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Ipek (Wykked Wytch)

Interview with Ipek from Wykked Wytch
by Michael Dalakos at 15 September 2005, 11:00 AM

Wykked Wytch is a hard working band from the States. Their latest album, Nefret, caught our attention so we decided to discuss a few things with the band's frontwoman, the demonic entity known us Ipek…

Let’s start this interview with the latest news from the band’s camp. What have you been up to lately?

We’ve been real busy lately, since we came home in April after several months on the road with Carpathian Forest and then the No Mercy festivals. Since we’ve been back we have been concentrating on writing new material for the fourth album.

We just finished recording 3 pre-production demos of songs that we plan to include on our new album at Redroom Recorders in Tampa, FL with Mark Prator.

The tracks are at Morrisound right now getting mastered. We will print some copies of these demos and have them available for our upcoming tour with Deicide in October. We are also filming a video for one of the new tracks this week. So, very busy at the moment.

Your latest album is Nefret. What can you tell us about its recording sessions (how long did it take, where it was recorded etc.)?

The album Nefret took about two months to complete with all the recording and mixing. It was recorded at Studio 13 in Deerfield Beach, FL with Jeremy Staska co-producing, engineering and mixing. He has previously worked with bands such as: Poison The Well, Malevolent Creation and a bunch of others. The album was completed in late summer of 2003, but wasn’t released to late 2004 due to the label undergoing some changes, so our album got pushed back.

Compared to your previous works, do you think Nefret holds major differences or is it more like a natural evolution of your sound?

Well, there are some major differences because the last couple of albums we have had different musicians with different influences but the idea and the concept of the band has always remained the same. I would say when we wrote Nefret it was a natural evolution to the sound because we have always been a band that played aggressive Death/Thrash Metal combined with melody and some Black Metal elements, but this album was a little more experimental with new sounds, more modern ideas.

It is natural for us to have many different elements in our sound and style. We never want to limit ourselves musically, so we are not afraid to try some new things out.

Why exactly is the album named Nefret? Who or what is Nefret?

I did not wanna name the title with a generic English word but rather in a different language but the meaning is some more harsh, it’s a Turkish word for disgust or hate.

As a band you have an impressive touring history. Can you tell us how important it is for you to constantly tour?

Touring is more important than recording because you have to face people who are buying your album and you have to come very close to your sound live as the album, so it’s very important to tour for many reasons. It is also the ultimate high for us to get up on stage to perform and promote our music. What better way to reach many countries and people who may have never heard of you before… Touring is the best way to create your fan base and I think heavy music is much better enjoyed in the live setting as well.

If you had to describe to someone the music you’re playing, with words, you would say that you play…

Extreme PURE Metal, the rest is up to the fans… Wykked Wytch music!

Do you think that Wykked Wytch has a personal sound? How difficult is it today to have a personal sound?

I think we have established our own unique sound because simply we don’t try to be a flavor of the month or follow the trend. We play the music that turns us on, we are not concerned about what the public or the media think… It is hard to be an original band nowadays. Too many bands with an identical sound image and too many copy cats. You will always find every band with similar ideas with same influences…

Can you give us an inside look on the way you compose your songs?

Gio (lead guitarist) and I usually work together. He brings riffs to me and I start to write lyrics over the riffs. If some words don’t fit, we change either the riff or the wording. Usually Gio writes the music with a drum machine and records it; then the whole band gets a copy, learns it and then we rehearse. And we go back and change everything till the song is actually complete.

The way you use your voice is really extreme. Do you use equipment or studio techniques or can you really sound so extreme?

I tell you many people ask me that. I don’t know why they would not accept females are capable of having multiple vocal ranges. I use no effect other than little reverb on the recording, so yes I sound just as brutal and extreme live…

Heavy Metal seems to be growing large once again in the United States. What is your opinion about your country’s music scene?

Yes, definitely Metal is becoming popular again and actually trendy now than 10 years ago. It’s because of new generations of youth tired of MTV’s bullshit crap music, so they are finding other ways to discover better music and Headbanger’s Ball 2 also helps somewhat to introduce Metal to young fans who have never heard of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden etc, so it opens the doors for new bands as well.

The Metal scene is still weak in the U.S. Many clubs are closing down because of violence, lawsuits etc. Basically it is not as great as In Europe… unless you are a mainstream band, in that case you have no problem but for underground Metal bands it is still an ongoing problem to find clubs to play…

If you had the ability to change one thing in the music industry, what would that be?

Corruption. Promoters, Club Owners, Labels and people stealing money from bands.

Looking at your career in retrospect, so far do you see things you would like to do in a different way if you had a second chance?

Umm…since I can’t change the past, why even bother to dwell on it? I focus on the future, not past…

What is the biggest unfulfilled dream you have about this band?

Being able to record an album every year and tour nonstop… I would like to see every kid at every show wear a Wykked Wytch t-shirt…

Thanks for your time. Close this interview with a message to all our readers!

Thank you for the opportunity. I’d like to say hi to all the Greek Metal fans and that we shall see you soon there in Greece…


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