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IT'sALIE's Giorgia Colleluori: "When I sing, I’m just meeting my ghosts, my demons and my angels. I let them speak. It has nothing to do with the “thinking”, it’s coming from somewhere else."

Interview with Giorgia Colleluori from IT'sALIE
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 02 September 2020, 9:07 PM

A vision of a starlet gathering all the attention in a blink of an eye, sounds surreal, and when it just comes out of the blue, it is even more mind blowing. Like Mark Walberg taking the helm of Steel Dragon, so was the powerful when singer Giorgia Colleluori and IT'sALIE started playing the first tune of their debut album, "Lilith. Certainly, Hard Rock music has a new champion and continuing like that would a be a swift takeover. Steinmetal had the pleasure to talk with the young singer about the new album, working with Mat Sinner, signing with a new label, experiences through the songs and more…  

Hello Giorgia, it is a pleasure to have you for this interview for Metal Temple online Magazine, how have you been doing, of course considering these maddening times we are currently living in?

Thank you for having me, the pleasure is mine! Despite everything, I’m doing good, I’m enjoying the cool feedback we’re having regarding our first singles. I really hope you’re doing good too, even if these days are not the easiest we’ve passed through.

How has Italy been in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic? I know that the first wave caused a lot of damage to the country, as it was nearly closed down in full. Now with this second wave, do you see any way out of it?

In the beginning it was really bad. I’m living close to Venice, one of the first red areas in the country. The lockdown was really heavy as well, but it looked like it was worth it in the end. I don’t really know what to think about how my country managed it, I just hope that the second wave will be not as bad as the first one, because if so, a lot of people will have real problems. If I see any way out of it? Not really in the near soon, but I hope so.

Off to happier trails, there is this new figure, a new band, called IT’sALIE. I know that most artists hate this sort of question, and I barely ask it myself, but I just couldn’t help myself as this band name is rather mysterious. What is the basis of that name?

IT’sALIE, I know them! :) Our name is definitely a name which is different, and that’s how we wanted. It’s a play on words: you can read the word “ITALIE” inside the name, which is of course a tribute to the country we are all from, and you can also read the sentence “It’s a lie”. Well, the meaning of this phrase is related to our idea of how untruthful our thoughts can be, about how artificial the idea of our reality can be. Pretty philosophical.

Prior to IT’sALIE, you have been around the Hard Rock scene, mainly with your strong connection to Sinner and Primal Fear’s mainman, Mat Sinner. How did your initial career moves, including the early 2016 album made under a different name, helped you to found IT’sALIE?

It started with the first album I recorded, in 2016 with the project Eternal Idol, along with my father, actually the drummer of  IT’sALIE . Mat noticed me and he asked me to join the European tour “Rock Meets Classic” as vocalist. Immediately after we started to work together, I joined Sinner and he joined IT’sALIE as producer and manager of the band. The rest is history.

In regards to an image, what kind of image does IT’sALIE represent?

It’s hard to think to an image we're representing, I would say that we are a modern, esoteric hard rock imaginary. What do you see in our image? :)

I think, at least by judging from the album artwork, and your main in the frame, as a total mystery, probably doing mischiefs

I know that there is a lot of categorizing and labelling nowadays, especially in our surroundings, therefore I would ask you, how would you describe IT’sALIE’s musical direction?

It’s not a really easy question, I think “Lilith” is a different rock album. It’s not a classic hard rock album, I’d say that it has all the power and the energy of the rock Masters, and in the same moment, all the gloominess of the European goth and dark bands. The only band I’d compare to us is probably The Cult.

Gathering a strong line-up at your service, with fine names from the Italian Metal / Rock scenes, IT’sALIE produced its debut album, “Lilith”. Tied up with the album was the signing with ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records in Greece. What did you guys find in the label that made it compelling to you to sign, other than the offer made, I mean more “for the band” activities?

We found a team which is believing in us and in our music. I’ve worked with other record companies previously, but I’ve never found such a warm and human ambient, you know what I mean? We found in ROAR! A team of people whose believing in what we are creating and really supporting to the maximum in every direction. We have all the space we need for saying what we think and having creative discussions about every single detail concerning the release and whatever is necessary. We couldn’t ask for any better.

Going over the tracklist of “Lilith”, this is pretty much cut to the chase kind of song titles, while also keeping everything hidden, without too many hints, well, other to that sweet Heart cover. Why is that? Was it intentional or pretty much came out like that?

Writing a one-word song title was much easier and spontaneous then writing a “long” title for a song. We started to choose the songs titles once all the lyrics have been done, and we immediately noticed that, really naturally, more songs than expected had just one word as title, so we decided to name all the songs with just one word. We took it as a sign, so we did it.

