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Interview - Simon Schillinger (Cryptic Forest)

Interview with Simon Schillinger from Cryptic Forest
by Angela "The Hunter" at 21 December 2013, 11:51 PM

CRYPTIC FOREST has been slashing and storming with Black Metal menace for a decade. Coming as a sort of a celebration for their tenth anniversary, the band released “Ystyr”, a fictional world created by the guys’ burning minds. Angela “The Hunter” talked with Simon Schillinger, the band’s guitarist and founder, about the new album, band’s music and more…

Hails and cheers from Metal Temple! Thank you Simon for taking the time to answer our questions; your time is most appreciated. Let’s get started. First off, please tell us about Cryptic Forest? When did the band form?

The band itself needed quite some time until it got really formed with a complete line-up. Back in 2003 I started it as some sort of project with which I simply wanted to experiment with my first metal music ideas. I collected material within the first months and years before I asked a friend of mine (our guitar player Paydor) if he would be interested and motivated to gather and play these first tracks together with some drum computer. That material is and will be banned forever, haha! After some more time we were able to complete a band line-up step by step and could finally start to rehearse before entering the stage in 2011. So as you can see, it took quite a while until this “project” was transforming into a real band.

What can you tell about the band’s musical development over the years?

The first experiments and songs of Cryptic Forest were obviously something that didn’t have much stability. Back then I was influenced by a lot of Black Metal from the 90s combined with some melancholic atmosphere. During years I automatically developed musically and could gain more aesthetics when it comes up to match together parameters within music. We are very grateful that we found our drummer Wombo, because he delivered the opportunity of percussive brutality in this band! The music you experience on our debut album “Ystyr” doesn’t represent the style of music that has been created many years ago. Yes, on our 2-track-EP “Dawn of the eclipse” (released in 2010) you actually can hear a bit from the past of Cryptic Forest – a past that will never return! The music developed into more brutal regions and will march on at this path until we all will explode  from hate! Thumbs down, haha!

The new album “Ystyr”, was released in August.  What has been the reaction from your fans?

We received mainly positive reactions. It seems that most of the people enjoy the music very much and appreciate the brilliant production work, which was done – as usual – at the Iguana Studios by Christoph Brandes, nearby Freiburg.

Where, or what, is “Ystyr”?

“Ystyr” is the fictive world that has been created around the music of Cryptic Forest. Our bass player “David, the Indian” was responsible for the lyrical work and we are very happy with the fact that each of the texts fit very well to the particular songs. Myths, battles and hate – you will find all kinds of themes in “Ystyr”.

Is there any particular song that meant most to you in comparison to the others?

Not really, no. In my personal opinion, the whole album works very great together as one complete production – including the visual artwork!

Now let’s turn to some questions about you, how long have you been playing guitar?

Holy hell, I can’t remember that, haha! When I was a young boy I started to get acoustic guitar lessons. I must have been around eight years old or something like that. After short time I obviously wanted to quit it already, but I came to another teacher after the first couple of years. Through this teacher (hail you M.C. Ugh!) I came later on to the wish to start playing the e-guitar. Long story short: I had very often some ups and downs during a period of around ten years of having guitar lessons. I am a brutal fucking lazy bastard who practiced not really often! Boys and girls, I am not a good model example for being very ambitious when it comes up to practice constantly! Seriously….not at all, haha!

Who has been your biggest musical influence?

That certainly was my father – no matter he didn’t play any music instrument! But he was the one who brought me to music. I was like three years old when he put on my ears his headphones while he listened to music; Phil Collins, Simon & Garfunkel, Chris de Burgh – all kinds of interprets! I was like a paralyzed small child and started soon to”mouthdrum” along each song while listening. Further on, my father taught me how to do rhythmic sequences by “drumming” with our hands or fingers on the edge of the table, haha! That was fucking amazing and THE musical influence in my life! From this elementary event on everything else followed and was happening automatically.

How long have you been with Cryptic Forest?

Since the very beginning, because I founded it! :-)

Do you have a favorite band that you would love to do a tour with?

I don’t have any particular band in mind now. The important thing would be that we all should be able to get along with each other and have a great time without any trouble, haha!

Does anyone have any other bands or side projects you would like to mention here?

Yes, our drummer Wombo, bass player David and I are also members in the freak band called Finsterforst. Further on I play in the rock band Septimbears and have several other projects going on – strictly top secret, haha!

Finally, where can your fans go to find out everything thing they ever wanted to know about Cryptic Forest?  Facebook?  Myspace? Twitter?

I guess the best way to stay tuned about us is Facebook (Cryptic Forest | Facebook ). There is also a MySpace account, but I have the feeling that nowadays this isn’t really used anymore from private people. We don’t have a Twitter account so far; we should change that soon!

That is all I have for you Simon. Thanks again for doing this interview. We here at Metal Temple wish you nothing but success on the journey ahead. Any last words for the readers?

Thank you very much, Angela, for this interview – it was a pleasure to answer your questions! I hope you guys will give our music a chance - I am sure it will kick many of your asses! We will see us hopefully somewhere at some gig of ours and have amazingly hateful beers together! :-)


CHEERS!!! :-) 


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