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Interview – Pauly (Stallion)

Interview with Pauly from Stallion
by Daniel Fox at 11 September 2014, 2:52 PM

STALLION has been pretty busy lately with the upcoming release of "Rise and Ride". They were able to talk to Daniel Fox though. Originally this interview was to be with Olli, instead I got the chance to speak with founding member, and front man Pauly.

You wrote this Interview to Oliver but he told me that most of the questions should be answered by me cause me and Äxxl founded the band so I hope it´s ok for you that I did the Interview, ok?

Hello mate. Always a pleasure to feature new bands in our zine. The EP has been met with critical acclaim, so I've heard. I am giving the new album a spin as we speak, and I'm in love with it. How far then has the band come since "Mounting the World"?

Thank you so much, dude! I think the band has come as far as possible in this short time, haha. As you know the EP was written, recorded and released just by two of us, Äxxl and me. After we released it we formed the whole lineup with 3 of our closest friends and rehearsed a lot for our first live shows which took place at the famous Metal Assault Festival in Würzburg (ger) with bands like Jaguar, Riot and Omen and at Hell over Hammaburg Festival in Hamburg (ger) in February 2014. I can tell you that was a blast and an honor. And there was more to come… We played at Keep it True Festival and Hell´s Pleasure as well. In July we recorded our first full length album “Rise and Ride” which is just about to come out on September 12th and after that we will go on a big 24-Show European Tour with Bullet and Striker, yehaa. So we are very happy how everything turned out!!!

If you may, what is the STALLION "story"?

Äxxl (Guitars) and I started the band in 2013 but we always had the dream of STALLION since we have been sharing a flat and everything else together for 6 years, haha. At first we couldn´t find the right people for the band cause we always had a special concept oft he band and it´s sound so we decided first to write, record and release our first EP „Mounting the World“ all by ourselves. We did it and the reaction of the scene just blew us away. So we formed the whole lineup with good friends of ours from other bands and that´s it.

2014 has seen a lot of big releases from Metal's more common genres… But classic speed metal just isn't something you see much any more. I'm a big fan of 80's and 90's speed; do you feel as if you're paying a homage to music of the era?

In a way I can affirm that couse we are big fans of all those great 80s Speed Metal bands as well for sure but in my opinion it´s not only an homage to this era. You know we are big fans of a lot of different Metal Styles so for us it´s very important to combine some of them and that´s what we do. Beside Speed Metal you can also find some Hard Rock Riffs in our music as well as some Thrash Metal Parts so it´s all about the mixture.

What can you say about the writing and recording process for the new album? Does everyone work together on writing and arranging the riffs?
Yeah, it worked out great with the new guys! Äxxl writes nearly all the riffs and we arrange them together with the whole band to complete songs. As we are close friends we hanging round a lot together and jamming and rehearsing 2 or 3 times a week. I do all the lyrics for the songs.

Two tracks made it onto the full-length from the EP. How/why did "Canadian Steele" and "The Right One" make the cut?

Actually there where a lot of fans out there who told us that they wanted to hear these two songs also on the album. We´ve been thinking a long time about it but then decided to give in and record them again for the album. I think it´s ok to do that since we only had a drum computer on “Mounting the World” so there´s big difference between the two recordings and Aaron (drums) did a fucking great job.

You guys are German; what then, is "Canadian Steele" about?

Haha, it´s funny cause a lot of people out there still believe we are Canadian just because of that song, never mind. You know, we have a lot of good friends in Canada. Especially the Skull Fist guys are very good buddies of ours. We made friends on there first tour in Germany and since that we meet every time they come around so this song is kind of a tribute to all the young Canadian bands like Skull Fist, Striker, Axxion, Cauldron, Iron Kingdom, Riot City… who brought a lot of inspiration back to the whole metal scene.

Apart from the blistering speed runs, there's a lot of other chunky styles thrown in from other genres. If you could some up the band's most important influences?

Always a hard question but I think bands like Judas Priest, Accept, Running Wild, Warrant (ger), Scorpions, Sodom and bands like that had a big influence on us. But as I already told you we are all big fans of a lot of genres from Blues to Black Metal, haha.

Let's be honest, STALLION's style is pretty balls-to-the-wall, no-frills. Do you think the majority of the metal industry nowadays is saturated with gimmicks?

Hmm, maybe that´s a point but that´s not the reason we are doing this. I like complicated arrangements by other bands but I wanna do tide and straight stuff although you can find some weird parts in our music, too. You have to feel the energy in a song and as long as that comes through everything is possible.

What are the bands next set of goals/aspirations following the album's release?

Well, we are so looking forward to touring with Striker and Bullet through all over Europe, that might be the biggest step for us, I guess. And for sure we won´t stop writing songs so let´s see what the future brings for us. Just can´t wait to perform all the new songs live and meet a lot of our fans out there!

Thank you for your time. Can you enlighten us on touring plans for the year? Final words?

Hell yeah, I will send you the tour flyer so you can post it if you want to.

I would like to thank all of our friends and fans who made all this possible and for sure the – team for supporting us. Watch Out for the new Album “Rise and Ride” and hopefully we´ll see you all on tour! The STALLION will ride on!


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