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Jaska (Wolfchild)

Interview with Jaska from Wolfchild
by Grigoris Chronis at 17 April 2007, 6:10 PM

You listen to the shapr riff. You get trapped in the solid drumming. Some heavy bass has caught you by surprise and some smokin' vocals makes you wonder where's your next beer.. Finland provides WOLFCHILD with some 'high energy' attitude rarely seen in this country (the mighty HANOI ROCKS and PEER GUNT was instantly borught in mind…) and Jaska, the fine act's bassist, tells it 100% like it is.

Jaska, greetings from Metal Temple magazine. How are you?

Hello Greg! Doing good actually, spring is finally here and we got gigs comin’ up this weekend. Life is good.

Are you in Finland right now?

Yes, just got off phone with Antti (SKYWARD, touring guitarist for the band). We talked ’bout upcoming gigs. We both got a good feeling ’bout them. Can’t wait for the gigs.

Well, Wolfchild is on the loose for many months now! How do you feel ’bout your debut full-length release?

Still very satisfied with the album.

Your first full-length album is released via Perris label. Should we assume that you get along really fine ’till now and think of releasing your next album through the same label?

Too early to say at this point, but yeah they’ve been very cool to us. Tom Mathers is a cool guy and is very much into this kind of music. Only problem that I can think of is that they don’t have a distribution in Finland. It’s very hard to find a label/distribution for this kind of Hard Rock, especially in Finland. And we’re not into jumping some bandwagon, and make our music more modern and easier to sell. We would make a great Goth Rock band though, I look at the guys’ faces every Sunday morning at rehearsals and - believe me - after 2 days of drinking even Dracula himself  ain’t got nothing on us so maybe we could cash in on that (laughs)!

But seriously it’s always been hard time for Rock ’n’ Roll, ain’t it? Whatever the current flavor of the month is: Grunge, Nu-Metal, Metalcore, Emo, I’m really proud of the fact that none of that shit has had any effect on us. We couldn’t care less about the current trends. We stick to our guns. This is what we do; love it or hate it.

Since I have not heard your two previous efforts - Tales Of The Urban Decadence (2003) and Toxic (2005) - what do you think the progress is between these two past CDs and Wolfchild?

On the back of Tales Of The Urban Decadence says: recorded on some lost weekend actually one drunken night and that’s pretty much what it sounds like(laughs)! On Toxic we were (almost) sober…heh. Those 3 songs on the Toxic EP are actually same versions as ones on the debut album. We just remastered them.

Who was behind the console for Wolfchild? Could you give us some details regarding the recording period?

Lari Takala; same dude made Toxic also. It was a long proccess, sometimes fun & sometimes painful as hell. Lots of beer and very bad jokes. Business as usual.

I guess you’re satisfied with this rockin’ ’n’ smokin’ production, huh?

Yeah, it still sounds great.

Are you the composer of the WOLFCHILD melodies? What about the lyrics, you write them as well?

Actually we all write songs. Most of the songs got written just by jamming on someone’s riffs or ideas that’s why they’re all credited to the band. Same goes with the lyrics. There’s mine, Tomppa’s and Kim’s lyrics on the record. We’re a very democratic band in that sense.

There’s a wide variety in Wolfchild, something that’s not that usual in our days. ’Dirty’ Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Rock ’n’ Roll, Southern Rock. Do you agree? How do you see WOLFCHILD’s music?

Well thank you! We just tried to make a good Hard Rock album with some variety in it. From the SKYNYRD feel of Out From The Blues to the boogie of Day By Day  to straight Hard Rock/Metal of the early 80’s songs like Cuts Like A Knife. It ain’t that easy to do with only 3 chords (laughs). I think we made a pretty good job. Glad you get the point!

All influences go back to 70’s/80’s (OK, and some of 90’s) bands/styles. Did you mostly act as fans or musicians while composing the Wolfchild tunes?

Well, both actually; but we try not to over-analyze it. We just jam.

A friend of mine commented Wolfchild is not that valuable if listened to in your room; more proper for a Rock Club or drivin’ on the highway. Agree?

