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Jimmy Lundqvist (Entrails)

Interview with Jimmy Lundqvist from Entrails
by Danny Sanderson at 09 June 2015, 9:43 PM

ENTRAILS are a Swedish old-school Death Metal band whom began their journey in 1991 in Linneryd, Southern Sweden. Although they were officially disbanded in the late 90's, 2008 saw the band resurrected, with guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist returning at the helm as the soul founding member. Come 2015, some fresh new records at their back after their revival, "Obliteration" is released, with producer-extraordinaire Dan
once again hired on for mixing and mastering. Danny Sanderson had a broad chat with Jimmy about their new guitarist, Penki, the new record, importance of strong cover arts, and why Sweden does metal different to everyone else.

Today I'm interviewing Swedish Death Metal legends ENTRAILS! I hope you guys are doing fine! You have a (relatively) new addition to the band, of course. How is Penki fitting into the band?

Yep. all is fine.. preparing for next show that will be a "late" release party here in our hometown in June. Together with some great bands we shall show the town how death metal should be. About Penki.. he has been a member for a while now and you cannot notice any difference with him in the band or not.. but on stage he is doing the wild headbanging while I step back because of an old whiplash injury so I cannot be that wild anymore.

You've obviously got a new record coming out soon. How does your new album "Obliteration" compare, in your eyes, to its predecessor "Raging Death"? Have there been any major stylistic changes within the bands sound?

Well its already out and the fans are crazy about it and have already found their favourites.. to bad the reviewers doesn't agree with the fans.. but who cares.. it's made for the fans and they know way more if it sound good or not.. the sound is filled with distortion as always.. the major thing we did is to not use triggers on the drums, just to have a more natural feeling instead.. just like the good old days.

What are you personal favourite tracks on the new record, and why?

Since I made em all I must just say all of them.. I cannot make songs if I don't feel for them.. and if a song aint turning out to be good to fit the album its not on the album.. it's that simple.

You guys have always had great cover art on your albums that go hand in hand with the music perfectly. How important do you think having strong, vivid album artwork is to the overall musical package?

It's very important to show the fans and all what kind of music that's on the album and while we have dead things and a lot of horror they will not be fooled about that, this time we wanted to have our artist to do something he never have done before and with surrealistic stuff and colouring etc.. and while sketching came more ideas popped up from me and I gave him more instructions and the result was really good and the title to it was so obvious.

You released your first demo, "Reborn", in 2009, but you in fact formed in 1990. Obviously, since that time, Death Metal has altered drastically in many ways, and you have witnessed it first hand. How does the present Death Metal scene compare to the scene in the early 90's when a lot of great bands like yourselves were just starting out?

That's a long time ago and memories from that time ain't so clear anymore unfortunately. but the scene have changed a lot I can tell.. many crappy genres have become out of the good old death metal and it has sort of mutated into something that at least I don't like.. back then death metal sounded like death metal and that's it.. today death metal has millions different styles.. and for those who still do the good old death have got the genre name of old school and that's good.. and there are many bands that prefer to do this instead of making a trendy modern death metal..

In the last few years, Death Metal has really come full circle; by that I mean that a lot of albums in what most people would refer to as an "Old School Death Metal" style have begun to surface on the scene, and many of the original giants of the genre are still putting out great albums. What do you think is so appealing about this "Old School" style?

To me its the true way of death metal.. It's not overdone, it's not overproduced, it's more made by passion instead of nailing that fucking particular tone in that solo. Doesn't matter if it sounds a bit false.. it's the right way.. doesn't have to be in studio more than is necessary. Many bands seems to be living in the studio while others make an album really fast..

This is a question I like to ask all Swedish Extreme Metal acts; whereas most Extreme Metal scenes seem to put emphasis on being as "heavy" and in your face as possible with a thick wall of sound, the Swedish sound seems to have incorporated a lot of melody and cleaner tones into the music. What do you think it is about your home country that makes bands from there produce this kind of music?

Tricky one.. maybe its the cold winter that does it.. nah.. really don't know.. cannot say we are better in music but maybe its a typical Swedish thing from all the way back to stone age.. maybe someone knows.. I don't!

Do you have any good bands that you'd like to recommend to readers of Metal Temple?

Not really.. every band I know about is from the 90´s haha.

In terms of touring in support of "Obliteration", what can fans expect you to be doing? Are there any places that you haven't toured yet that you want to try and visit?

Unfortunately nothing booked beside some German festivals and support for cannibal corpse at one show in Sweden.. that's all.. doesn't sound fun right.. totally agree on that.. We need to be booked from organizers out there..

Do you have any messages for the fans reading this article?

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