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INTROTYL's Sariux Rivera: “The sound of Introtyl is more direct rather than going with the melodies and trying to look for solos…we like having fun, playing directly, and feeling like having a party, like throwing a bomb and then run instead of..."

Interview with Sariux Rivera from INTROTYL
by Thomas Kumke at 07 July 2021, 6:07 AM

INTROTYL is a Death Metal band from Mexico and they finished recording their new album to be released later on this year. Metal Temple writer Thomas was fortunate to have a long and detailed chat with bassist and founding member Sariux Rivera about the band’s journey during the last 10 years, their new album, their inspirations, and their future plans. INTROTYL are:

Kary Ramos – Vocals
Rose Contreras – Guitars
Annie Ramirez – Drums
Sariux Rivera – Bass

Hello Sariux, it is a real pleasure to have you and I am really grateful to perform an interview with you for Metal Temple magazine. First of all I hope you, your band mates, and your family is coming through this difficult year safe and well.

Sariux: Everything is good. In Mexico, vaccination has been starting in March with the people from 60 plus years old. Currently they vaccine the ages between 40 to 50, but the majority of the population in Mexico is between 18 and 39 years. So we have been receiving lots of vaccination loads, but at the same time, the biggest population is in between these ages, so it will take a few months to complete that. I will go to the United States next week to receive my vaccine, because if I wait, it will be until maybe October this year.

 How does the pandemic affect Introtyl?

Sariux: Well, it highly affects the band, because everything stopped here with the pandemic. We did not have any places to go to play. In the first place, it was actually a choice from us, because we did not want to play knowing that we could get contagious or that maybe we could be part of the people to getting contagious. That is why we did not want to participate in that. We know that some shows have been performed despite the restrictions. It was weird, because it was at some hidden places to let them do that and we did not agree with that. We did not want to be part of that. We had several Corona cases in our families. I lost my grandma and my aunt and I know that some of my closest friends had also issues with that. In our band we thought that maybe our vocalist got it and the siblings from our guitarist. That is why we did not want to be part of that. We wanted to take care of our people and take care of ourselves, our fans, the followers of the band, and we really wanted to spread the message of staying home, take care, stay healthy, do not go outside if you not have to. In some places in Mexico, people have to go out of their houses because they have to work and earn money to live. That is why we were saying that if you can stay home, stay home, because there are people that really need to go outside. Keep it healthy for them. It affected also our recording plans but in a way that it helps the recording. At the beginning of the pandemic, we had a lot of tours planned for 2020 that were cancelled. Fortunately, I have my regular work and the rest of the girls have also work from which we live and survive. As we know no one lives actually only from music at least not from Metal. So we just took the decision if in the case that these touring plans would come through, we were about to quit our jobs because it was a very huge tour that we had planned. We had scheduled a smaller tour in the US and Canada, which would have been our third time there. We also had plans to go to Europe and to Brazil. That is why we really wanted to quit our jobs, because we knew that it was a big deal. But it did not happen. We know that a lot of bands had huge plans for their bands and it just did not work because of the pandemic. We were very excited to finally go to South America and to Europe since it always was a super dream for us. We could not reach it, at least at that moment, but we are working with our agency to make this dream come true. I think that we can do that. Perhaps it is going to be the next year, but it is going to happen. Since we could not go outside of Mexico, we kept working in our houses and we had the opportunity to finishing some music. We had some unfinished songs that we kept and archived, and now we just blow the dust from them. We started working on the new album and now we are happy that we just finalized it. We did not release it yet but are expecting to do it in September. We are still waiting for some deals to release it also in Europe, in South America, and of course, in Mexico, where we have our label. So, hopefully we can release this album everywhere on the same day. We are working on that. We released our last EP last October during the pandemic, which is a little taste of the new album. We felt like we really want to go and play the EP outside, but we just had these live streams where we could play a couple of songs. This is completely different because you do not feel the live atmosphere and the feedback of the people, the response of the audience, the screams and the mosh pit. It is very weird just having a camera here or a cell phone or whatever is used for recording your live sessions.

Introtyl is an all-female Death Metal band and was formed in 2009. You are one of the founding members. Let us talk first about the history of the band. What was the idea behind forming Introtyl?

