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Interview - Sabina Classen (Holy Moses)

Interview with Sabina Classen from Holy Moses
by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 15 May 2014, 11:29 AM

One of the biggest names in Thrash Metal, the female fronted HOLY MOSES, has never been connected to the holy Teutonic triplet, yet still proved itself to be prominent and no less than feisty and classic. More than 30 years on the road, the band released its new “Redefined Mayhem”, via SPV / Steamhammer Records. Eddie had a chance to talk to the band’s undying leader, Sabina Classen, regarding the new album and the band’s progress.

Hello Sabina, how have you been? Terribly sorry for missing the Skype interview with you, there were technical difficulties that I was ready for. Thank you for taking the time for this interview.

Yeah yeah alright now doing it like that….

Let’s start right from bottom of the pit. You have a new album coming out, “Redefined Mayhem”, via SPV / Steamhammer Records. Congrats. What can you tell about its the writing process? Anything that changed from previous works on releases?

First of all thanks a lot that you like our new work. we did this work like we did it in the 80ies, it was a work from the whole band we worked on it like a real band. But this time we are living in different towns in Germany, so we meet on the several places via Skype and in the rehearsal room and studio of Thomas together. The work via Skype was really new for me, hahahaha. Pete, gerd and Thomas also wrote songs on their own, but they send the stuff to us all, so that we could work on it. the most important thing was, that we lets our hearts and blood flow into it not
so much thinking, we just did it.

You describe “Redefined Mayhem” as a new chapter for the band. Just how fresh of a start is this new chapter?

The new chapter means let’s look into the future we did great albums in the 80ies but now it is the year 2014 and we are still Holy Moses but fresh in our minds. a new chapter with a really great team Thomas came into the band in 2008 as a really newcomer and he worked in the last 6 years really hard for the band and in 2011 during the recordings of the 30th anniversary album Gerd and Pete came into the band. so we could see the 30th anniversary album as closing the old chapter to be back with fresh blood.

What are your favorite tracks off of “Redefined Mayhem”? The ones that truly made an impact due to their strong influence. Please elaborate.

For me it is SSP, Panic, Finished With The Dogs, Nothing For My Mum, Life Destroyer and Def Con 2

Earlier on, you said that Holy Moses no longer have anything to prove to the Metal scene, which is awesome, how long did it take you to reach that point? And what was the definitive moment that caused you to reach that point of view?

Since I find out for myself, that I did something special with Holy Moses in 1981 and I started up to growl for Holy Moses. I worked a lot with my Innerself and with my own psychological ways and I could see, I am what I am, and this is fine!!!! So I would say it was a long but great process of my Inner self over the last 33 years. The definitive moment is hard to say, but in 2010 something special was going on in my inner self. And I can tell you this
is not the end of my inner journey….
How was the process of redefining your selves as a band despite the doubts?

It was an amazing process and I could see how many sides life can have especially when you let the things go and believing in yourself…..and seeing that are people around you, which are in their own character with you….

Looking back, after three decades of Thrash Metal mania, what is your favorite Holy Moses album? I have the feeling that you have that particular one. Please elaborate why did you pick that one.

I think with the Finished With The Dogs album I started up my way…..I could believe in myself
without knowing it particualy in this moment but it was the album which gave me a lot of power to feel myself.

I’ve taken a look at some tour dates. Which countries do you foresee giving the best reactions to the new stuff live? Are you guys planning a full on US tour? I’d love to catch you guys live.

I hope we can manage a US tour after 33 years in Holy Moses. I believe in the new album and I believe in promoters, bookers and specially in our fans, to help us, to make this dream come true.

Here is something general, but interesting. Music promotion, and the industry, have been twisting and turning to several directions. As one that has been quite active as a promoter, what do you think of the music industry, internet downloading as a promotional tool?

One important thing is, that I decided in 2010 not to work anymore for the music biz as promoter etc. just only doing my band and my work as a psychotherapist because everything I learned in music biz changed so much in the last years. The younger promoters can work with it very good but with all the new promotional tools I had my problems….internet downloading …is ok for me, as promotion tool, but the fans should buy the album if they like it , because otherwise we can’t pay for the productions and studio and live shows would be more and more expensive because the bands have to work with this money for all….so I could write a book about all these things…but I decided for my own I let the others do this kind of promotion thing….I am happy to know how to use my MacBook for Skype and email, and FB, like I need it…..

Sabina I wish to thank you for the interview. I wish you guys the best of luck with the new album. Any words of wisdom for the aspiring artists?

Thanks so much to you Eddie for all your support and please to all the fans, buy our album, so that we can come on tour and making new album to celebrate our 35th anniversary in 2015.



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