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Interview - Paolo Colavolpe (Destrage)

Interview with Paolo Colavolpe from Destrage
by Angela "The Hunter" at 01 May 2014, 7:05 PM

Known for their exciting and wildly entertaining live shows, Milan’s very own DESTRAGE has taken that same enthusiasm and used it to create one hell of a release.  “Are You Kidding Me? No”. was released March 4th through Metal Blade and is every bit as entertaining and enthusiastic as their shows. Vocalist Paolo Colavolpe took a few minutes to answer a few questions pitched to him by Angela The Hunter.

First, thank you so much for doing the interview with us! Your time is most appreciated. For those not familiar with Destrage, can you give us a brief history of the band?

It’s a pleasure. Thank you so much for your interest in Destrage! The current lineup has been consistent since 2007 and after their first demo, "Self Id Generator," Destrage signed a deal with Howling Bull Records, Japan, and released their first full length, "Urban Being," which also saw a worldwide release by Coroner Records in 2009.

The second full length "The King Is Fat'n'Old" was released in 2010 by Coroner Records and Howling Bull, supported by European and Japanese tours and international festivals such as Heineken Jammin' Festival, Euroblast and Mair1 Festival, The Bad Side Festival, Metaltalia Festival, MAV Festival and more. The eclectic festival run afforded Destrage the opportunity to share the stage with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Parkway Drive, Hatebreed, Unearth, Municipal Waste, Sick Of It All, Freak Kitchen, Monuments, Jeff Loomis, Penny Wise, After the Burial, Puddle of Mudd, August Burns Red, Enter Shikari, Caliban, Every Time I Die, Lordi, Moonspell and many more. In 2012, we wrote and recorded our third album. The result, the band's most focused and dynamic effort yet, "Are You Kidding Me? No." led to a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records.

Your third full length album is set to be released in early March on Metal Blade Records. Tell us about the album.

The instrumental recordings took place in Milan at RecLab studio with Larsen Premoli, the vocals recordings in Livorno at Adrenaline studio with Daniele Nelli and finally the mix & master was done in New Jersey at The Machine Shop studio by Will Putney.  We spent great time with great professionals and amazing persons. We’re really excited about the final result ! “Are  You Kidding Me? No.” is the key to understanding our attitude, our music, our lyrics. Purania chorus says “I like Spice Girls, so what?”. Probably the first reaction to words like these would be “Are they f****g kidding me?” and our answer would simply be “No.”. We usually hyde serious concepts under jokes, so the pill goes down.

Then it's up to the listener to stay on the surface or dig under it. Anyway we try to make both experiences enjoyable. No master concept unifies them all. Our lyrics are structured on different layers and moods. You can easily find funny, ironic or provocative parts as well as serious contents. Since we take inspiration from everything around us it’s almost impossible, in my opinion, to deliver always the same mood.

Your previous album was released through Coroner Records, yes? What has been the difference between releasing your work through a major label like Metal Blade compared your previous label?

Yes Coroner Records released our first 2 albums, it’s an Italian indie metal label owned and managed by Ettore Rigotti (who produced our first 2 albums) and Mike Pognant Gros. They are probably the very first people who trusted us, and they are very cool guys as well! We have to thank them too if we’re now signed with Metal Blade Records. Of course there are a lot of differences between the 2 labels, but the most beautiful thing is that both are driven with passion and attitude. Definitely the most important thing in our opinion. Being signed to such a great label is a dream come true for all of us. We have been listening to their records since we were young kids, and now being part of it is just unbelievable. This is also a great recognition for the hard work we’ve been putting together during the last years, and it also encourages us to never stop following our dreams and keep on growing and doing the best we can.

Is there an upcoming tour to support the release?

Everything is “work in progress”, our goal is to play these songs live, touring as much as we can, bringing our music everywhere…we’ll see what happens! We just can’t wait to be on the road!

You’ve performed all over Europe and even in Japan. So far, is there a country you haven’t reached yet that you would like to play in one day?

United States Of America and Australia! ☺

How would you describe Destrage’s sound? How would you say your music has changed since the ban first started?

We destroy create transform sublimate, we worship enthusiasm and venerate the shake that it gives. There are a couple reasons that can explain the evolution process though our 3 albums. At the time we were composing and recording "Urban Being", there was a big change of line up, and all the song were composed mostly by Matteo; only with"The King Is Fat'n'Old" we started working all together to the songs, so the main difference from "Urban Being" is the result that came out from a combined work. We had the same approach in composing "Are You Kidding Me? No.", but a few years passed, so we were more close-knit as a team, and above all, our music influences had really changed in the meanwhile, as well as we grew up as persons.

How long have you been with Destrage? Who has been your biggest influence as a singer?

I sing for Destrage since the beginning. Me and Mat started to play some Metallica and Pantera’s covers when we were at high school. I still remember the very first song I sung in rehearsal was “Cowboys from Hell” by Pantera.  ☺

Where do you see the band in, say, 5 years?

On our yacht! Sure thing.

Do you or anyone else in the band have any side projects you’d like to mention?

At the moment we’re completely focused on Destrage!

Finally where can your fans find out everything they would like to know about Destrage?

More music and videos will be released soon, so stay tuned though our official pages, and!

Thank you so much for the interview Paolo! We at Metal Temple wish you nothing but success on the road ahead.
Thank you so much Angela for this interview and your sup!
Angela The Hunter 


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