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Interview - Rob Dukes (Generation Kill)

Interview with Rob Dukes from Generation Kill
by Angela "The Hunter" at 09 January 2014, 1:07 PM

Rob Dukes has been an indispensable part of EXODUS, however, over the years he has been developing, along with other peers from some of the US Metal toughest bands, GENERATION KILL, in between the Thrash and Crossover. Newly signed to Nuclear Blast, and with the release of the new optimistic album “We're All Gonna Die”, Angela The Hunter talked with Rob about the new album and more…

Hails and Cheers from Metal Temple! Thank you so much for answering our questions Rob; we appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to do this. How have you been?

I've been good. Going to be a very busy year.

Before heading to your new release with Generation Kill, let’s head to the past. When did do you first get involved in music? Did you always know that music was going to be a lifelong commitment? 

I was a kid. I saw Joe Strummer with his mohawk and I knew that's what I wanted to do.

Who would you say has been the biggest influence musically?

There are so many, my first music I found on my own was Queen and The Clash, Rush. I had already stolen all the records I could from my parents, mostly Sabbath,The Doors, Pink Floyd, I soon found Priest, and Maiden after that.

What bands are you listening to nowadays?

Clutch is one of my favorites, I listen to Pink Floyd a lot, along with David Gilmore solo stuff, Orange Goblin, Queens of the Stoneage, Nine Inch Nails, and of course Priest, Sabbath and Maiden.

Obviously you cats are busy with the release of Generation Kill's second album coming up here shortly. Do you think it will get the attention it deserves now that you're with Nuclear Blast?

I sure hope so, they are a great label.

How has the response been to the Las Vega video that you released?

It's just Vegas…great so far, getting a lot of views and people are stoked to hear the whole album.

For those poor souls that are not familiar with Generation Kill but know Exodus better than their own children, would please describe just how different Generation Kill's sound is compared to Exodus?

Generation Kill is not pure thrash metal, Exodus is pure thrash, I started the band to do something different. I wanted to write mellowed stuff, stuff that took the listener for a journey of ups and downs and hopefully a twist they weren't ready for, if your into pure thrash and only love your music fast, this is not for you.

Speaking of Exodus, take us back to the day you auditioned for the guys. How did things go down? What was going through your mind when you were offered the spot?

I was just trying to remember the words, that seems hard for me, I always need cheat sheets, maybe too much weed in my early life, but I remember feeling overwhelmed and just freaked out that this was what I was doing, but somewhere inside I knew I could do it.

So what inspired you to start Generation Kill?

I love music. I love all kinds of music, We don't go to bars anymore, so where else can you hang with your friends, get a place to jam and make music, seemed like a good plan. It just took off from there.

The new album is fucking killer! How was it working with Chris "Zeus" Harris?

Zeuss is rad, he is just like all of us, a lover of music, the same music we all love, he is from our era, our generation, so it was rad to have him a part of this.

It's probably too soon to talk "tours" but are you going to be doing any single live shows with Generation Kill to support the album release?

We are working in putting a bunch of tours together.

How about one good road story from being on tour with Exodus?

Getting on a plane headed to Europe, flight got delayed, my band got so drunk they got thrown off the plane, I was sober and had to deal with the whole thing, the police, airline, it was crazy, but funny at the same time.

Last but not least, where can fans go to find out everything they need to know about Generation Kill?

Come to a show and ask us…or you can contact us on our Facebook page and our website

Alright Rob that's all I have for you. Thanks again, your time is much appreciated! We here at Metal Temple wish you nothing but success on your journey ahead. Cheers!!!



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