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Joe Caravis (Beyond Fallen)

Interview with Joe Caravis from Beyond Fallen
by Panagiotis Koutsompogeras at 27 June 2007, 5:09 PM

BEYOND FALLEN is a Heavy/Melodic/Power/Progressive American Metal band with characteristic sound and metallic crunch that is running through their blood. They are kind of a new formed band so here you get a chance to hear their vocalist and mainman Joe Karavis, explaining the reasons someone might get interested in them. So, grab your chalice of blood and jump into the exploration of these new pretenders to the Metal throne.

Joe, hello and congratulations on your new album Mindfire. How has the reaction of the people towards it been up to now?

Well thanks! The reaction has been very good. We just started doing interviews, and the CD will be released in Europe on June 29th, so we’ve just started our journey with this album, and we’ll see where it takes us.

In what aspects do you think that your new album is different from your previous release?

It’s not going to sound too much different from the last one, Lost In The Shadows, to most people. It’s a good next step and evolution of the BEYOND FALLEN sound. It’s better being the packaging is giving people more - a lyric booklet with artwork etc. It came out really cool. As for the music, we think there are some great tunes that Metal fans are going to really like.

There are some parts in your songs which may sound as a mixture or influence from bands like DREAM THEATER, OVERKILL or ICED EARTH. Do you agree with that?

I think the influence is certainly there, we’ve all listed to those bands and enjoy them. I believe we have developed the BEYOND FALLEN sound, and that will continue.

So far who have been your main musical influences?

As a band, all sorts of stuff, from IRON MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, RUSH, MEGADETH and much more. Me personally, I have to say Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Freddie Mercury. I grew up on a lot of harder edge 70’s Rock, then the good true Metal of the 80’s. I even am influenced by non-Metal. But newer stuff, not many bands have an impact on me. PRIMAL FEAR is an outstanding band. I try to just sound like myself.

What do your lyrics mostly deal with? Which are your favourite subjects when it comes to writing the lyric of one song?

We like the historical perspective, but it’s also hard to ignore all the insane things going on in our world. I keep up on current events so obviously that carries over into my lyrics. Much of the new CD deals with issues regarding the loss of individuality and the human will.

I think the majority of your fans enjoy the aggressiveness of your voice and the heavy guitar riffing and melodies. How would you describe your main advantages?

Well, listening to our band will leave no doubt we are Metal. I think our songs can be quite powerful, melodic at times, and even though we experiment a bit we stay true to the things that make Metal great. The advantage to playing this style of Metal is it never goes out of style. Fans still love it. We don’t buy into trends, so perhaps we’ll last longer as a result.

You have shared the stage with bands like OVERKILL, W.A.S.P, and Joey Belladonna of ANTHRAX. Who of them do you like the most and which one was your favourite tour?

Joey Belladonna. He’s one of the coolest most down-to-earth guys. Many times when you open for bigger acts the bands could care less about seeing you or meeting you. But I don’t have any bad memories of any of these other bands. You hear horror stories, and it’s bad to think you look up to a band and then when you meet them they act like jerks. But most people I meet are ok.

Any strange or funny events that took place while on touring?

All the time! I’m sure the best stories are yet to come when we get to Germany!

After the completion of your forthcoming tour what are your future plans?

To make more music, write another CD. We don’t know what will happen when we get to Germany, and when the new CD is out over there. Right now we’re just planning the release of Mindfire, doing interviews and getting ready to go to Europe… so beyond that who knows. I’m sure BEYOND FALLEN will still be making music!

Do you think that acceptance towards Heavy Metal music is coming back in America? How do you feel about the whole Metal climate there?

Awful in general. It’s a bad scene for metal, and really any music outside corporate pop rock radio. There is a good movement going on here though with things like True Metal America - that’s something great for the metal fans because they are putting on some cool shows, and we are part of that. It’s hard for us here, but we are true to Metal and look at things like come what may.

Joe, which are favourite albums you have heard to the past months?

 The new MEGADETH album, BLACK SABBATH - The Dio Years….the new NINE INCH NAILS.

Could you give me some reasons that some people would chose to listen or buy your album, instead of certain other releases?

With the help of our label Melissa Records we’ve been able to put together a very nice high quality package. We’re an American band doing true Metal, so that’s kind of rare. I think we have a sound Metal fans can enjoy.

Since we are an on-line magazine what do you think about internet and all that stuff?

It’s great! We use it for all sorts of stuff, and I’ve also worked as a graphic and web designer for many years. So I have a lot of experience with it. The bad side is people downloading music for free, pirate copies etc. It hurts new bands and labels. We are not getting rich, but need to make some money so we can continue as a band.

Has it made things more easy for you?

Oh yes. When I started as a singer in bands there was no Internet. That made it really hard to get anything going in other parts of the world. Now it makes it easier, because we do so much through the internet. MySpace is huge now, too. I’m glad we have this valuable tool. I don’t think we’d be as far as we are now without the web.

Joe, thank you very much indeed! We wish you all the best with your career. Any more words you would like to say to the people of Metal Temple and generally to people of Metal?

Thanks! We need Metal fans to do the work to keep it alive, and Metal Temple is doing a great job of carrying metal to the people. I hope to meet many fans when we come to Europe.


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