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J. Dee (Anguish)

Interview with J. Dee from Anguish
by Jean-Francois Poulin at 10 February 2018, 7:53 AM

Swedish Doom Metal quartet ANGUISH recently released their new album titled ''Magna Est Vis Siugnah." Metal Temple Editor Jean-Francois Poulin chatted with vocalist J. Dee about the album.

Jean-Francois Poulin: "It's always fun to interview new bands, and today is no different."

So, it's been four years since the highly underrated ''Mountain'' album, you guys are back with a new release? Why that much time between albums?

It is only circumstantial. At that time progress was slow, Christoffer, who wielded the guitar, left the band and we just had a few slow years. The fire was once again ignited and we got out of our grave and began traversing the slobbering swamps of doom metal once again. The time to release a new album felt right at place.

Your album name is called ''Magna Est Vis Siugnah''. What does that mean and what's the basis for the name?

Great is the power of Siugnah. It means that how much we tried the rid us of this influence it kept crawling back to us. It stands as a testament of what we never shall forget nor deny. That state of mind where an Anguish album seems logical to us.

A question for David and J. Dee, any plans on revisiting or relaunching your former band VETERNUS?

No. Not with me being a part of it at least. I never was part of VETERNUS in that sense. I played in a Death Metal band called GRAVELESS at the time. I only played bass for one demo and one live performance since they needed help starting up.

You guys have been at it for 10 years, what have you guys gained as knowledge throughout the decade? I can feel the sound of the band has really evolved and you really find your touch with your last two albums.

It's a yearning to achieve something that feels personal. To change what has been the creative norm. Not to become pretentious but to be able to see our work and feel satisfied with the outcome and in a way we feel proud. What we learned many years ago is that the community has a really hard time enjoying our music. We don't sound doom enough but still remain CANDLEMASS copy-cats, however that's possible? Still we don't mind. We play Necrodoom. Not trad. Doom metal and what not.

You guys have done two Splits, what did you guys learn from that experience about yourselves as a band?

To do a split with another act is a cool collaboration to do. You will always be connected to that other band. It does not affect our future or our goals, but we can always look back on it and feel that connection.

Any plans of some touring in Europe and beyond for 2018?

We have some gigs planned in April. We'll help UADA tear up southern Europe.

Any bands you guys would love to tour with?

No particular band that comes to mind at the moment. As long as they understand doom and deathmetal, it would suffice.

What were the bands that influenced you in the beginning of your careers?

The natural foundation for any good doom band in modern times. CANDLEMASS, early TROUBLE, BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM, SAINT VITUS. In our case we also were inspired by NEMESIS and grimmer doom such as WORSHIP. Of course, all of us have different sources of inspiration that drive our collective hive forward, but the foundation is what ANGUISH was built around.

So, what's next for the guys ANGUISH?

Keep on promoting our Necrodoom across the world. Performing and continue our creation.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity to interview you guys and I wish great success in the coming future!

Thank you. /J.Dee


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