Sariux: Actually, it was kind of coincidence, because when we started Introtyl in 2009, it had a different name. It only started as an idea and assembling some covers from Napalm Death and I think that the very first ones that we played were from Pantera and from Sepultura. I actually started as a guitarist of the band. When we started, it was like I play guitar, and you play bass, and you play drums. So, let us start a band just for fun and play the music that we like. At the beginning, a lot of people said that we were like a Thrash Metal band. We actually do not like to have that kind of labels, because we actually just want to make the music that we like, sometimes we like to add a little bit more thrash sound, but sometimes it is a little bit more brutal, we did not want to get one label. In the end, we started just as friends making music, and as time was passing by it became a little bit more formal than you thought it will be. At the beginning it was not a game, but just more relaxed and you are playing everywhere. If you do not have a good equipment or terrible gears, you do not care or you try to just giving everyone a good time. Then it became a little bit more serious and we really wanted to have it more serious. That is why we started to compose new songs and to avoid playing shows in holes to call it like that. We really wanted to reach better places and bigger audiences, and that is why we are here now, right? I think it was in 2011 when the band actually started and when we started to manage everything correctly. In 2009, it was the beginning of the band and seeing how it is going to work and who is going to play. In 2010 we actually had our first shows and went to Cancun and then to San Luis Potosi, which is another state in Mexico. We had several shows, but at the end we had just a setup of five songs and it was only for fun. It really started then in 2011.

During the first few years, there were a lot of line-up changes. From the current line-up, current guitarist Rose Contreras joined in 2010, vocalist Kary Ramos joined in 2013, and finally Anni Ramirez on the drums joined in 2019. So the core of the band was together by 2013 and with Kary on the vocals, Introtyl released then the first EP “Several States Of Violence”…

Sariux: Actually, that one is like a collection. We had a 5 song demo called “Inception”. Some songs from “Inception” are also on “Several States Of Violence”. Later on we changed it to “Inside Of Violence” in 2017 because it had some songs that were already on “Inception” and “Inside Of Violence” has all the songs that we have been working on until that moment. In 2017 when we went to Canada, we really needed to have one album out and we took all those recordings together. that is the reason why “Inside Of Violence” sounds very raw and very old, because we started recording already in 2011. At this time, it was all different, the sound was totally different, the intention was totally different, we did not even have a metronome for the recording, and the sound engineer at the time told us to just go and play it. My husband is an audio engineer and he could not believe that we recorded those songs like this. He tried to save as much as he could, but it would never sound super neat. It sounded good at the end for the first album and the people really liked it. Actually, it opened the door for us to go to the US and Canada. So it was like: okay, we are doing something good. In that record, I play the guitars, Rose was on the bass and Mayra Pantoja was on the drums. We have been working with four different drummers already, a few vocalists, but Rose and I have been always in the band.

And in 2014 Rose switched to guitar and you had 2 guitars and were a 5-piece band up to 2016. Why the switch to 2 guitars and then back to one guitar again?

Sariux: Yes. Do you know what happened? Rose was our bassist, I played guitar, and we had a vocalist who played guitar with me. She left the band, but I really liked the sound with the two guitars because it sounded a little bit bigger and higher. At the time, Rose was composing some songs with me and she was playing guitar very well. Then we had the idea that she would become the second guitarist and we search for another bassist because we were working very well together and she is a very good guitarist. I thought that it would be a very good improvement for the band. First she was a little bit shy and she did not want to leave the bass since she felt very comfortable with that. We had a lot of discussions on that and finally I convinced her to move to the guitar. That is how we started playing guitar together. However, at the end we did not play solos and we did not do many things different that it could be worth having two guitars. On top of it, we have been changing bassists very often during that time. I did not feel comfortable with that and I did not want to look for any other bassist anymore. Since Rose played guitar really awesome, I suggested to her to keep the guitar and I go to the bass. Initially she was a bit hesitating because we were sounding very good together, but eventually she was fine and we just inverted our places. I went to the bass and I feel very comfortable playing bass now.

Of course at some point you need stability in the band…

Sariux: Exactly. In addition, it is easier for touring when you travel with four people or even with three people. The less people in the band the better it is, because you can take better decisions and you can get better agreements. It is a blessing. So, I think that was a very good move.

When did you start playing guitar and how did you come to Death Metal?

Sariux: Well, it was a journey. I got my first acoustic guitar 25 years ago, because of the Mexican singer and guitarist Ely Guerra who plays mainly ballads and romantic music. She is not into Metal. I really loved her and loved her music. She is also a rocker that is why I really loved her. At the time I was 11 years old. I got a book with guitar lessons that was on sale in Mexico. With the book I learnt how to play chords and how to position the fingers correctly on the guitar. I started to make some experiments with the guitar. I just started playing around, but I never really studied guitar. Then I made a few songs, just very simple ones. When I went to the high school, I was invited to join a band, some Nu Metal stuff, we played Korn and all that. I was super excited about it. I actually was invited to join as a bass player. So, I bought one and I started playing bass. From that moment on, my main instrument was bass for maybe four years, just going from a Hardcore band to a Metalcore band. I also played Punk Rock in a band. I went from one band to another. Afterwards I came once again into the guitar world, to an Industrial and Nu Metal band and I decided that I would like to keep going with the electric guitar. Up to this point I never took any guitar lessons, I only took lessons later on. I did not know anything about guitars, I just followed the sound and I was autodidact. Before the pandemic, I started doing some lessons with a bass teacher, but because of the pandemic, I could not be with him and I did not really like doing it online. So, I keep on studying by myself. Yeah that was the way I started. I was kind of in between the guitar and bass.

