own studio in my house, we like to have it like that as we can work when we want to and have the possibility. It’s also cause we like to have control from the start to the end. So we also mixed and mastered it at the same location.

A thing that astonished us all is the fact that after “The Focusing Blur”, including “Naturbål”, the band returned to write on Swedish. What’s the main reason for that? And don’t you think that this may turn a little difficult for those fans who want to know the themes you’re speaking about?

I totally understand that it’ll be harder for those who doesn’t speak Swedish but at the same time I can’t think like that as an artist. I just need to write and compose out of passion and an emotional basis. I just feel like to write in Swedish again in Vintersorg. When we did it in English I started to miss my mother tongue in my art. I mean I write in English for the other bands I’m involved with and there it feels very proper as I love also to express myself in that language. The switch back was in this case just cause I like to do that in Swedish as well. So now I have both side of that creative “coin”.

On “Cosmic Genesis”, your lyrics dealt with Astronomy and some historical aspects of it, on “Visions from the Spiral Generator” and “The Focusing Blur”, some aspects of Quantum Mechanics and about Dark Matter and Dark Energy. And this is a fine example of a thinking mind behind the band’s lyrics. Can we assume that on “Naturbål” there’s the same thinking about the themes? And what is the main theme of the lyrics this time?

As I said it’s about the element “fire” in nature. All our albums has always dealt with the relation between Man and Nature, on some albums we’ve just pointed the scope skywards and having that relation analyzed through an interstellar conversation, now we’re pointing the scope towards the four elements that compose who and what we are in many aspects. So, in a sense these albums are also asking the existential questions as the albums you refer to.

Again speaking about “Cosmic Genesis”, “Visions from the Spiral Generator” and “The Focusing Blur”, some speak that the main reason for the science themes on the lyrics is due you, VINTERSORG, is a Physicist. Ok, I really don’t like to speak about musicians personal lives, but if it the case, do you see a parallel between Metal music and Science? And this association could be good for both sides? And don’t feel disturbed, because we’re colleagues on Physics (laughs).

Science is everything in a sense. I mean the whole world and the whole universe is science when you start to explore it on a deeper level than the first and obvious glance. Still, I like the more romantic sides of nature as well as I strike something fundamental inside my human mind that I probably am stuck with since childhood. I just spend so much time in the wilderness playing and exploring as a kid, I guess that is one reason why I love it so much.

Looking back from “Hedniskhjärtad” times until now, how do you compare all your albums to “Naturbål”, and what would be the greater different from it from the previous ones?

Every album is a signature of what we are/were at the time being and we’re proud of our whole catalogue. From the first ep to the last album. Of course we’ve done different types of albums as we are curious guys that want to explore and express ourselves in a different way from album to album. Still, the VINTERSORG foundation has been intact and we aim for another 20 years in the business.

Ok, I know it’s a VINTERSORG interview, but a question that still is with us all is how can you deal with your time, due your works with BORKNAGAR, CRONIAN, FISSION, OTYG, and WATERCLIME? It’s really amazing! By the way, last CRONIAN album is excellent!

Time is my worst enemy you know. I have so much to do and so limited time use for it. I also work full time as a teacher, have two kids, two dogs etc. So it’s just a stressed out situation every day. Music is though like a drug for me, I just need to do it and are addicted to do it…so I try to fit it in, in that filled up schedule. Glad you like the CRONIAN album, we’re very pleased ourselves and are already working on some new ideas.

Returning to “Naturbål”, you worked with Kris Verwimp once more. How was the feeling to work again with him? And can we assume that he could become a new partner from the band?

We really enjoy working with Kris as he understands how to portray our visions and ideas into imagery. Hopefully we can continue this interesting collaboration and just find new stimulating paths to visit and bring into art.

VINTERSORG is not a live band, but is there a main reason for that? Of course, many fans would gather to see a show with you…

We’re just a two piece band and I have a very hard time to get time off from my day job as a teacher for live gigs. Mattias is also working very hard and his employer depends on him quite frankly…but we’ll see what happens in the future as we like to do shows, like we did in the past.

“Naturbål” is out now, and it’s too early to feel the fans reaction for it, but did you get some little reactions from them by now? And will “Naturbål” be released worldwide?

We’ve got some great response both from fans and media, and that’s just this big tank of creative fuel for us to continue with our task.

We want to thank you again for your time and kindness, and please, leave your message to your fans and our readers.

Just check out the new album, it’s a great adventure that will take you through many emotional states.


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