Which aspects of life have been focused on “Lilith”? Any personal experiences that you shared on the songs

Our “Lilith”, is the astrological Black Moon. From this point of view, Lilith is associated with the more hidden, mysterious aspects of the feminine archetype, which is living in all of us both man and women, with independence, rebelliousness, pride and strength. Lilith reveals what makes us feel most exposed, it shows also the dark side of everyone's personality. All the lyrics are mainly talking about deep feelings, hidden thoughts and fears. I needed to experience by myself everything I wrote about, so yes, all the lyrics are based on experiences I’ve lived.

 “Lilith” musically is the fine line, as I like to call it, between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. It may sound contemporary, yet it dwells in decades of Rock and Metal music. What is your take on this kind of diversity and how these sort of mood swings contributed to “Lilith”, to be almost anywhere?

You described perfectly what I think about our album, it could be described as contemporary but really classic in the same time. This is our main characteristic I guess. We wrote the album all together, each member of the band wrote, and this is why I guess our first album came out like that, I’ve listened to a lot different artists, and all the other guys did it as well, IT’sALIE is really the mix of four different heads.

What can you tell of the experience of working with Mat Sinner, which at least for myself, is an icon not only in German Metal, yet also in Metal music in overall? What can you tell of the chemistry between you two, now as co-songwriters?

We met each other during my first tour with Rock Meets Classic, in 2018, we immediately had a cool chemistry, so he asked me to join Sinner and start for the first time to write some songs together. The songs were great, so we decided to work together on many different levels, aside being good friends. Working with him is to me really easy, spontaneous and natural, he’s a really gentle person and he knows how to take the best out of you as musician. I really enjoy working with him, and the other members of the band totally agree with me.

Sinner actually participated as vocalist on the “Hurt” song, which to be honest the first thing that I thought to myself is a Sinner driven song. It was hard to make a mistake with those riffs. How would you say that your voice tones are aligned on the songs?

We’re two totally different singers, even if we’re both really powerful and rock. On each song we wrote and sang together, I think our voices are really well fitting together, really balanced. He’s much scratchier than me and he has a deeper and bigger voice on the low tones. I’m more powerful on the high tones and really cleaned if the song needs it. The voices sound good together, that’s it.

I have to say that you have such a tremendous voice, I wish most female vocalists nowadays would have the same vocal diversity as you do, needless to say that powerful tone. How have you been developing your abilities?

Thank you so much! :) I’ve always listened to really powerful and strong singers like Janis Joplin, Robert Plant, Ray Gillan, and many others. I’ve always loved that power in their singing, and needless to say, I was and of course I still am a big fan of their music and songwriting. I like it, and probably if you deeply like something is because is close to your way of listening and feeling, you know what I mean? I’ve studied all my life and I really trust that practicing is fundamental for developing all the strength points of a voice. I’m singing every day, and still studying different styles and singers.

Though I have been all for jumpy kinds of tunes, with plenty of energy, I believe that you shined on deeper, balladry oriented, tunes such as “Lost” and “Eyes”. Even though there are build-ups within these songs to heavier edges, more or less, there is a different side of you on these tracks on display. What can you tell about the experience to take it slow, softer, calmer and then burn like fire?

Well, it’s like discovering all the different parts of my personality. I really trust that to sing has to come from the heart and from the hidden parts of the soul. When I sing, I’m just meeting my ghosts, my demons and my angels. I let them speak. It has nothing to do with the “thinking”, it’s coming from somewhere else.

You know I actually thought to myself, right after listening to “Silver” and “Fire” that you are bound in chains to such a track as “Barracuda”. The end result was way better than the original. What can you tell about the experience singing such a legendary tune? And from where is that burning vigour? Damn, you killed me there

You’re so kind, thank you! I’m glad that you liked it. Well, “Barracuda” is one of my favourite songs of all times. We all love the song so much that we decided to record our own version of it, and in the end the result was a much heavier and evil version than the original. Singing that song is big tribute to all my musical inspirations and masters. Mat pushed me beyond my limits during the recording session, without him I’m sure the final result wouldn’t have been as cool as it is. That burning vigour is coming directly from my stomach, it’s part of my personality I guess. The truth is that I don’t know where it’s coming from, it’s just… me. :)

Nowadays, a lot of artists have been promoting their material online, going through the live stream shows process. Yes, performing in front of none, yet showing themselves online for people to see. What is your opinion about that? Will IT’sALIE follow the same footsteps?

IT’sALIE will not follow the same footsteps. We all love so much performing live that we prefer to wait till the emergency will be over. During these unreal days, to judge is not that easy I guess, so I totally respect all the bands that decided to go live on stream shows or showing themselves online. We just decided to follow what we really love and wait a little more. Hopefully the wait will be over soon. Can’t wait for that moment to arrive.

Once this period of pandemic will be behind us, are there plans to go live in 2021?

Absolutely YES! We’re working hard on some plans for the shows in 2020/2021, hopefully everything will be over soon. We will have some news for all of you really soon, can’t wait to share them!

Giorgia, you just earned yourself a new fan, many thanks for this interview and incredible music. I see a bright future for you. Cheers.

Thank YOU! It was a big pleasure to me, thank you for the amazing interview. Take care! Giorgia.



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