Is it easy to adapt from bass to guitar? What is the main difference?

Sariux: I found it easy to switch from guitar to bass. There is more space between the strings on the bass. Since my hand is very small, I had to make more extension to reach some of the places to play the notes correctly. At the beginning, I was also a little bit weak, because the guitar strings are softer compared to bass and it is easier to play them. Bass strings are thicker and harder in comparison to the guitar strings. This is the main difference, rather than playing the notes. Now that I am playing guitar also for other stuff that I am working on, I feel very comfortable knowing the guitar. At the same time, I feel like sometimes I am doing some mistakes because the strings are very tight together. All in all, it is very nice to have a better view of what is going on with both instruments.

After “Inside Of Violence” in 2017, Introtyl released then the full-length “Creation Of Insanity” in 2018 and followed up on this with another EP “Vmbra” in 2020. “Creation of Insanity” was a breakthrough for Introtyl in Mexico and North America….

Sariux: It was a breakthrough, because it was the first time that we went outside Mexico with tours to US and Canada. Speaking about “Creation Of Insanity” in 2018, we had a sold out show even if the event was free, and it was super full. We had about three loads of the albums, which were 1500 pieces per load and we have been selling a lot. Our recording label is always telling us that for example we have to send more copies to Japan because they already sold all copies. We are having one merchant in Spain, another one in France, and another one in Canada. It was a bit overwhelming in the positive way for us because it is fascinating that our music is getting everywhere. This album is the reason why we meet amazing people like you, talking in other languages and reaching other regions where we actually have never been, but we would love to go to. That is super nice. I think that “Creation Of Insanity” was a better consolidated sound. It was that what we actually wanted to have with the first album. Actually, for the next album we rerecorded one of the songs from the very first album. It now sounds super different in the execution and with the sound. A very good studio can change that. For “Creation Of Insanity”, we felt committed with looking for a good studio and an engineer who was not drunk when we were starting the recording. The songs were more structured, we rehearsed a bit more, and we had pre-production sessions. All this we did not have for the first album. So I think that are the main reasons why it was a breakthrough for us. Then we had the opportunity to return to Canada to play one of the biggest Metal festivals in Quebec alongside with Despised Icon, which is one of the our favorite bands, and then we played with lots of bands that we respect a lot such us Jungle Rot among others. It was a dream come true, because we were a small band from Mexico and were here with them. It was awesome. It started to open more doors and more doors for us and we then played the biggest Metal festival in Mexico, which is the Mexico Metal Fest. This was amazing and there were so many people, on stage I saw people and people and people and I could not see where the crowd finished. That was one of the biggest moments in my life, as a musician and as a person. We own a lot of things to that album.

Then the pandemic came and stopped you a little bit. However, you were still very active with participation in some online festivals. Recently you had a 35-minutes set at the online edition of Mexico Metal Fest. How is the experience of a live stream compared to real live shows?

Sariux: It was a bit different. The first online show we did was for one of the biggest online festivals in Mexico, the MexiChaos and it was recorded where I am now living, in the north of the country. I should mention that the pandemic helped us as a band to know how to work in the distance since we did not see each other being in the same city. Then I moved here to this place which is away almost two hours by plane or 21 hours driving, so I could not go to the rehearsals. Now our guitarist is going away to live in Montreal and we said that we need to plan some things and to know how we are going to work. It was super amazing when we just discovered that we can work when we are not being together. Mexicans want to be together all the time, you know we are like candies always sticking together. That is why we really needed to make a plan. We did it to assemble the new songs for the album, but also to rehearse for the online festivals from distance. I traveled then again to Mexico City, and we recorded that in my house. Now we just do everything in our little studio in the second floor of the house, and it really works. My husband helped us doing all the sound. We also have an electric drum set, which is better to use since it does not make a lot of noise and does not have a lot of microphones. When we played the Mexico Metal Fest, we met one band from the US and they put us in contact with someone from the KnotFest in the US. This is a brand that makes all the logistics and all the arrangements for the festival and they invited us to the Pulse Of The Maggots Festival. We went in there and played 15 minutes as well as for the first online festival, because most people are not watching all the shows and get a little bit tired. Mexico Metal Fest have their own spot for bands and fortunately a lot of people were asking us to play there again. So they kept on working with us and gave us a spot in their YouTube channel. We decided that we have to prepare a very good performance, a little bit more produced, and it actually looks different than the one for the MexiChaos and Pulse Of The Maggots Festival. I loved that, it was a very good sound and a very good mix. The video looks very good as well. We were very happy with that. The person who made all the recordings on the video has been working with us for years. He also made our “A Raped Brain” and “Creation Of The Death” videos. He is very close friend of us and plays in a band called Surgery. He actually is going to deliver our new video today for the release of our new album. We were pretty excited about the online shows since it makes us feeling a little bit closer to the people.