Heh..he got that right! Best place to listen to it is probably in the car Saturday night on a way to the Club (with somebody else driving so you can have a few beers…).

Are you organizing any video shootings? (I don’t know if it’s worth the money anymore…)

Yeah, you’re right. No point to make it now with the different line-up but we got one now for Don’t Shoot Me from the soundcheck of one of our 2006 gigs when Kim was still in the band. Check it out:

Kim (vocals) and the band decided to go separate ways, we were lately informed. How’s things with new vocalist Mika Siitonen? Are any new tracks written for the second WOLFCHILD album?

Just great! He’s done a great job in such short time. Everybody gets along just fine. As Antti (our touring guitarist) puts it, we have a good boogie goin’ on. We got ’bout 6-7 new tracks ready now and tons of riffs and ideas that still need more or less work. We’re gonna start make some demos of them in this summer. We got four new tracks in our live set already: For Real, Backstabber, Give Me A Sign and Thunder Road.

Is Kim dealin’ with another band right now?

We still share a same rehearsal place but I really don’t know.

Really, what were your criteria for hiring the new frontman? Vocal abilities, onstage performance, cool guy, a rockin’ way of life…what?

All of the above and most importantly: easy to work with. Now the whole band gets really well along. Three of us, Mika and Antti Roksa. Nice to play Rock ’n’ Roll with the boys. The way it should be. Simple as that.

Back to the band’s ’deeds’: A track from the album - One Woman - is featured on the Perris compilation Hollywood Hairspray Vol. 6. Didn’t you get scared you’ll be misunderstood as a Sleaze/Hair Metal band?(laughs)

Heh, with these mugs we’re probably gonna get mixed with ROSE TATTOO (laughs)! .They’re great band by the way…  got nothing against Sleaze/Hair Metal though. All those bands that came late 80’s from the Sunset Strip: CRUE, RATT, DIRTY LOOKS, DOKKEN, W.A.S.P., L.A. GUNS etc, they were cool. Probably my favorite ’era of music.

Out of the blue: I guess you love bikes as a band?

Funny, everybody thinks were this biker band. None of us have ever even owned a bike!(laughs) But our music is very well received among HD/hot rod people. We just had one of our best gigs EVER in Harley Davidson club Finland’s charity gig in Tampere. That one really rocked!!!

Jaska, how much do you enjoy playin’ onstage? Your music surely is live-friendly, you know!

Playing live is the main thing. It’s really the only thing I ever wanted to do in my whole life… And yeah, we’re pretty much a live band. There isn’t a deep hidden meaningful message in this we’re just a old-school hard rockin’ bar band that got lucky… or unlucky(laughs)!

By the way, have you confirmed any summer gigs, any festival appearance etc?

Still booking them; here’s the confirmed dates so far:

By the way (again!), how was it opening for Paul Di’Anno in 2003? You know, there are mixed opinions concerning his post-MAIDEN activities/personal attitude.

He and the whole crew were really cool to us. He even told us he watched our set and liked what he saw. That was so cool, Killers is  probably my all-time favorite MAIDEN album. Can’t say anything bad a ’bout him. Cool guy, a true rocker.

Speakin’ of legends of the past, which one of such kind of band are you dreamin’ of playing with?

MOTORHEAD, of course. RHINO BUCKET would be cool, too!

How do you see the HEAVEN AND HELL reunion? Are you planning on attending any one of the two Finnish gigs? (06/09/07 at Tampere {Sauna Open Air Festival} and 06/10/07 at Helsinki)? Is it the $$$ only, you think?

Aren’t all the reunions just for the money? But, yeah probably in Tampere. Heaven And Hell/Mob Rules have always been my favourite SABBATH albums. No one plays those great songs live anymore, so why can’t they do it? I think that’s great that people get the chance to hear tracks like Turn Up The Night, Voodoo….etc again.

Jaska, thanks a lot for your spare time! Anything you’d like to add?

Thanks for the questions and helping to keep the flame of real Rock burning. Great site, keep up the good work!


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