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Interview - The Evil Reverend N. (Necros Christos)

Interview with The Evil Revenrend N. from Necros Christos
by Adam Clarke at 18 September 2014, 7:35 PM

Necros Christos has released "Nine Graves", and Metal Temple has come through again getting the band to talk to us about it. Adam Clarke has gotten the chance to speak with Mors Dalos Ra, guitarist and vocalist. Let's see what he has to say!!

Hello Evil Reverend, how have you been? Thank you for taking the time for this interview for Metal Temple.

Hey and thanks for the opportunity to share some words with the temple of Metal! Just to avoid misunderstandings, you speak with Mors Dalos Ra here, guitarist and vocalist of NC.

Congrats on the new release “Nine Graves”. How long did it take to compose and record it?

Well, “Va Koram Do Rex Satan” as well as “Baptized By The Black Urine Of The Deceased” are old classics, which were newly arranged for “Nine Graves” exclusively. Both new songs, “Black Bone Crucifix” as well as the title track were written directly after the tour we did with our brethren of GRAVE MIASMA in October 2013. The recordings for the EP began in early February 2014, so we`re speaking of a very short time here for rehearsing the material as well as for the recording. Nevertheless, all material including all the acoustics for “Nine Graves” represents NECROS CHRISTOS in outstanding form and we hope to continue with the current line up `til the end.

What was the inspiration for the lyrical content of the songs?

The lyrical content differs from track to track, although “Black Bone Crucifix” and “Nine Graves” seem to play at equal places while sharing a similar story. Both deal about the ancient ways of necromancy as held in the oriental world, placed somewhere in old Palestine and Canaan. The overall concept of the EP is different though. Nine letters do actually form the name of NECROS CHRISTOS, which are
S O T I R H C E N. Within the booklet of the EP, you`ll find a marvellous drawing done by Manuel Tinnemans showing nine snakes forming a candelabra engulfed in flames. Above the snake`s heads, nine graves/caskets are placed, each of `em holding one of those nine letters. An anagram is shaping out of it, which is building the term ICONRESTH. If you compare the mystical meaning of this term with the translation of NECROS CHRISTOS, you have embraced the concept in its whole. To make myself completely understood here; nine letters do build the name of the dead body of Christ and exactly those nine letters may put the holy icons to its final rest.

Did you believe that this record would surpass any other previous material you’ve created so far and why?

When being creative and writing music, you never think about trivial things like that. It all just happens or it does not. Fortunately, we were able to deliver our best material up to date and the new line up is just amazing.

It states on your website that you have made plans to release a final album, what has made you finalise your decision on making it your last record as a band?

This oath was even sealed before releasing TIR. It was always the mission to release three records with nine main songs, not counting all the gate and temple work. Three times nine is the EVANGELION NECROS CHRISTI and we won`t change, nor are we able to change what came and appeared as destiny.

How many songs did you have in mind for the record and how many did you decide to leave off the album and for what reason?

Exactly those four main Metal tracks you can hear on “Nine Graves” as well as all the acoustics. No song was left off for the final album, it shall feature new songs only.

Are there any upcoming tours we should be aware of?

Actually, our booker works on things like that but it is too early to speak about. We have our plans for 2015 as well as doing some cool single shows all over Europe, so be aware of the rites to come.

Before you started this band, who were your main inspirations to start creating music?

Music wise, I`ve so many different influences that it would annoy any interested reader to the bone. Let`s say classical Indian and Persian music is one of my highest inspirations and was so even back in the days. Starting guitar 25 years ago was due to many Metal heroes like Slayer, Morbid Angel, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Metallica, Judas Priest as well as amazing performers as Gary Moore (RIP).

What made you pick up the bass guitar other than any other instrument?

I guess you mixed up some things here: Although I always played bass as well, I`m a guitar player to the bone, acoustic as well as electric wise and I don`t play bass in NC.

If you could change one thing about “Nine Graves”, what would it be?

The same thing I would change on every NC recording: Nothing!

If you weren’t creating music, what job do you think you would be doing instead?

Well, do you really think we can live from the band? Uhh, I tell you my friend, all of us have to work in our day time jobs to get along and I definitely prefer that while being creatively independent.

What about supporting “Nine Graves”, will you be touring soon?

As mentioned above, we work on certain things but it is too early to speak about, sorry.

Mate, I wish to thank you for this interview. I wish you guys all the best and hoping that this album isn’t your final say. Any last words for the readers?

“Nine Graves” is obviously not the final album, this will be revealed in years to come under the name of “Domedon Doxomedon”. Thanks for the interview and thanks to everyone supporting us!


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