What were the reactions of public and fans to your live performance?

Sariux: It was amazing. The fans always told us that they want to see us playing live, but we cannot do that now because we are not vaccinated yet. Once we are, then we are going to start with the shows. During the online festival, many people were in the chat room of the YouTube channel and we were speaking to them and made live streaming from our Instagram page. It was very exciting but at the same time we found it a little bit nostalgic because we actually really wanted to be with the people. It was a very hard feeling. However, this is what it is and this is what we can give you with a lot of love and a lot of work.

Lets talk about the new album. What is the current status?

Sariux: We have the new album ready. The recording is ready, we have our master, we have everything ready regarding the audio. We have the whole design now ready for printing, but we cannot send it to printing because we are waiting for some deals that we have to complete mostly in Europe and in South America. I think that we have the deal ready in Italy and they have some distribution in a few countries next to it. It is ready also in Mexico, of course, and some South American countries where our recording label also delivers the album. So we are just waiting to have more deals completed for the release, but I think we are going to release the album in the first week of September. We are very happy with the new album, and I think you will really like it. I can tell you that for the artwork, we wanted to have something very traditional from the 90s Death Metal in terms of the colors used at this period. For all the artwork, we always work with an artist from Venezuela, John Kibera, and John is always painting the artwork, not drawing it. We really love that because you can see all the details and the brush in there. I am sure you will like a lot of the artwork. The music actually is a bit of the combination of our first albums “Inside Of Violence” and “Creation Of Insanity”. It is like a little baby between both albums and it is also a very sentimental album. I know that some people will not understand this, but I think that the pandemic touched something inside of us that we really wanted to speak about, feelings that people actually have, no matter whether you are a Metal head or not. We wanted to speak about that. We wanted to speak about when you are feeling blue, when you are feeling like being in a black hole, when you are getting out of bed and you are feeling happy, when you are feeling in love, or when you are feeling betrayed. We wanted to pass through all those feelings. I cannot reveal the name of the album now, but it is also speaking about the how we went through all those processes. I just can tell that it is also in Latin, and we are going to continue with what we started in “Vmbra”.

Without revealing too much, is it going to be the Introtyl trademark sound or are there any surprises?

Sariux: Yes, totally. I think that it is going to be our trademark sound because it is the combination and the perfect fusion between the very first album and “Creation Of Insanity”. I do not speak about “Vmbra” because those songs will be part of the new album too. I think that they is a little glimpse of what is going on. In “Vmbra” you can hear that the sound is different, a little bit darker, and it has a lot of blast-beats.

“Vmbra” is not as fast as “Creation Of Insanity”. It is darker

Sariux: Exactly, and that was the way that we wanted to manage it and why we call it “Vmbra”. “Vmbra” is the darkest place in the darkness, but before it met the light. That is the direction where we really wanted to take the album to. I think the sound is a bit like the old Introtyl, but with the blast-beats that we have in “Creation Of Insanity”. This is a little bit more brutal, the “Creation Of Insanity” sounds very fast all day, all the time.

Yeah “Creation Of Insanity” is basically a half an hour hammering…

Sariux: Exactly, and that is why we like it. We really wanted to have a party, we always do when we make our music. I hope this does not sound rude, but we also make the music for us. We want to enjoy the music and it is up to the people to enjoy the music that we make for us. The most important thing for us is that when we are playing our music to feel very confident and very comfortable with it. You can see that we are having fun while we are playing, even though it might happen that sometimes we get stressed because of the sound, or the floor of the stage, or whatever. When we actually speaking about the execution, we need to feel like we really are in a party. With the new album, it was different. We really wanted to show a little bit more feelings in the lyrics, but at the same time we wanted to have a party with the music. It is good mix, you will see that it is a little bit darker because of the “Vmbra” side, but at the same time, it is like “Inside Of Violence”.

