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Jacob Nordangård (Wardenclyffe)

Interview with Jacob Nordangård from Wardenclyffe
by Bränisläv Stänojević at 28 February 2015, 5:19 PM

WARDENCLYFFE is an eclectic Doom/Death Metal band from Sweden; masterminded by Dr. Jacob Nordangård. With their music heavily steeped in philosophy and dark metaphors, often dabbling in clandestine, socio-political intrigue and even Freemasonry, they certainly create Doom for the thinking-metalhead. Bränisläv Stänojević spoke to Jacob about the album's thematic ties to the global system, and its references towards Nikola Tesla and Freemasonry.

First of all, I wanna thank you, Mr. Jacob Nordangård on behalf of the crew at Metal-Temple for letting us interview you. Let's start with a simple stuff, like a minor introduction, tell the world what Wardenclyffe truly is?

That could bring you two answers about Wardenclyffe. First of all it was an experimental facility in New York where the genius Nikola Tesla made some groundbreaking research on the transmission of wireless energy. Second it is a doom/death quintet from Norrköping in Sweden that brings together a unique mixture of sounds and lyrics in the blender. We let science and music work together and want to electrify the world with our creative energy.

What got you into metal? Is there a stepping stone in a life-cycle of the band? Maybe a person or persons who shaped you, your work?

I had siblings that got me into heavier music like Black Sabbath. My brother introduced me to the early heavy metal scene in the beginning of the eighties. I loved the dynamic and aggressive feel. I was very influenced by the thrash metal scene and all the alternative genres that came to life in the later part of the eighties. That got me into doom and death metal and I was a part of the scene with the death metal band Captor in the early nineties. In the years following the new millennium doom was the melody in my former band The Doomsday Cult. Wardenclyffe is a mixture of this and a lot of other influences. I am especially fond of Swiss bands like Celtic Frost, Samael and Coroner. The music, the atmosphere and the deep thinking mentality with lyrics that actually have a meaning.

Okay then, there are a few things bugging me. I'll be straight and ask them. First release, a Demo named 'Ordo Ab Chao', quite an elaborate release; I would like to know why you chose that name? For metallers who may not know that is one of the oldest mottos of Craft Freemasonary, right?

The demo has the same title as my doctoral thesis and it was included as a soundtrack to my great work. The title is a kind of play. It refers both to my working process with the thesis and the political game (The politics of the European Union) that I analysed. There was a lot of chaos before I got the work in order. Intrigues and backstabbing. Politicians threatening to stop my thesis at the very end. The same can be applied to the politics. In order to win and dominate you create chaos and fear. Then you bring the solution to the problem. Like more power to Brussels and the big players that work behind the scenes. I thought the title said it all and as you mentioned it is also a motto of Freemasonry. I have often seen masonic references in the political game. I like to have titles with different layers and hidden meanings.

Are you maybe taking part into Freemasonary, Mr. Nordangård? (laughs) I must admit, it's a hard topic to talk\\write about! Do you think Doom bands should try to be less complex inside their lyrics?

(laughs) I don’t want to be a part of an order that I don’t control myself. I don’t understand why any sane man would pledge allegiance to an organization that are not open with its aim from the beginning. I am interested in fulfilling my inner goals and to work with myself to be a better man. But I do my alchemical process through experiences in life and not through rituals that someone else has designed. I think that complex subjects comes naturally for people into doom metal. It would be impossible for me to write about lighter subjects. I have always been a thinker obsessed with doom and gloom. Despite this I actually have a positive view of life.

My next question is slightly linked to the previous one. As a Doom/Death metalhead myself, I'm about the message bands convert into their songs. Are you one of them, or do you prefer to keep things at face value?

As I said. I like different layers of meaning in the lyrics. It is always interesting to hear how other people interpret what I write about.

Let's talk about your final release. From the depths of Ván Records comes "Control All Delete"? Tell us the story behind, idea and the blacksmiths of this fine accomplishment?

We first discussed another demo recording. But it evolved into an album. We decided to do the recording last spring. This was done without a deal which meant that we financed it ourselves. We recorded new versions of two songs from Ordo ab Chao and four new songs. Part of the new material were however older. The recording took place in Studio Underjord in our hometown Norrköping in Sweden. It was also the first recording with our new bass player Emil Åström. Thomas Sabbathi from Year of the Goat and Griftegård also made some additional guitar work including the intro, World Sensorium Pt 1. The lyrics and the album has a red thread from beginning to the end. It concerns political power play and the dreams of an elite to create a technological utopia for themselves. They also have visions of a transformed human with technological implants. Controlled from above with the elite as gods. Ola Blomkvist (guitar) made a great layout for the cover which relates to futuristic artwork from the 70s. It suits our theme really well. Ván Records was immediately interested then we presented the material.

Call me crazy, but as a fan of Windows XP, your album title reminds me of the function we all used to rely on, the"Ctrl + Alt + Delete"? Are you giving us some puns here Mr. Nordangård, or it is some kind of hidden meaning?

It is a play with words and refers to the obvious like computer technology. But it also relates to a society that wants to control every citizen and delete those who don’t serve the global system.

What do you expect next? Are you going to do a series of live-act maybe or perheps you'll stick to a paper and preprare another album?

We had our first live-performance in the end of January and we have some more that will follow. I have some ideas for a live show that will incorporate theatrical and scientific themes. We made some of that at our release show with a slideshow and an exhibition about Nikola Tesla. A scientist from the university also demonstrated a musical tesla-coil. On stage I dress as “the doctor” in a historical costume. The artist Henrik Lunde-Björk has made a device with steam punk feel called the “tesla staff” for me that I have on stage. At the last show we also had an “arch angel” that entered the stage during the new song Mortlake. I have a lot of other ideas that unfortunately was not possible to incorporate this time but it will be done later. We already have songs for an album. Some are ready and some needs some work before finished. The name will be “Temple of Solomon” and I guess it will be out in 2016. I also have an idea to release a single that will coincide with the Climate Summit in Paris this December. It will be a thorn in the side on the global power elite. Would be great to do a show in Paris at the same time (laughs).

The thing that gives me chills about you guys is one peron, a scientist.You already know of whom I'm talking about, but care to expalin to our readers, why Nikola Tesla?

He was a genius and the man behind the Wardenclyffe Tower. The story about the man is really outstanding. The power elite used his patents but crushed his visions about free energy for man. His technology has served and benefited man but it also has been used for destructive means. This is something we warn about. Technology is neutral in itself. It is those who use it that defines what it will bring. Good or bad.

I am sure our fans, and in the same time your fans, would like to know if Nikola's work will become part of Wardenclyffe's music or is it just a one-off?

Nikola will surely be a part of our music and thematic approach. One way or another.

Okay, I wanna thank you one more time for giving us your precious time. My last question will be your message to all of new, upcoming lads in metal world. What should they keep on their minds while making songs, spreading the spirit of metal? Your suggestions to all of us novices?

Whenever I create music I open up myself for divine inspiration. I call it “The God Connection”. Music and words just come to me without any resistance. The symbol on my own doctoral ring represents this order.


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