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Joakim Nordberg (Witchgrave)

Interview with Joakim Nordberg from Witchgrave
by Angela "The Hunter" at 11 February 2013, 12:02 PM

The Swedish WITCHGRAVE have opened the gates of Hell and unleashed their first wave of merciless satanic Metal assault to the masses with the homonymous album "Witchgrave". Awed to the extent and brutality of the assault we have summoned Joakim Nodrberg (bass and vocals) before Angela “The Hunter” in the unhallowed pits of Metal Temple so that he would reveal some of the band’s inner secrets. And so he did.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Joakim! We always appreciate your time. Witchgrave has their very first album coming out, but how long has the band actually been around?

The started around 2008, by then it was only me (jocke) and sven, and we recorded the EP The Devils Night, which was ment to be released as a demo. Gabbe did some guest solos on the recording, and then he became a permanent member in the band and later also Tobbe joined the band.

Your debut album, being released by High Roller Records, is coming out in February. That has got to feel fucking amazing! Tell us about the album.

Yeah it feels fucking great we have been working with it for some time now hehe. The album is simply called Witchgrave and it contains 8 songs of dirty fucking metal. It was recorded / produced by Philip Svennefeldt (Helvetets Port, ex-portrait), he is a great guy with a twisted mind. His studio is located in the middle of the woods in south of Sweden, and we had a great time recording the album, there was a lot of drinking and some nudity. Anyway we are really satisfied with the album and I think everyone who is not a total retard should by it. Or steal it.

Once the album is released, do you have any upcoming live shows you’d like to mention here?

We have nothing booked at the moment but probably we will have some kind of release party somewhere.

Is there anything special behind the band name?

No it's just a name we came up with when we had just started the band, it's a little cheesy but I like it.

Is there a particular band or artist that has had an influence on the band’s sound?

No not one particular. We try to do our own thing but of course we are influenced by other bands but also movies and stuff, I think influences can come from anything really.

As the bassist and vocalist, who has been your biggest influence musically?

hmm, when we started the band I would probably say Cronos but I don't know, I don't really think about it. I think we have our own sound as a band and we don't purposely seek influences from other bands/artist, we just do what comes naturally to us.

How long have you been playing?

Started to play guitar when I was around 15 I think.

What gear do you normally use?

I use a Tokai Thunderbird bass and a shitty Behringer amplifier, or at gigs I use whatever I get. The other guys use drums and guitars.

What artist or band are you currently listening to?

Nothing, just total silence. But the last band I was listening to was Blue Öyster Cult.

Where do you see yourself in, say, 5 years?

By then we will all be full-blown alcoholics.

I always like to give bands an opportunity to mention any side projects that they are involved in, so please feel free to mention them here!

All members play in other bands as well but I wouldn't call them side-projects… Tobbe plays in Slingsblade and The Scams, Gabbe and Sven plays in Antichrist and some other projects, I play in a band called Limousine and some other projects.

Now where can your fans go to find out everything they would like to know about Witchgrave?

They can't.

Thank you again! Your time is most appreciated. We here at Metal Temple wish you nothing but a safe journey along the road ahead.

Thank you baby!



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