The drums on “Creation Of Insanity” are crazy…

Sariux: I know. Before we recorded the album, we had a change of the drummer, we had a male drummer who played Brutal Death Metal before. With him, we could experiment a little bit more in our composition compared to our previous drummer, since she had different abilities. We felt that we could not go further with her. When he joined the band, it was amazing because he played extremely fast and he made a lot of different things with the drums in the album. We did not know how to speak his language and we asked him to add something here and there and he could do this in a better way than we expected. This was awesome. I think that it was a revolution for us because it was different. When we changed the drummer again, we needed to find someone who can keep that same rhythm like him. We found Annie and she is amazing because he has this level although she did not play Brutal Death Metal before. She started studying and practicing and now she is also incredibly fast. We really wanted to keep it going in in a good way and to sound fast and clean also. In our online show for the Mexico Metal Fest, you can see that her evolution is extreme. She is very, very good on the drums. She not only can play very fast and she is improving the double-bass as well. I think that she is going to play on a really high level and we are very happy for her.

How did the songwriting process work for the new album?

Sariux: It worked different than before. When we started with the previous album, we wanted to speak about craziness, and illness of the mind. We wanted to speak about topics, for example in “Misanthropy And Madness”, it is about someone who hates humanity, what can you say about that? Our vocalist Kary made a list of topics and we reviewed that and that is it. This time, we really wanted to speak about feelings, how do we feel? The dynamic that Kary created was like: okay, now we have the music, play the music, and let me know how you feel when you play the song, what do you feel, for example, when we play “Inner War”. I was playing it and just imagined an army, or the boots of the soldiers in the army, or something very military, something like that. So I will say, I think that is like a war for me. This is something that you are fighting with, it makes me feel like I am angry but I am fighting for something. Interestingly, some other members of the band felt the same way. I do not know if it is because of their rhythm or whatever there is the feeling like we are marching, we are going to fight. That is why the sound is like you are fighting against something, you know where you are fighting, I know what I am fighting with. So it is a personal fight. We made the same dynamics for each song. For other songs, we were going to be like: okay, this melody sounds a little bit like honey to me and I imagine honey. Then the texture and all that could be something that makes me happy, or maybe something that is related with love or something sentimental. So we were like: okay, this is going to talk about love and this is going to talk about when someone who you really love betrays you. How do you feel about that? How do you feel when during the deepest thing that you think of, you cannot go outside of your sadness, or your emptiness? Then we started to work on that with ideas, and then Kary made the full lyrics. I am the one in charge to check that everything is fine with the structure and all that. I know that I sometimes make mistakes, because English is not my native language, but we try to do it as best as we can. Particularly this time, we put more thought into it, we talked more, and we structured it more. It was a good process and we are very happy with the lyrics. There are more lyrics and they have a better content and a better structure than on the previous albums.

I imagine this process requires a lot of discussion and is not straightforward at all…

Sariux: Correct. It took a lot of time compared to the other albums and we had lots of discussions. It was a good process, in the past we were more focused in the music than in the lyrics. This time we focus in both.

How was the sound developed

Sariux: Rose had already some of the riffs recorded and also still having some older riffs that we could use. I listened to this and then started to think about how it could be used. Sometimes, Rose has the whole structure of a song. She sends it to me and I listen to it and sometimes propose changes, or different riffs. Along the way, Rose was working a lot with our drummer Annie because I could not be there with them. So I had the structure of the songs and Rose and I worked both on that, but at the same time Rose worked a lot with Annie since they went together for some rehearsals while I was living at another place. They had a lot of discussions and came up with a lot of ideas. In general, everyone does one part in the song. Even Kary, who does not play any instrument, contributes and sent some riffs recorded on the phone. We all do that. When we have an inspiration, we record this on the mobile phones, because otherwise we forget it.

Yes the modern age of compositions. And then you do a Kirk Hammett and misplace the cell phone.

Sariux: Yes \[laughs]. That is the way we work.

Introtyl released with “Raped Brain” and “Regresion” two videos to support “Creation Of Insanity” and “Inner War” to support “Vmbra”. How does the video production work from the idea to the release?

Sariux: We have a friend who has his company of recording videos and he is doing our videos. We discuss our ideas with him, for example, we always want to be playing the song in the video. This is very much Death Metal. All the bands are always playing in their videos. So it is not only dramatic scenes in the videos, they are also playing. We want to play at an empty place, and then we decide about having some dramatization in the video. For example, when we did the video for “Inner War”, we went to a place playing, but with a dark blue background. In the video for “Raped Brain”, we wanted to have someone in becoming crazy. I contacted Matt, the vocalist of my first band before Introtyl. I knew that he did lots of stuff. I wanted him to shave his head in the video and do lots of other crazy things. He is always into that. We tried to do something more dramatic, because we thought it would look good in the video. For the video “Regresion”, we were only playing but in a live show. The next video is going to be something related to one person going crazy and all that.

Do you already have some plans for a new video release?

Sariux: We actually should receive the final version of the new video today and I think the video is going to be released in August.

Lets change topic. I want to ask you a few things and I want you to elaborate on this and we end up with 2 topics I want to discuss with you. What are your top 3 favorite Metal bands of all time?

