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Interview - Thomas Brenna, Lukas Paulsen, Stian "Stevie" Helle, Espen Nesset (Lonely Kamel)

Interview with Thomas Brenna, Lukas Paulsen, Stian "Stevie" Helle, Espen Nesset from Lonely Kamel
by Zakk Belkin at 11 September 2014, 11:12 PM

LONELY KAMEL are due to release their latest album "Shit City" very soon; find out what happened when Metal Temple representative Zakk Belkin caught up with them.

Tell me about your band. How long have you been together?

We've been around 2007, and kept rocking ever since. We play Heavy Blues and Stoner Metal.

What is your inspiration as a band?

Swiss cheese and naked ladies. Nah, we're kidding. Heavy blues from the 60s and 70s, and development of the 90s music. We combine the 90's heavy metal music alongside with distortion and blues, to perform modern Heavy blues with a touch of southern/sludge metal music.

Where did you take the idea of the name of your band?

A song called Lonely Camel. We liked the idea, and said "What the hell, let's name ourselves The Lonely Camels". Then, it was developed to Lonely Kamel.

How did you all meet?

Thomas : Stevie and I was working in the bar. Lucas had fun. We had the same interest as DjS and wanted to performed together. Then we've found the drummer.

What was your best gig as a band?

Lukas:  Duna Jam in Italy, Sardinia.
Stevie:  Berlin.
Thomas:  Roadburn Festival in Holland

Tell me about the album you're going to release.

The album is great. You should listen to it. It continues the great legacy of the albums we've released so far. His name is Shit City. He's going to be released on.

What is your top 5 albums to recommend to the viewers?

Captain Beyond - S/T
Pentagram - Last Daze
Warrior Soul - Space Age Playboys
Motorpsycho - Demon Box
Free - Tons Of Sobs

Something you'd like to add to the interview?

Lonely Kamel is going on a tour for the release of their great album Shit City. 12th September to 5th October through-out Europe.


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