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Interview - Paolo Morbini (Myland)

Interview with Paolo Morbini from Myland
by YngwieViking at 19 February 2014, 10:05 PM

Recently YNGWIEVIKING had an interesting sit down with Paolo Morbini from MYLAND.

 Hi Paolo, First thank you very much for taking some time out of your busy schedule to answer to my questions ! I think that the new album by MYLAND “Tales From The Inner Planet” is a very strong proof that Euro AOR and Melodic Hard Rock is still alive and creative ! As an old hard fan of  the genre , it was for me refreshing , it holds a real hope and a really inspirational spirit…It seems that 2013 was also a fantastic year  for you ?

Hello everyone and thank you for the space dedicating for us

This is our small attempt to make music that comes from the heart , and this is the meaning of the title of the album "Tales from the inner planet" . We are MYLAND , We are 5 guys , we have been playing for many years , we've found a balance in this team , from the previous albums until this new work ,  it confirms that the passion are alive and well ,  the music within us and our efforts are rewarded by having fulfilled positive feedback from all over the world ….. and it’s fantastic , we are not professional musicians , we played our music , we studied for decades , but we have to keep our daytime job (in Italy and it’s almost impossible to make a living with the music) , so we try very hard to give our best , we have achieved a great success thanks to our passion ! We continue our "work" trying to convey our fans around the world with our music! Never stop screaming rock!!

 Please , can you tell us about you , your background as a musician , your dreams…Your past or actual involvement in other bands  or projects ! I want to know everything…Go !

I play since 1980 , the first bands were in the Milan area where I live , i played then the first concerts . I always gave the maximum for the music , now I 'm ' taking a little something , rewarding positive feedback , etc…

Until today I made a dozen albums distributed in Italy and in the world , i started with my first album , "Paolo Morbini " a 1993 album of Melodic rock sung in Italian , which for Italy at that time was the strangest thing , I was one of the First to play this kind music here in Italy, now fortunately there are some bands that have gone down this road … better late than never , I played in a lot of cover bands rock , tribute , dance, pop , etc. … today I played a  remarkable quantity of live shows (3550+)… As a drummer and it’s an excellent result by knowing that here in Italy , it’s hard to find places to express ourselves but I 'm not ready to giving up ! I have a music school in Milan, where we try to the best of our ability ' to make culture , I'm trying to opening a club along with other musician friends in Varese near Milan , we are in the middle … We are fighting in the trenches … to the sound of shots kick !

 Concerning your ex band named EVA , can you tell us more about it ?

Wow ! Do you know everything ?  I really struggled along with them , but I had some results , they are excellent musicians but do not have much desire to play live , so , I  had to left the band after having recorded and produced the first album, Never stop screaming rock!

 Can you tell us more about your collaboration with Bruno Khaler Aka BRUNOROCK for the album “Interaction” in 2005 ?

Yes, with BRUNOROCK  it was a great collaboration, and that was an opportunity to meet other musicians and make an album rightly titled « Interaction » precisely because it was a collaboration between musicians around the world, I played all the Drums tracks on the album, also arranging some rhythm part, the bottom line : I'm glad to have played with SKID ROW’s Rachel Bolan …yeahhhh!

 Can you give us some informations concerning the reason of the split with the ex MYLAND singer Guido Priori ?

With Guido , we are still friends but. logically we see less each others ,  the problem it’s that he did not want to come out to play live, this is for me a big problem ! I want to play and try to do it as much as possible , so now I think he's calm on his sofa at home and I'm still here to disassemble, load , drive, organize, record, etc. … this is music!

 What are the main stylistic differences between my two favorites MYLAND albums “The Time Is Over”  and the new one “Tales From The Inner Planet”  ?

You Rock ! Beautiful  questions ! The difference it’s in the first place that “The Time Is Over” was recorded in 2002 but only the instrumental parts and then in 2004 we added the vocals tracks with the lyrics by Guido !

“Tales From The Inner Planet”  was written and arranged by the band Myland , for me this is the best album we've ever done , but , i like to see the light of a new day  : I mean there is room for some improvement !

 Tell us more about your collaboration with the legendary Kee Marcello (ex-EUROPE) for the great “No Man’s Land” ?