Sariux: That always changes. In the past, it was Sepultura, Slayer, and the third one is difficult, I would say Metallica. I have lot of bands in between like even Slipknot and Korn but I think that these three bands were my main bands. I would like to mention Kittie from Canada because I really love them. They were quite famous in Canada and the US. It was an all-female band and they played Nu Metal like Korn. It was amazing because I saw girls playing Metal and being angry. In the more recent days, I love Midnight from the US, then definitely Despised Icon, and I think another band would be Bolt Thrower. Bolt Thrower is actually my favorite Death Metal band. I really like them.

That is a very interesting choice and a bit surprising to me. Your top three choice is from the 80s and they are all Thrash Metal bands. So basically, your Metal history is a bit Thrash Metal oriented…

Sariux: It is actually. I am not very much into the old metal, but at the same time I also even travel to the US to go seeing Speed Metal and Heavy Metal bands because I also like that kind of music. I actually like it a lot, but now I am more into recent music like Despised Icon, which is not super recent, but the sound is different. I think that I am getting more into Modern Metal.

I give you the choice of listening to 3 pairs of Death Metal albums. You can choose one of them. First pair is: “Cause Of Death” by Obituary versus “Clandestine” by Entombed

Sariux: I would rather listen to Entombed, but maybe two years ago I would have said Orbituary. I think that Entombed has this lower sound that I like today that is why I will go for Entombed.

Second pair is: “Gallery Of Suicide” by Cannibal Corpse versus “Indecent And Obscene” by Dismember

Sariux: That is a difficult one. I think I will go for Cannibal Corpse, because I feel more identified with their sound than with Dismember. I loved Dismember 10 years ago. Now I rather listen to Cannibal Corpse because I prefer the sound that they have in the drums compared to Dismember.

Third pair is: “Legion” by Deicide versus “The 4th Crusade” by Bolt Thrower

Sariux: I will go for Bolt Thrower. Bolt Thrower is always going almost in the same direction and sometimes you can hear the album like one large song, but enjoyable. I really like Deicide but I am more into Bolt Thrower definitely.

Which are the main inspirations for Introtyl and how does it affect your music?

Sariux: I think, when we talk about the bass I have been more inspired by trying to make the noise more along with the drums instead of going more hand on hand with the strings. I am working a lot with Annie on the drums instead of working with the guitar. I think that this is now the new sound of these bands we are speaking about. They are faster and they are thrashy and I think that is more related to my sound.

What do you think are the main differences between European and US Death Metal?

Sariux: I totally feel more attracted to the US bands because of their sound. The sound of Introtyl is more direct rather than going with the melodies and trying to look for solos which is more Swedish. They are more technical but we are not. We like having fun, playing directly, and feeling like having a party, like throwing a bomb and then run instead of staying and show our skills in playing. I also feel more related to the US Death Metal because I think their sound is catchier. They are also not very much into the solos, even though some of the bands that we like have it sometimes, like Cannibal Corpse or Suffocation. Suffocation has a great influence on our band because it is the favorite band of our guitarist Rose. She is very much influenced by their guitarist Terrance Hobbs. I think we really want to go straight to the point and that is why we play like that. In addition, the US bands have more breakdowns compared to the European bands; that is more an American thing.

As a Mexican band, do you also feel close to South American Metal?

Sariux: Yes, definetely. There is another band that totally influenced me. They are called Valhalla and they are from Brazil. It is an all-female Death Metal band as well, and they play traditional Death Metal. They sound very strong, they actually do not do any solos, just a few melodies. I also like the last album from Nervosa, I really like them and actually we are friends. I liked them before, but this new album is more my taste of music. I really enjoy it, the difference in the melodies, and the voice of Diva Satanica, I think it is the top and the gem of the crown. They and mainly Prika Amaral actually encouraged us as a band. She is a very close friend and she has been always supporting us in many ways. Now Prika works with us which is very nice that we are having her support now.

You actually had ex-Nervosa drummer Samantha Landa for some months…

Sariux: Yes, we went to a tour in Canada and our main drummer could not handle this, and so we spoke to Samantha. Perhaps you know her because she is always at 70,000tons Of Metal. She played with us during that Canada tour and is a very close friend of us. Actually, we met her first time during our very first tour in Canada. We went to Canada because the tour manager of Nervosa at the time was in a show that we played with Nervosa in Mexico. She loved our band and wanted to organize a US tour for us. Then, Trump became President in US and we had a lot of trouble to get into the country, so the US tour was off and we were going to Canada instead. Samantha went to one of our shows in Montreal and we became good friends. That is why she played with us during the tour when we came back to Canada. So, Samantha and Prika are friends and Prika has been a very good friend since 2015. She now represents us with some deals that we have. She is not our manager but she manages a lot of things for us in Europe looking for the deals of the record labels and all that.

