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Jens Hartwig (Voices Of Destiny)

Interview with Jens Hartwig from Voices Of Destiny
by Cory A. Jones at 11 July 2012, 2:21 PM

Two years after their debut “From The Ashes”, like clockwork VOICES OF DESTINY return with a brand new release under the name of “Power Dive”, also once again via Massacre Records. Cory A. Jones had a chance to talk with the band’s bass player, Jens Hartwig, about the band’s musical approach, the new release and future goals

For those who are unfamiliar with VOICES OF DESTINY; how did the band first form and when?

We formed back in 2004 as classical schoolmate and neighborhood thing. Actually Chris, Erik and me played together before 2004 but we wanted to start something new. So I asked Lukas to join the band since I knew he is able to play keyboards. And that was exactly what we needed J. Chris came up with Patricia who was our singer before Maike joined us. We decided to separate from Patricia by the end of 2005 and just a few months later Maike was on board.

Who are the bands biggest influences?

This question is very hard to answer representative for the whole band. All members of the band have their own influences when it comes to music. We try to let all influences come in and not to lock in ourselves in. I’d say when comparing “From the Ashes” and “Power Dive” you will notice more heaviness and complex song structures. Those are recognizable signs for influences that came up in last two years.

What was the band’s creative goals while making “Power Dive”?

Our goal was to make the songs heavier, more aggressive, more complex and some kind of different to what people expect. What we noticed during the recordings is that nearly all songs became noticeable longer regarding the playtime. But that’s something we didn’t do consciously.
But we should not forget that making songs is often a subconscious thing. Of course you have some kind of vision but things often emerge not really controllable.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard it?

A unique mixture of many different metal genres that focuses on being contrast, versatile and diversified.

Why was “My Separation” chosen as the single?

“My Separation”really represents us in many aspects. It’s heavy, has a catchy refrain and an interesting structure. But other people also recommended us to make a video for that song. So all signs signalized us that we should shoot a video for that rather heavy song.

What other bands do you most want to tour with?

Easy question – easy answer: We’re open for every band J. So contact us!

What are your biggest sources for inspiration when writing your music?
Lukasmight be better at answering this question since he’s our main songwriter. But it’s natural that big sources of inspiration are your personal feelings and everything bothering you at the time you’re writing a song.

How did you get the Orchestra to perform on the record, and what Orchestra was it?

I take this as a compliment J: We actually didn’t use a real orchestra. We used software all through. You can get a really good sound when you’re able to use it the right way. But we used a real choir this time. You can hear him on the songs “Power Dive”, “Dedication”, “Red Winter’s Snow” and “Kami”. That was an awesome experience and it sounds really powerful and natural. We weren’t sure if we should really try it but it definitely paid off.

How did you guys go about making the music video for “My Separation”?

A good friend of us is studying in that direction and it was no question for us to make the video with him. He already produced the video for “All Eyes on Me” and he did an outstanding job once more.

What other big things does VOICES OF DESTINY have coming up this year?

We hope to shoot a new video and to play live as much as we can. We’re really looking forward to our legendary summer camp that will take place once more this year. I’m sure first ideas for our upcoming album will rise there. We’ll keep you informed!!! But at the moment we’re searching for a new drummer. As you might have read we separated us from Erik just a few weeks ago.


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