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Interview - Ted Aguilar (Death Angel)

Interview with Ted Aguilar from Death Angel
by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 22 May 2014, 10:10 PM

Early on, DEATH ANGEL were charging Baltimore along with CHILDREN OF BODOM as main headliner and TYR as support. Deaddie had a chance to talk to Ted Aguilar, longtime guitarist of the band, for over a decade actually, regarding the band, the old stuff played and more…

It is the 21st of March 2013 and we are here with Death Angel, How are you doing man?

Alright, Death angel has been around for a while… The band was formed in 1982, Rob Formed it in 82, Rob and Andy, and all the others came after

That’s right man, a long time on the metal scene, rocking it out, making a killing, Alright so here is the first question, How different do you see the scene since back in the day when you guys first started playing?

Well you know just by talking to Rob and Mark since they were there back in the day, I just joined in 2001, much different, you know in the 80’s it was it was really live, new and vibrant, less bands, and nowadays you know there’s the thrash scene made its way to Death metal, Metal Core so it’s a lot different now there’s more bands and more sub genres

Oh Definitely, that’s crazy, all the sub genres, it’s nuts.  Can you describe the evolution of the band as opposed to the evolution of the metal scene since back in the day?

I mean the evolution of the band, of course we evolved, every band evolves, I think we came full circle, in a sense, you have Ultra-Violence, our first album to now The Dream Calls for Blood, is our most intense album since then.

Which is a Great Album, I’m going to say that right now

Thank you

It’s heavy, It’s awesome

So the Band did Ultra Violence and they experimented with Frolic and they honed in their style in Act 3, then the band broke up and everyone went their own ways and they were experimenting with other projects and what not then when the band came back together, the first two albums art of dying and killing season, they are more like, well the art of dying is more like getting our feet wet because they hadn’t played in eleven years, everyone grew up as musicians, and trying to figure it out.

Yes because people change

People change but I think it has come full circle, The Dream calls for Blood is kindof like a start to the new back to the way it is.
How has this tour been playing with Children of Bodom and Tyr, how has the tour been with those guys?

It has been Great, I mean Tyr great band from the Ferrel Islands really, you know people say that are lacking metal but they have their own thing going. Great band, great bunch of guys.  Children of Bodom, those guys have been awesome, their whole crew, as a crew and the band they have been nothing but great and you know they are tearing it up live.  It’s a great tour, it’s a great combination of all three bands.  You have Children of Bodom, they have their own thing, we have our thing and Tyr has their own thing.  It’s three bands people are coming to see three different styles and they are leaving happy.  It’s been an amazing tour

As long as everyone is happy when they leave it’s good Yeah, yeah. And getting along too, it’s tough to do something long term a tour like this, if you aren’t getting along with the people you are touring with. Everyone is getting along, it is awesome

Right, that is awesome. Alright, so you guys have toured the world, which country has been your personal favorite so far?

That’s really a hard one to answer because every country we have been in I like it for different reasons. Germany is always a good country because of the metal scene there, then you have all of the countries in South America, South Americans go crazy for metal, really passionate. Of course you have San Francisco, our home town you know there are some spots.  It’s hard to choose but if I had to choose I would say probably Holland, I like Holland, it’s like a second home to the band and it’s like being back home but Dutch.  I like Holland a lot.

Never been there myself, hopefully one day I will make it there, like many other countries. So The Dream Calls for Blood, the latest release in 2013, can you explain the writing process for the album and how that has changed from the way the band used to write?

A lot of this album was written on the road, with relentless retribution, the album before it we were on the road for three years for that record right, and we knew we weren’t going to stop after three years, we aren’t going to be like alright it’s time to write a record so Rob started writing after a year and a half into touring, started getting riffs together and ideas, basic song structures and in between tours we would go into our rehearsal studio and put things together. So a lot of it was written on the road.

That’s pretty cool though, do it all, tie it all in

Yeah we had to though. Get it done that way, That’s the initiative right there. Yeah and you get that live feel, like those times when we get off stage and Rob has the itch to write riffs in the back room of the bus and just write, so inspiration comes from the road.

I know how that goes too, with my own band, jamming and making stuff up, when that inspiration hits you, that’s when you need to write it down. You know because if not you might lose it.

Most of the stuff was written on the road, some of it was written at home.

Which album so far would you say is your personal favorite?

Wow, again it’s like picking your favorite city to play in. I mean there are two eras of Death Angel, the first three albums, I have to pick right?  Act 3 would be my favorite in the 80’s.  Now The Dream Calls for blood but I hold Relentless retribution dear to my heart because it is a statement album. We’ve gone through some bad times before that album and that album pretty much says fuck you

Hell Yeah, Why not. How would you describe in one word the crowd reaction on this tour?

Incredible, Incredible

I had a feeling you were going to say that


That’s awesome at least the crowd is really standing up and getting behind you guys

We are winning over crowds every day its really cool to, we aren’t really used to playing to a thrash crowd.  We’ve done tour with Creator, Anthrax, testament and Exodus, and you know with Bodom it’s a totally different crowd you are up there and the majority of them don’t know who you are. Heard of you, never seen you, and trying to win them over it’s a good challenge, makes us play killer and the reaction has been amazing.

That’s cool, hell yeah, and of course the last question. What are your plans for the future, I mean what country do you plan on hitting next? Who do you plan on touring with after this tour? Or have you figured that out yet?

As of right now, after this tour in April we are going to Australia and Asia with Creator and were getting some summer festivals in Europe and some touring up there, nothing solidified but that’s the plan as of right now.  The goal is more touring for this year till probably around Christmas, but as of right now it’s just Australia and Asia with Creator and probably June through August in Europe doing festivals and probably hooking up with some other bands,

I know those European festivals, they get huge

They are huge and they are fun to play and it’s a good vibe. Summertime, you know

Definitely, definitely, well anyway thank you for doing the interview

Thank you man, enjoy the show tonight

It was a pleasure talking to you and I can’t wait until you come around again because I have a feeling I will be back


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