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Interview - Vogg (Decapitated)

Interview with Vogg from Decapitated
by Aaron Price at 18 September 2014, 6:42 PM

DECAPITTED are getting ready to release their next album "Blood Mantra". As busy as they are preparing for this release, they still took the time to speak with Metal Temple's Aaron Price. So for all you Metal Heads out there who are excited about the new release, here is what they had to say!!

With "Blood Mantra" being only just over a month away, are you excited for its release?

Oh yes, I am. I cannot wait to see all the opinions and comments from everywhere and yes we love the new album and we are really satisfied with the production and the results. So yes, I am really excited for the album release and I can't wait to play new stuff live.

Do you have anything planned in the way of singles from the album?

We have released one song, its on the internet has been for a couple days its called "The Blasphemous Psalm To The Dummy God Creation" its been up for a bit and everyone who's interested can check it. Its the second song from the album, its a kind of Death Metal song. We chose this song because its not to long, and its a great song.

What can fans of both old and new DECAPITATED expect from this album?

Same as usual, different album. Again we did what we did before, we just have different production and different sound. For the first time I recorded this entire album without changing my guitar we came back to our normal studio in Sweden where we already recorded three album. Everyone can wait for surprising material, every song will surprise you with different atmosphere. This album is also groovier, the grooviest sound we have ever done. Its our result from touring with other other bands like LAMB OF GOD and CHILDREN OF BODOM, so three years of touring here it is.

Like other bands, you've gone through many line up changes, how do you feel this has helped or hindered the band?

New line up, finally I feel I have my perfect line up. We have a new drummer and bass player, we understand each other perfectly and its a great feeling. I finally found musicians who I can have a great time with and its time. I'm really excited for the future of DECAPITATED with those mother fuckers and it's great time. It wasn't easy, and we came a long way with many line up changes since 2010 since we released the band again after our accident, but finally after 4 years I can really say I have the line up of my dreams.

You guys played Wacken just weeks ago, what was that like?

Oh Wacken? That was the second time we played there, its always great. To be honest, there were many other great festivals in Europe like Summer Breeze, like Brutal Assault and Hellfest even some other small festivals in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. Of course it was great, we had a great show, we had a great time there we played the same day as MEGADETH, AMON AMARTH, ARCH ENEMY and BEHEMOTH it was a great time, 100% im happy we got to play Wacken again.

What do you guys have planned in the way of touring for "Blood Mantra"?

Okay so, we are supporting GWAR in the US starting in October, then we come back to Poland for the Polish "Blood Mantra" tour at the end of November then we go to the UK for a tour with BEHEMOTH, then at the end of the year we come back to Poland and play three headlining club show. Then we have no idea, we are booking shows in the next year, the next 2 years we want to spend in the tour bus and play as many shows as we can and support "Blood Mantra" as much as we can.

With the death of Dave Brockie and the premier of the new vocalist how do you feel about where GWAR has come?

It’s always good after a big loss when a band decides to continue their thing. I'm really happy about GWAR and I can only say it’s really good they try to continue. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of GWAR and all those guys music but maybe I will start to be after we tour together, but I was never really into those guys music so I can't really say more about the band. If the GWAR guys decide to play and continue as a band then I wish them all the best and hope they can play as long as they want. I can only say this because my brother who was the drummer for DECAPITATED died in an accident in 2007 and that was the worst thing that has happened to me. After 2 years we thought about it a lot and we decided to find another member and right now we can play and we can do what we love. I cross my fingers for GWAR and I look forward to this tour together and getting to play with those guys.

Do you have any bands who you hope can join you on tour in the future?

We have everything we mentioned before with GWAR then we will play with local Polish bands, then we have the tour with BEHEMOTH then we play with the same local Polish bands then we have no clue who else we will play with.

Last but not least, do you have any secrets you could share with the fans?

Everyone knows everything about myself and DECAPITATED, I don't know. It’s a surprising question, I don't have any secrets and the ones I do my wife would kill me if I said.


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