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Interview - Skarlett (Skarlett Riot)

Interview with Skarlett from Skarlett Riot
by Mike Coyle at 22 November 2014, 9:49 PM

SKARLETT RIOT are a female fronted rock band who recently released their debut album, "Tear Me Down". Mike Coyle has shone through again nabbing up the opportunity to speak with Skarlett, the front-woman.
They discuss the music, the tour, as well as some one going into labor at one of their shows! So enjoy this interesting piece of rock and roll gold!

Hi guys how're you doing?

Hi yea really good, it's been hectic so far but we're looking forward to playing.

Yea with delays and everything, but that’s average for a show like this isn’t it?

Yea it happens (laughs)

So how do you guys feel about tonight anyway, how do you guys feel about your performance and getting ready?

Yea we're really pumped for it, buzzing (laughs)

Yea I mean you’re playing with Edguy, a band that features Mr. Tobias Sammet of both Avantasia and Edguy, I actually wanted to ask, how did you guys get the gig to begin with?

Umm our agent basically sorted it out for us over at Factory Music.

Yea I saw that when I checked out one of your videos over YouTube, I was checking it out last night and it’s called the Villain EP?

Oh yea, yea

Now that's a very interesting piece of music, how long has it been out for?

Since two thousand and twelve that one, yea we've got a new album called Tear Me Down which is our debut album from two thousand and thirteen and next year we're releasing a brand new album as well.

That’s cool, so I mean since two thousand and twelve since the release how has the response been for that?

I think it's done really well for an EP, obviously the tear me down album did even better and I think that the villain EP helped the tear me down album like have an even better from it because it helped us again new
fans, the villain video itself had had a great response on YouTube it had so many views.

Was wondering what kind of a style would you say you go into?

We find it difficult ourselves to put a category on it, we like to just say rock because we kind of mix rock, metal, pop altogether to make something else, you know we like to feel we're original because obviously
everything’s been done before (laughs).

That’s very interesting. How many days have you guys been on the tour so far?

This is the first night

Have you guys been touring beforehand?

Well we've been busy writing the second album so we've not had that many shows, I’m trying to think back to.

In the past touring has been extensive, I mean the amount of big festivals and tours in general.

So a little random question, I ask this to everybody, what is the most random thing you've ever seen at a show?

Did someone went into labor at one of our shows?

They had a fit, yea they were outside and we're like we know that girl, she had travelled from Cardiff to see us and we're like maybe we should call someone.

And on tour what is the most random thing you've ever done?

Well Luke the drummer he ran through a service station car park with a twelve inch double ended dildo.

So do you have any final words for the people at home?

Well Thanks for listening, we are Skarlett Riot and check us out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and we hope to see you at a show real soon.


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