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Interview - Rafael Orsi, Wanderley Perna (Genocidio)

Interview with Rafael Orsi, Wanderley Perna from Genocidio
by Paulomaniaco at 22 May 2014, 10:07 PM

Brazilian Death Metal band GENOCIDIO is one of the pioneers in their country and having already under the belt seven full albums released and have played many concerts with some awesome local and overseas bands took a bit of their time to have a chat with me, bass player Wanderley Perna and guitarist Rafael Orsi were very kind in answering my questions.

Hello guys how are you doing?  Thank you very much for this interview with Metal Temple. Could you please tell us how the idea of forming GENOCIDIO came up?

Wanderley Perna: Fine thank you! It is our pleasure! The idea came up around 1986/1987 when I met a guy named  Marcao  ( Big Marcos ) and we both used to get together and listen to bands like VENOM, HELLHAMMER, KREATOR, SODOM,BATHORY, DISCHARGE and etc. After while we decided to get a drummer and make our own music and thus GENOCIDIO was born.

Do you think it is easier to get a band together nowdays comparing it with back in the eighties?

Wanderley Perna: Nowdays  it is much easier for sure, when we started in the eighties we could not even buy good instruments nor have a place to rehearsal or do our recording, today things are much better.

GENOCIDIO talk a lot about war, the occult, death, religion and inner feelings, what is the message you want to pass on to your fans and who writes most of your lyrics?

Wanderley Perna: Our old stuff talk more about occultism, conspiracies and mysticism  and with decades gone by we now talk more about our feelings regarding things that are happening in our country and also around the world.

Rafael Orsi: With our last album "In Love With Hatred"  the idea is to take the listener to a trip through different kinds of feelings and interpretations rather than have only one message behind it.

You music is very aggressive, dirty and heavy, please tell us what your manly influences are.

Wanderley Perna: It is very difficult to actually define our influences because every member brings something different to the band, for instance I do listen to bands like; KREATOR, SISTER OF MERCY, DEATH, BLACK SABBATH, BATHORY.

Rafael Orsi: My influences are more mixed up, my taste goes from  Classic Music to Black Metal and I like to listen to lots of different styles of music I mean one may think that Classic Music is a very straight forward only for people wearing a tuxedo and so forth, I mean I like SCHOENBERG, STOCKHAUSEN and some others crazy genius too, I also like WASP, DISSECTION, BATHORY,JONNY CASH, IMMORTAL, ZZTOP, THE PLASMATICS.

You have started out as a three piece band, later on you had some changes and another guitarist was brought in, can you please tell us about that?

Wanderley Perna: After "Depression" released in 1991 we begun to do lots of shows around the country and we felt like we had to have another guitar for the live shows and since then we kept the second guitar and only have to have a change of guitarists from then to now.

You have released seven albums and one EP, do you connect every album with a different phase of the band?

Wanderley Perna: Absolutely!! We went through a natural evolution always in search of creativity for our music, perhaps that is the reason for every album being a little different.

You have played lots of shows in Brazil, do you recall what was your best show or tour and also the worst?

Wanderley Perna:  Well I think when we played at Roca And Roll in the town of Varginha in Minas Gerais State, it is a two days festival held in a farm nearby a river it is an amazing place, also when we played with VENOM that was a honour to play with them, the worst one I think it was in a town called Contagem also in Minas Gerais State, there was no infrastructure and the production was very crap indeed.

In the last decade you have lots of problems, a band member passed away, another one suffered a serious accident almost losing a finger, would you be able to comment about that please?

Wanderley Perna: Yes no problem, I was the one who suffered the accident during a visit at Galleria Do Rock in Sao Paulo City, I almost lost a finger on the escalator it got stuck between the gap, regarding the band member who passed away, at the time of his passing he was not a member of our band anymore, but it was a sad loss as he was a friend.

With all these problems that you have faced and the ones that come up now and then where do you get  your energy from to carry on always strong?

Wanderley Perna: The pleasure of being  playing, as long as I have that feeling inside me I will always carry on, that is what I love doing

Rafael Orsi: I do not need the energy to compose my music, for me this is part of my life, always when I have the time I do write something whether it is instrumental, lyrics or whatever really, my mind does not stop I think that I could put together two or three albums every year and so forth.

In 2008 you released a DVD/CD "Probations Live" , how was the process of making it because you had a hiatus period and do you think that DVD/CD gave the band a new direction?

Wanderley Perna: Well this DVD was to mark our return after my accident and also to celebrate our twenty years on the road with special footage never seen before; It is like a documentary, very special for us indeed.

In Brazil there are lots of bands that are very successful but still finding very hard to succeed abroad, what are the main reasons for that in your opinion?

Wanderley Perna: I think if we have a better support in our own scene it would help a lot,  therefore making us more appealing to the promoters abroad.

Rafael Orsi: Personally I think you get respect within our scene if you go abroad and prove that you are good there, once you come back to Brazil it is like you get your respect, it is very weird but I think our culture works that way, whether its prejudice or not I really do not know, overall most people think that way, if comes from abroad whatever that it is, then it is better.

You are one of the pioneers in Brazil with that style of music and very successful here and abroad, for those starting out now what would be the advice you give to them?

Wanderley Perna: Dedication and of course If you do not have any pleasure in what you are doing  then nothing will happen.

Rafael Orsi: Never ever think that you are IRON MAIDEN.

Are you guys vegetarians?

Wanderley Perna: Noooo, We are all cannibals
Rafael Orsi: No!! Definitely  not!!!

When you are not involved with music what do you normally do? Do you have a job? Any hobbies to relax?

Wanderley Perna: Most of my time I work as a Graphic Designer.

Rafael Orsi: I am a Draftsman, also I have my own business called Into Chaos ( where I produce video clips, lyrics clips and so on.

If you were to give the album you hate the most to the person you like the least, what album would that be?

Wanderley Perna: Anyone by HELLOWEEN

Rafael Ortis: Anyone by AVENGED SEVENFOLD

If you were sent to a desert island with all the supplies that you want but you could only take with you three albums of your choice, what albums would those be?

Wanderley Perna: "Paranoid" by BLACK SABBATH, "First Last And Always" by SISTERS OF MERCY and "Gothic" by PARADISE LOST.

Rafael Orsi: "Reinkaos" by DISSECTION, "The Headless Children" by WASP and "Coup D'Etat" by THE PLASMATICS.

If you had the chance to change the world what would be the first thing would you do?

Wanderley Perna: I would close the U.N. and arrest everyone who  have a connection with them.

Rafael Orsi: I would make all the leaders of the world responsible for the actions of the ones who are subordinated to them.

What are GENOCIDIO's plans for the future?

Wanderley Perna: After twenty five years with the band and living in Brazil is a bit difficult making any plans for the future, we just live for the moment and take any opportunities that come by.

Would you like to send a message to your fans here in Brazil and Worldwide?

Wanderley Perna: I would like to thank all of those who have been supporting our music and hope to see you all on the road.

Rafael Orsi: Thank you so much for the  opportunity, keep on buying our material because that keeps us going and giving us the strength to do our best for you all, always.
Thank you.

Metal Temple would like to thank you two for this interview and we wish to GENOCIDIO all the best.


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