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Interview - Starkill

Interview with Starkill from Starkill
by Emily Coulter at 20 March 2014, 1:27 PM

Being signed to one of the biggest labels in the Metal genre, touring relentlessly with their hero's and releasing one of the best albums of 2013 STARKILL are showing the world what true metal is. Quoted as being the next CHILDREN OF BODOM due to their hypnotizing solo's and the next big melodic death metal band to reach the mainstream, everyone has high hopes for the American group. Emily Coulter talked to Parker, Shaun, Spencer and Tony about touring, inspirations, rowing boat mosh pits and sandwiches. 

 You've been touring for nearly a month now across Europe with TURISAS, how has it been for you?

Parker: Pretty damn good! Their one of our biggest influences so the crowds have been really responsive.

 Is this your first time in the UK?

Parker: We've only played here once and that was in November with AMORPHIS.

 Any memorable moments on the tour so far?

Shaun: Lots! There was the rowing boat in Toulouse…

Parker: Yeah we had the typical mosh pits, crowd surfing and wall of death but we played a show in Toulouse where around 40 people sat down and started rowing an imaginary viking boat to our music. We also lost our bass player in France because of Visa issue's so he had to take many types of transport to get back to us but it was extremely stressful.

 What has been your favourite night so far?

Parker: Last night was killer but Toulouse was mental because of the rowing, we blew up a PA in Madrid and last night we had a drunken exploration of Newcastle.

 Do you think you've gained more fans from the tour with TURISAS?

Parker: Of course!

Shaun: Crowd response wise I think so, we were getting a lot more claps throughout the set and more people were enjoying it the songs after a while.

 You released ''Fires Of Life'' last year, do you think you got a good response to it?

Parker: For our first album through a huge label you can't really ask for anything better than that, it's only 7 months old but we've done three tours with Finnish headliners so far. We're a young band on the metal scene so we have a lot to do but so far it's been a good response.

 Will you be playing all of the album tonight or just a few songs?

Tony: I'd say around 7 or 8 songs from the album.

Parker: We're throwing in some new material too.

 When will the new album be out?

Parker: October time hopefully, we're going into the studio in May!

 What guitars, bass and drums do you all play?

Parker: It depends on which side of the Atlantic we're on really as it costs a lot to get everything over here but we use Axe Fx, we have our own custom cabs and as far as guitars go I'm playing a custom Carvin Ultra V guitar with DiMarzio pickups which has been my guitar for most of this tour.

Tony: I'm playing a custom Sarricola guitar which is pretty rare and I managed to get it through a friend but my back up is a PRS.

Spencer: As far as drums go me and Jaako (TURISAS) are sharing the same kit which is a Yamaha custom which is a 7 piece kit.

Shaun: I use the most simple rig ever, I just use a ESP bass guitar and a for amplification I use a Sansamp RBI.

 Who are your favourite guitarists, bassists and drummers?

Parker: I can name 5 but it always changes but Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Michael Romeo, Alexi Laiho and John Petrucci so it's standard metal guys really.

Tony: I like John Petrucci, Brett Hinds, Steve Vai and a million others.

Shaun: I think Dimebag Darrel is great but I'm a bassist and he isn't so Rex Brown is a favourite.

Spencer: I'm a huge fan of George Kolias, Derek Roddy, Tony Royster JR, Hellhammer and Jaska Raatikainen.

 How long have you been playing all of your instruments?

Parker: I've been playing guitar for nine years.

Shaun: I've only been playing bass for around two or three years but have been playing guitar for around 15.

Tony: About 10 years.

Spencer: Been drumming for around 10 years.

 What bands have influenced STARKILL's sound?

Parker: Probably the five biggest one's would be CHILDREN OF BODOM, DIMMU BORGIR, AMON AMARTH, NIGHTWISH and ARCH ENEMY but there is so many more to add.

 Who is your favourite NIGHTWISH vocalist?

Parker: Tarja hands down but Floor is filling the shoes really well.

 You've played with a range of bands, who has been your favourite to perform with?

Spencer: We love all the band's we've performed with so it's hard to say.

 What band would you love to tour with?

Parker: I'd love to go on WINTERSUN's ''Time II'' tour when that happens, ARCH ENEMY would be amazing though.

Tony: KISS, Jimi Hendrix and Barry White.

 How would you describe STARKILL's sound to anyone who's not listened to you before?

Parker: If STARKILL were a sandwich the filling would be melodic death metal in between the bread of DIMMU BORGIR and DRAGONFORCE.

 What's the meaning behind the name STARKILL?

Spencer: Versatility.

Parker: We draw from a lot of different influences which makes have a lot of variation of genre's so we wanted a name which wasn't exclusive to one genre, STARKILL is simultaneously power metal and death metal with a little bit of sci-fi.

Shaun: A guy last night asked me ''What do you have against the stars?''

 What pre-show rituals do you do to warm up for the show?

Shaun: Tons of push ups.

Parker: Nothing special, we just do our thing.

 If you weren't playing music, what would you be doing?

Parker: I've been doing music since I was a kid so I have no idea.

Shaun: Meteorology probably.

 If you could play any festival in the world, what would you play?

Spencer: Wacken.

 Are you planning any more UK appearances?

Parker: Nothing yet, we're planning an American tour for just before we head to the studio but that's all.

Guys, thank you very much, I wish all the best and good luck tonight!

Thanks a lot, we will do our best!


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