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Interview - Sean Walsh, Joe Long, Joe Tanner, Sam Whitbread (Laid Wasted)

Interview with Sean Walsh, Joe Long, Joe Tanner, Sam Whitbread from Laid Wasted
by Charlotte Whittingham at 22 May 2014, 10:05 PM

The newcomer British Death / Thrash Metal band LAID WASTED, has been roaming around looking for prey, seeking to become stronger and experienced. Through mutual acquaintances, Lotty was able to catch a short conversation with almost the entire band. Check out what they are saying.

Introduce yourselves.

Joe L: I’m Joe Long and I play rhythm/lead guitar.
Joe T: Joe Tanner and I play rhythm/lead guitar
Sam: Sam Whitbread and I play bass.
Sean: Sean Walsh, the vocalist.

Just having just watched you at Southampton Annihilation Festival and you seemed to have the crowd at your feet, particularly you Sean with your wonderful showmanship.

Sean: I’m not sure if people would use the word wonderful, people describe it as bat shit crazy but yeah you’ve got to get up there and do something otherwise people aren’t going to want to watch you. You might as well put a cardboard cut out there if you don’t do anything.

So you’ve performed quite a few shows around the UK particularly Southampton…

Joe L: We’ve been around for about four years; we’ve only been mainly gigging in Southampton, Winchester the Hampshire Area but we’re only starting to get out to more places.

What other places are you getting out to?

Joe L: We’ve got a gig lined up in Hastings the end of May, hopefully there’s a string of dates in August where we’ll be playing in London.

Sam: Hopefully Portsmouth as well, we’ve never played Portsmouth.

Joe T: So we’ll be missing out the fact we’re a Southampton band when we play there.

Now part of your set you played a Batman song, enlighten on your inspiration for that.

Sean: Basically it’s one of the crazier songs, I came into rehearsal one day and the Joes and our drummer at the time had written this crazy song. I just sat there thinking “What the hell is going on?”, I thought it would be ideal to write a song about this particular Batman tale where he ends up going into The Asylum himself so it’s a mixture of Batman and Joker stuff. It’s not the first song I have written about a comic book; we’ve had three or four in this band alone. I wrote a song about Hellraiser 2 in my previous band.

Joe T: So where’s this Christopher Lee tribute song Sean? It’s got to be done!

So you have got a demo online.

Joe T: A very out-dated demo, we’re working on a new demo that we hope will come out very shortly.

Sean: It’s a very old demo that contains two songs that we don’t plan to play ever again and two songs that you heard in our set, which we intend to keep playing. But we’ve got a new demo coming out very soon that will be recorded in much better quality because it will be recorded in a studio and not in a shed.

Joe T: Not a shed more like a garage, we had about thirteen amp plugs and one extension coming down from one side and another on the other side. I remember the power used to cut off now and again.

Sean: Another thing we should point is that even though we’ve been doing this for four years and we had a lot of stops and starts going on. We lost our bass player a few months into starting the band, we went without one for two years and then our drummer left and we had to replace him. Sam Talbot from DESOLATOR played a few shows with us. Now we have Sam and Chanders in the fold so hopefully it will stay that way in the foreseeable future.

Joe L: With the inclusion of Sam and Chandos our sound has evolved a lot more and got a bit more extreme.

Will there be a Laid Wasted album in the foreseeable future?

Sam: We’ll be busy writing over the next few months so the prospects are there; we just need it to come to fruition so let’s hope so.

Sean: LAID WASTED have just made up the word fruition so remember that bitches.


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