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Jason VanAcker (Dedicted)

Interview with Jason VanAcker from Dedicted
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 28 September 2008, 9:38 AM

Belgian DEDICTED was one of the pleasant surprises I had this year and their debut album through Shiver Records was surely a blast! Not only because it was musically great and it was a more than good start for this band, but also because it was released by a Grind/Death Metal label!

Hi Jason! Congratulations on your latest album! It surely was something that hit me out of the blue! Tell us a few things about DEDICTED. When did the band start and what's the story until now?

Hi! First of all thanks for those nice words! DEDICTED started out back in 1999. The first 2 years we mainly played in our rehearse room. But from 2001 we've been doing shows on a regular basis. During that time we released 2 demos. The last one, we sent it over to Shiver Records and that's about it.

You decided to name the album Argonauts. Why did you choose this title? Is there a concept behind the lyrics?

The Argonauts left on a journey not knowing what was to come. There were only two things about them: they were fully motivated and ready to face all of what was to come. We had the same feeling when we recorded/released our album. The lyrics are a mixture of different problems/feelings you can endure in the process of trying to achieve a goal you have set. So in a way it fits all together.

How did you manage to sign a contract with Shiver? I mean, this label is all about Death/Grind bands…

I think they saw a highly motivated band that's willing to learn and progress.

You have a pretty modern sound and I can say that I couldn't say precisely what you are playing. How would you call your sound?

That's the question, sometimes we change once in a week according to some reviews, but we like to keep it by Prog melodic Death Metal

Which bands have influenced your way of playing music? I guess you are fans of MESHUGGAH and TEXTURES.

We cannot say that bands like MESHUGGAH or TEXTURES didn't influence us but we didn't want to make the same music. We think that groove should be a more essential part of our music.

I was looking at your upcoming shows and I saw that you have scheduled many festival appearances. Are you going to share the stage with any known acts there?

We have some cool things planned for us. Really looking forward to 'Hammerfest' and 'Ontwenfest' where we are sharing the stage with TEXTURES, CATARACT, EL GUAPO STUNTTEAM and M.O.D.

What really impressed me is that an unknown band from Belgium has its debut album out and its sound is great! Who was in charge of the production for Argonauts? It sounds heavy as hell!

We recorded the album in the Jonathas Studio with Xavier Carion (SONS OF JONATHAS, CHANNEL ZERO). Really cool person to work with, we had a blast! The mix was taken care of by Valle Adzic (IMPIOUS) and the mastering by Dragan Tanascovic and Valle.

So, what are your plans for now?

Doing shows and writing new material. I think the most of our time we will be spending recording pre-productions and writing the new songs.

Are you satisfied with the outcome of the effort you put in Argonauts? Does it sound as you wanted it to?

When we listened to the result I think everybody in the band was very pleased. It's overall the first album so that's a special thing. But we must admit the vocals should have been more diverse and like any band after a few months you really want to start and make the next album.

Thank you for your time and I hope you fulfill all of your dreams with DEDICTED. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I just want to thank you for doing this interview Also everybody who came to a show or bought our album. Thanks!!!


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