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Interview - Shannon Lucas (Battlecross)

Interview with Shannon Lucas from Battlecross
by Emily Coulter at 19 February 2014, 7:08 PM

Shannon Lucas is one of the hardest working and one of the best drummers in Metal, being the ex-drummer of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and touring with BATTLECROSS has given him experience in touring, life and his drumming techniques. Being on one of his biggest tours yet with metal core giants KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, Metal temple talks to the drummer about techniques and what happens on the road. Our own Emily Coulter got an inside scope for all his fans!

 It's the penultimate date of the UK tour with TRIVIUM, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and MISS MAY I. How has that been for you?

Yeah it's been pretty great as they've been huge shows due to the massive bands on the bill so it's been a quick and easy fun tour to do.

 It's the first time you've toured the UK with BATTLECROSS how has it been for you?

For me I've been over a lot of times during the last nine years but for them it's their first time and watching them get used to everything is pretty fun but the shows have been seriously good and the response from the crowd has been even better as BATTLECROSS are quite a new band.

 Which night has been your favourite so far?

I probably played my best in Glasgow, Scotland but every night has been fun, we went to a place in Manchester where everyone danced all night so all great.

 Any memorable moments from the tour so far?

Going to Satan's Hollow in Manchester was a highlight for sure, it's a great metal club where everyone was dancing and cutting loose.

We all went to go see The Hobbit yesterday also which was about 2nd or 3rd time seeing it for us.

 You've toured with a lot of bands during your career, who's been your favourites to perform with?

I always enjoy touring with CANNIBAL CORPSE, I always have a good time with KILLSWITCH ENGAGE but I've met so many awesome band over the years so it's hard to say.

 Who are your favourite drummers?

Currently I really like this young guy called Alex Rudinger who got spotted on you tube and has been making big waves, for the last year he's been filling in for THE FACELESS. He's really inspirational due to being so young, it's like he's an alien he's so good. I really like Krimh, the solo stuff he did is great. I grew up liking guys like Nick Barker but I love all the famous death metal dudes like George Kollias. I deffinatley took the most inspiration from the late DECAPITATED drummer Vitek.

 What kit do you use?

I'm with TAMA drums so at home I use a TAMA star classic birch bubinga, it's a pretty large kit with small shells which I like, but on this tour it's a star classic maple as it's a good kit for live and projects well but for studio work I do use the bubinga and mix it up with a different snare.
I have an assortment of SABIAN cymbals as I've been with them for about 4 years, EVANS drum heads and AXIS pedals as for speed there is nothing like them but VIC FIRTH is what I use for sticks.

 What tips would you give to people who've just started playing drums or want to be as fast?

Don't go fast yet! That's the biggest problem I find when people get into playing drums, they'll be into metal already and want to learn what they like to hear but doing that is like learning to run before you can walk. You need to sit down with a small kit and learn the fundamentals and learn about timing as most people skip over them and when that happens you get drummers who play super fast but hit really soft or their fills suck. People want to go fast too soon and you need to learn to play slow first.

 What are your opinions on triggers being used?

When metal is concerned and it's fast over the 200bpm mark with double bass it's required. You''ll hear arguments from everybody over it, I love drum tones and the sound of a good shell but in this kind of music you can't go fast and have it really audible, I hear both sides of arguments from sound techs to drummers but if you don't have the triggers it just sounds like a mess. There are guys out there who use triggers in a way that I don't agree with for example if the the pedal barely hits the drum and they soley rely on the trigger.
Dave Lombardo surprisingly plays under 200 bpm so he doesn't need them, if you stand next to them and time them they aren't that fast but they are for what they play.

 When did you start playing with BATTLECROSS?

I'm not an official member yet but I've been with them since December time so we'll just see how it goes.

 Is it different to other bands you have been in?

Different but similar as it's still blast beats and bass but more slower than previous bands I've been in, I spent plenty of years being fast and busy behind the kit and it got very one dimensional but slowing down has it's own difficulties and hurdles.

 Does BATTLECROSS have any more plans for a new album?

Not yet as the latest album was released less than a year ago so there's a lot of touring left on the latest release.
I reckon we'll get through a good chunk of touring then write again.

 Are BATTLECROSS planning any big tours or fesitvals for 2014?

Aside from the summer festivals such as Graspop, Rock Am Ring, Download and Nova Rock there is probably more stuff that is going to be added. After this tour with TRIVIUM we go out with PROTEST THE HERO in America

 You're coming back to the UK in June for Download Festival, any bands you're excited to watch on the line up?

I haven't seen the line up yet actually but normally I just find some bands on the day.

 Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

On a one way trip to Mars!

 If you could perform with any band live, who would it be?

In a festival situation you could play with anyone so at any festival with Elvis Costello playing. It used to be AT THE GATES but I finally got to play a festival with them when they got back together.

 If you could play any festival what would it be?

I never got to play Loud Park in Japan so that'd be cool. I've done most of the really big festivals but Download festival and Wacken are favourites of mine. 


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