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Interview - Opath (Leash Eye)

Interview with Opath from Leash Eye
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 14 April 2014, 4:03 PM

Formed in 1996 in Warsaw, LEASH EYE has only released three full length albums starting in 2009, and a single released in 2010. Last year, they released their third full length album, titled “Hard Trucking Rock”. They began as Grunge and later became one of my personal favorites, Southern Metal. Kati will sharethis journey of the behind the scenes look at LEASH EYE.

Hi Opath, how have you been? Thank you very much for the time to this interview for Metal Temple, it's an honor. .

Hi! I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Congrats for the release of the new LEASH EYE album, “Hard Truckin' Rock”. How can you describe work over this album?

Thank you. This time we worked a little differently than before. Song basics were written at home and we recorded demo versions individually with our computers. These were shared with the rest of the band and we worked on final arrangements together. Another difference is Voltan’s and Marecki’s input in the writing. Especially the former, who also wrote some of the vocal lines and lyrics, which was mostly Sebb’s job on the last album.

I like “Me & Mr. Beam”, “S.B.F. Anthem” and “On The Run” very much and I think of them as pure highlights. What can you tell about these particular songs?

The first one was written by Voltan. It has kind of a 80s rock vibe to it and I remember than when we first heard the demo with vocals recorded by him, we thought it sounded more like Motley Crue or something than Leash Eye. It was the way he sang it with the backing vocals and all. Sebb made sure the final version didn’t sound like Motley Crue though. The other two came from under my fingers and reveal my fascination with old rock. The first one is about an informal festival held annually in Warsaw. The festival’s purpose is to find the worst brand of beer we can get our hands on ;) It’s easy to drink good beer but it’s a whole other thing to actually enjoy drinking one of those. On The Run is a Sabbath-ish piece with Voltan’s lyrics that were loosely inspired by a Van Damme movie from the early 90s.

On “Twice Betrayed” You paid tribute to Polish airmen who took part in the Battle of England. What can you share about the principle behind the lyrics? Is there possibly a fascination to old Polish history?

The lyrics were written by Sebb and I guess it’s something he always wanted to write. Military history and WWII in particular is one of his things. He knows a lot of interesting stories from that period and knows how to tell them and aerial warfare is his favorite topic. This song is indeed a tribute to the Polish pilots fighting in the Battle of England.

Listening to this album, I noticed elements of BLACK SABBATH, PANTERA and DAMAGEPLAN.  Have you been a fan of these bands? Would you portray these giants as your musical inspiration?

It’s hard to say specifically what are Leash Eye’s inspirations. Each of us has different ones. Konar likes black album era Metallica, Marecki loves Alice In Chains and Spiritual Beggars and Voltan’s into all kinds of music and he attends every concert he can get to. Sebb and I are the most alike, I think, as we both started with 80s thrash metal. I guess you could call Black Sabbath a common denominator in the band.

On a regular basis, from where do you draw your ideas to write your music? What drives you guys?

Usually it's anything from our 'Party Hard' routine during shows to movies about trucking and southern life in the States.

What stands behind such a name as LEASH EYE?

Nothing… I’m a sucker for wordplay and when I thought about the name many years ago, I simply wanted it to written in English but sound Polish. Leash Eye is pronounced pretty much like the Polish word “liszaj”, which is a dermatologic condition that has nothing to do with the band or our music.

Now let’s get personal for a bit. What are your main influences as a guitarist? With what kind of music you grew up on?

Back in school it was mostly Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax. Different kinds of music came late and now I’m mostly into stoner and southern rock. The number one guitarist to me would be Zakk Wylde. I’m also a big fan of Dimebag Darrell and Rocky George.

Have you ever thought of recording material in your mother tongue?

Our first album „V.E.N.I.” was mostly in Polish but I don’t think we’ll go back to that. English lyrics simply fit our music better so starting from the second album all the songs are in English.

What do you think about Metal music in Poland?

There are many great bands in Poland and looking back I must admit that the Polish scene has developed significantly over the past years. The musical awareness of both the musicians and the listeners has grown despite the diminishing possibilities to promote this kind of music in the media. Polish radio mostly keeps to the mainstream and any rock/metal programs are broadcast late in the evening. It takes a lot of effort for the bands to get their music „out there” but I guess no one ever said it would be easy ;)

What are the future plans for LEASH EYE? Any booked tours or local shows that people need to know about?

We’re nearly done booking the last shows in support of Hard Truckin’ Rock and we will publish all the dates very soon. We will probably start writing the next album in the beginning of 2015 or maybe sooner.

Thanks for your time on taking this interview. I wish you all the best and hope to see you live on stage one day, maybe because I am Polish I have the chance. Any final words for the readers?

Thank you! Greetings to all the regular readers of Metal Temple as well as those who stumbled upon this interview by accident. You keep the rock and metal scene alive so keep being a part of it regardless of your age, occupation and responsibilities.


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