Kee Marcello was a friend of Marzio Ker , a musician who has participated in No Man’s Land” , at that time the band was composed of 4 basic musician friends , the  same line up that have recorded my album in 1993 , but Mark and Stephen, were busy and we had little time to record the album … so I opted to call the guests and after some great difficulties we reached Kee, Tommy Denander, and even Fergie Frederiksen for the Japanese Bonus track  of No Man’s Land” !

A beautiful experience , to hear those legendary musicians play over my music , that was great !

I remember that I asked Kee that for his session i wish if he could play in style of "Out Of This World" .. I remember that when I received his solos.. I heard it 256 times in a row aahaah! Amazing ! Even the great Tommy Denander did a wonderful job, their collaborations have helped us to gain prestige, thanks again to them !

 What did you leads you to add the heaviest elements in the song structures and also in the sharpest way of performing AOR ?

I think Rock music and is structured in a certain way, I like to compose riffs that leave a significant mark to the track , an unique particularity…In today's Rock I feel , things more are simplified , I do not like at all , compliance is not my vision of music , we are tagged as  an AOR band , but according to me it 's a reductive vision of a point of view too wide , it’s too narrow … However we feel that we are a Melodic Hard Rock band with various shades !

 I think the lyrics are more smart & deep than the regular AOR bands , I also noticed that the band image is clearly tagged by a Metal attitude , it is conscious effort to be different or just a natural way of composing ?

Thank you so much for your comments ! On the lyrical side of our work , we try to give emotions , we talk about our moods , time , hope , love , sex , dreams , union , in this latest album, « Tales From The Inner Planet » the lyrics duties were handled by Hox Martino our guitarist , assisted by me and the Keyboardist Davide , with all our limitations of the English language, we try to better express our thoughts ! Concerning the attitude , even if we play in the more melodic side , deep inside of us there is always a good dose of steel , as we are at the bottom end of ourselves a bunch of Pure Metalheads!

 About the voice & singing style of the new vocalist Rubben Sacco ,  it has evolved very much from the traditional high pitch “Steve Perry” like to something more progressive (in my review I made a comparision with Andy Kuntz from VANDEN PLAS), was it a artistic decision only or an adaptation to the new range of Rubben ?

Ruben is a great singer, very biting , melodic and very expressive . ..And he a good live performer… ask the girls under the stage wow!

With him we have taken another step forward, we found ourselves right away, we have a lot of good feelings and he inserted in the band very naturally, without too much trouble, he lives a bit far from Milano , but we still see each other very often , he also took part in the composition of the vocal melodies !

 Paolo where are you coming from as far as the Drums influences are concerned ? And can you tell us about your Producer role ?

Well my two favorite bands are KISS for the Rock n Roll craziness , the full show , I grew up with KISS , even in my small way , I have always had lights inside the drums , sticks burning etc …But as a musician , i always admired TOTO , number one in the world both in the compositions and in the executions , according to me !

My favorite drummers are Jeff Porcaro , Cozy Powell , Ken Mary , Simon Phillips, Gregg Bissonette , and then the classic Jazz / Fusion as Buddy Rich , Steve Gadd , Vinnie Colaiuta , etc … As a producer I learned a lot trying to create a sound that always approached my idols ! Now I am very happy with the sound of MYLAND , we have a stamp , even though we changed our various vocalists !

 Italy was know for its numerous Power Metal bands , now with MYLAND and also the FRONTIERS RECORDS success , it seems that AOR found a new home behind the Alps mountains in the Italian Peninsula , what do you think of that quote ?

It 's true, the bands are great in the Power Metal style in Italy, a few AOR bands are growing , personally I do not have a good relationship with the Italian labels , I'm a rebel who goes against the wind , in fact we have chosen not to have labels for this new album,  we are interested in playing , composing ,  having fun , We want to do the music for the pleasure of it , I do not want to have contracts !

 Speaking of Frontiers Records, can you tell us if the collaboration between you and the famous label can happen someday ?

Well as said before, I think that we realized that we will never be considered by them ,  I think they don’t want to have to deal with us, we are at our fourth album and they never called, and the beautiful it’s when we were in contracts with other labels, they have distributed our albums, and this , for us was a pleasure …AhAhAAh !