Before we go on with the final topic, I give you two more albums…Any Kataklysm album or any album of Amon Amarth…

Sariux: I rather go for Amon Amarth. I mean I like Kataklysm, but they are not in my top list. I think that they are more technical than Amon Amarth and I really like Amon Amarth because they are going always for a fight, they are always in a battle, I feel more related to them.

With whom would you love to go on tour in the future?

Sariux: I think we would love to go on tour with Suffocation, Despised Icon, or Cannibal Corpse. Those bands are our top three and to be on tour with them would be awesome. We know a little bit how the logistics works with Despised Icon, we love that they are super professional, and with a couple of them we are kind of friends. With Suffocation, we also have two friends in there and we have been opening the shows here in Mexico for them. When we played in Canada, the drummer went to see our show and we became good friends. We know that we can trust them to work professionally and we would feel comfortable with them. With Cannibal Corpse, I do not know if that is true, but I would like to think that that we sound a little bit like them. So maybe we would be a good fit in joining them and also we admire them.

Mexican Metal fans are among the craziest in the world and the Metal Archives list around 4000 Mexican Metal bands. Unfortunately very few bands become popular and famous outside Mexico. What are the reasons?

Sariux: I think we do not have the same support that maybe some other countries have. There are more record labels in other countries and they have maybe more contacts. I think that, not only in Mexico, but also in other parts in South America, it is sometimes difficult to afford some things, such as traveling or paying a good manager. In Mexico, life is a little bit harder, we do not have a lot of money as in other countries, life is different. You do have to work, you just cannot leave everything and then go to the bank, because it is not going to be reimbursed. I know that there are a few successful bands like Nervosa in Brazil. They actually left everything behind to go for the dream. Sometimes it happens and if you do not have it, you just cannot leave everything. There are two of the main Metal bands here in Mexico that are recognized worldwide, that are Transmetal and Cenotaph. They have been around since the 90s and they have been known all around the world, but they do not live from this. They do not have their business in music. I think it is related to that because you cannot be only dedicated to the band, you have to work for living and the money that you gain does not go directly into the band. I think that it is changing now, because you can do a lot of things on our own. You do not need necessarily a studio, you can just download everything on your computer if you have a good software. As in our case, we wanted to have a good studio and then you have to pay for that. In other places, the record labels pay for the recording studio, they pay for the media, for the publishing and all that. We do not have that, we have to pay for everything and I think that is one of the greatest hurdles.

I actually found another famous Mexican band: Here Comes The Kraken…

Sariux: Yes, I really like them. They are from Aguas Calientes, which is one of the smallest states in Mexico. They just went through the world like a rocket, they are very good musicians and very good persons. They are friends of us too. Their music is very different than ours, they are more like a Metalcore/Deathcore band. They came out on MySpace during the time when that platform was huge and then they went to Europe and played there several times, they have been playing the Resurrection Fest, they have been to Germany, Japan, and Columbia as well. Actually, I would say that they are the biggest Metal band in Mexico. What I mean by that is they have been traveling all around the world, selling lots of merch, selling lots of records, and they are best paid Metal band in our country. They work a lot and very hard, and actually they are not living from their band’s income. One of them is an engineer, another one lives from his studio and he makes lots of different types of music ranging from Pop to regional Mexican music. I think that they have not played in the last two years. They had a little participation in the MexiChaos where we played as well. I do not know if they are preparing something new, but I know that they have been working in other kinds of projects.

You have some amazing festivals in Mexico like Hell And Heaven Festival or Mexico Metal Fest. Do you think that especially young Metal bands have sufficient support and opportunities to play live?

Sariux: I do not think it is quite right to say this, but there is not a big support from big companies. In the case of Mexico Metal Fest, they are super professional. They treat a small band like Introtyl in the same way as they treat Emperor, the difference is only that Emperor has more security than us. They treat you like a big band. Other festivals are different, they distinguish between big bands and smaller bands and do not care about smaller bands. If you are a small band, they will let you get into the festival only until a certain time, you do not have the right to do this and to do that. Mexico Metal Fest is awesome, they are super professional like other regular festivals in Canada or the US. I do not know why some of the promoters are so bad in Mexico. I mean, they are not doing a good job. You should know that some of those festivals have been going a little bit down, because they are not organizing correctly and the bands are canceling. At the same time, there are so many bands in Mexico that emerge quickly, and as they emerge, they disappear. There are so many bands at so many places like little birds and you cannot know all the bands. You cannot go to all the shows because when there is a show in a huge bar, at the same time there is another bigger show close by. There is no partnership between the promoters and no arrangements to organize shows. It happened for example with Mexico Metal Fest which has their own announced date. Then another festival organized their festival at the same date. Actually, it turned out to be a mess for that festival, because Mexico Metal Fest is very professional and they have a very good festival. I do not understand why they are sometimes having these competitions in between them, it is not working. This is a problem, because we cannot go to all the shows and there is not enough support from the organizers: you need to take all your gears all the time with you, because they do not provide a good gear and they do not care. I think that you, as a band, need to respect yourself. If they do not have what we need, there is a problem. When they have it, we can make a date, we can arrange something, but if not, we cannot do it. We need to have this self-respect, also for the audience, because it does not work that the audience pay a lot of money and you do not sound good. People will say you are playing bad, you are bad musicians, but sometimes people do not know if it is a problem of the gear, or if it is a problem with your execution. So it is not fair for the people who pay the money.

I asked you about your favorite bands to go on tour with. I actually would hope for an Introtyl tour through Europe with Nervosa…

Sariux: Let us wait for it. We would really love to come to Europe with Nervosa because we know that Prika is super professional, she always works a lot and now she is managing a little bit our stuff and we feel very comfortable with that. We know their music is better known than ours and it could open a lot of doors for us.

Speaking about future plans. The aim for 2021 is to release the new album. What else are Introtyl’s plans for the second half of the year?

Sariux: We are actually going to start playing live at the end of July. We have three dates in the North of our country, where we are now able to play the shows. There will still be some health measures in place and also reduced capacity, so that we can take care of ourselves and the audience, but finally, the shows are starting which is nice. We have some other three or four dates in October, two of them at the beginning of October. I do not know how confidential this is, but I want to tell you that one of those shows is going to be with Crypta. It is not announced yet, but our tour manager is the same as theirs. He also managed Nervosa in some parts of Latin America and now he is going to work also with Crypta, because Fernanda Lira is a friend of him too. So I think that we are going to have two dates with Crypta and then we have a mini tour with Total Death from Ecuador. I think that are three or four dates here in the main cities of Mexico, which is Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. October is going to be busy for us. Then hopefully we can join once again Mexico Metal Fest, but we still do not know that. We are working on that. If we can join the festival, it may be on Friday where we would share the stage with Crypta actually. If we would play on Saturday, we would play with Nervosa.

I do not think they both would play on the same day…

Sariux: I do not think so. Speaking about that, I also think that Introtyl is different compared to Crypta, we feel more related to Nervosa with their new sound. Crypta is a little bit more Swedish because of the influence that Sonia Anubis has on their sound. A lot of people ask us whether we are more comparable to Crypta or Nervosa, and I think Nervosa is more straight forward and direct while Crypta is more melodic. I think that those are our plans, we release the new album in September and the video hopefully in August, and I think that is it. In 2022, we are going to start with touring, if we can go there with the pandemic. I think that the main tour will be in Europe, it is going to be Spain, but also Germany. Where in Germany are you located?

I live near Cologne which is also near the Ruhr area. Every Metal band that tours through Germany will play in the Ruhr area. It is a Metal hot spot, so I will not miss out on Introtyl…

Sariux: Oh, thank you. I really hope you can join there, but we are going also to Brussels in Belgium and that is not very far from you. I think the main dates are in Spain, Germany, Belgium, and Poland. The tour was originally scheduled in May 2020, but at the moment I am not sure if it is going to be in May or in October 2022 when the festival season has finished. Our tour manager is currently working on that and I do not know if he is working with Prika because they are very close friends. We are going to have a meeting and see what is going on. But we are definitely going to Europe. We really wanted to go there since 2018. As a Mexican band, we say that the first big step is going to Europe. It happened to us to go into Canada first and then US, which was different. So it was weird for us, because mostly the big step is going overseas. We did not have any deal with Europe and fortunately we now have the contacts to go there.

Is there anything you would like to tell to your fans or the readers of Metal Temple magazine?

Sariux: Thank you so much for having us with Metal Temple. I really had a very good time and this chat was very nice. I really enjoyed it and we could go on for hours speaking. We really want to visit all the countries that we can and we really hope that people like our music and hopefully they enjoy the new album. If you want to support the band, we do have some merch available. I know that we do not have a lot available now, but we will release more soon. I know it is a bit complicated but we can arrange something. Stay healthy because if we take care of ourselves, we take care of the rest of the people and as soon as the pandemic is over we can go outside for the show. I think that is very important.

Sariux, it was a great honor to perform this interview with you for Metal Temple magazine. I really enjoyed it talking to you and I really hope to see you live on tour in Europe. Thank you very much.

Sariux: Thank you so much for having us and I am speaking on behalf of Introtyl. I really enjoyed this chat and appreciate your time.


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