 As a band from Milano , with a plethora of band out there , what do you think
 of the Metal scene in your country  ?

The rock scene in this country is very sad, The producers, the Italian labels do not consider us , we fight it hard , to keep growing , there are lots of Rock band of high quality , but they are not being able to make a living , we all have large difficulties !

 Maybe there is some new AOR/Melodic Metal bands from Italy that we have to expect within the next years ? Maybe some new acts that you want to produce by yourself ? Are you interested in producing some young bands ?

As I said before, there are many talented musicians who struggle for a tiny space in the world of Melodic Rock, I'd like to be the producer of a new talent, but not i will not doing this  as a full-time profession, I could not follow things well !

I’m very busy with MYLAND  !

 Did you plan on touring in Europe ?

If we find someone who believes in us surely , we already played in Germany, Bosnia and i hope that someone will call , the problem it’s that if you want to do the Tours as a special guest  , you have to pay and they must understood that MYLAND will not pay to play!

 Tell us , about your film soundtrack experience with the movie "Mind" ?

Yeahhh, our friend Max Cola , also director of our video clips asked us to do a soundtrack for his short horror movie, and he 'an independent film producer a bit like us, a friend who is trying to do artistic things without having no budget, so he just asked us to do this soundtrack we felt very proud, I and David , we both had a fabulous time to create special sound effects and music, we finished to work for « Mind 2 » by the same team, a great fun, a great feeling , we are proud for this work!

 What we have to expect from you and on the MYLAND side in the future to come ?

Well certainly, another album, the live shows where possible , try to keep up with what we have done until now , always trying to play better and create Albums , trying to confirm that there is a reality for us in the world of Melodic Rock!

 What do you think of the new state of the market in 2013 ! What is your opinion concerning digital downloading legal and illegal ?

The world is changing quickly and the music even more , I hate mp3's, we play, we calibrate the sounds in the best possible way to ensure that the listener can hear all the nuances that we the musicians have tried to play , with a lot of these mp3s & the mastering volume at maximum compression, we were forced to mash mastering at most , losing a bit nuanced but we trying to keep playing more 'natural as possible! So our album will not be done mp3 download , you can get it physically only through our website, these are the real reasons why we chose the self distribution, from the producer to the consumer ….!

Regarding the illegal download they should do a little on teaching in schools about this , in families, on TV,  not only about the honesty, but as a matter of respect for the work of others !

 Please let us know your Italian Metal TOP 5 ?


 Please let us know your All time TOP 10 ?

TOTO “Isolation”

MTB "Michael Thompson Band"

GIANT "Time to Burn"

DOKKEN "Under Lock And Key"


MSG "Live at Budokan""

KISS "Alive 2"

SURVIVOR "Caught In The Game"

 JOURNEY "Frontiers"

 FOREIGNER "Inside Information"

 What is the last CD you have purchased ?

FM « live unplugged »

 Now it's time for the Chinese portrait aka Le questionnaire de Bernard Pivot , which is inspired by Marcel Proust but This questionnaire is probably more familiar to English audiences as the one that journalist James Lipton asks at the end of  the TV show "Inside the Actors Studio."

.What is your favorite word?


 What is your least favorite word?


 What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?

Meeting with my real friends and speaking about the future !

.What turns you off?

Being with people that once used to be Rockers , now just sitting on their couch and nothing more !

 What is your favorite curse word?

F**k Off

 What sound or noise do you love?

A snare drums with Reverb !

 What sound or noise do you hate?

The modern down tuned guitar sound !

 If not yourself , who would like to be ?

Rocco Siffredi…It’s a joke !

 What profession would you not like to do?

Something illegal or something related with an office work !

 Who would like to see on a new bank note ?

Jeff Porcaro

 If you reincarnated as some other plant or animal , what would it be ?

An Eagle

 If God exists , what you like to hear him say at the gates of Heaven ?

Welcome this is a new world , a world of hope !!!

 I wish to thank you for this interview and wish you , the best of luck with your band and on the path ahead . Anything else you want to share with the fans and our readers out there ?

Thank you YNGWIEVIKING , I enjoyed doing this interview to the Readers of : GREETINGS FROM ITALY> NEVER STOP SCREAMING ROCK!



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