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Joe Floyd (Warrior)

Interview with Joe Floyd from Warrior
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 08 March 2001, 1:03 AM

We interviewed Joe Floyd, guitar player of Warrior, on the phone. Read what he has to say about the band, the new album, the past and the future!

Since I'm from an Internet zine, Metal-Temple, one of our common questions would normally be what's your relationship with the Internet?. But it seems like Warrior is kind of invisible on the Internet, I mean you don't have an official website. Why's that?

Well because we think that one thing missing from Rock 'n' Roll today is the mystery behind bands and behind groups. I mean, do you think that led Zeppelin would have a website if they were around today? I think the Internet is a great thing, we just personally haven't pursued it as far as having a web page or whatever. We think that the Internet is a great resource. People can talk to each other instantaneously and I think that if it's used properly, it could be a good thing for the world.

But don't you think that it would be better for the fans if you had a website? All your fans could go in and find anything they wanted to.

Well you know, the good news is that we have a great record company and they will be posting a lot of information about us and our record on their website.

Oh…they will? Because we couldn't find anything about you even on Nuclear Blast's website.

Well I think that there is some written stuff. The record is definitely on the website and there will be more like discography and some stories etc; posted in the time to come.

Because we're talking about the Internet, could you please tell me what's your opinion on MP3s? I'm sure you've heard about the whole fuss going on with MP3 files travelling all around the world.

Yes, I've heard actually. On one level, between the band and our producer - a guy named Warren Coiled, I'm sure you've heard of him - we trade MP3s all the time when we're working on songs. It's very efficient and it's very helpful to the writing process. However, I really don't think it's fair for our entire record or any artist's entire record to be downloaded.

You do believe that it damages the record companies and the bands right?

I think it's like anything. If it's abused, you see, it's not a good thing but if it's used to reach more people and it's done in a proper way then I think it's great!

Doesn't it remind you the whole story with Tapes? Someone bought a CD and then he just copied it on to tapes and gave them away to all his friends so no one else except him bought the CD.

Yeah I agree but with MP3s you don't have to purchase the tape and you don't have to physically record it, it's an instantaneous thing that you can do on the Internet. So I think it makes it a lot easier to send it to somebody than to make it a tape.

Do you think that one can have a promotion through the Internet?

Absolutely. For example, Nuclear Blast has the ability to e-mail all their customers instantaneously with news on a band, a concert or a tour etc. I definitely think it's an awesome tool on that level. I think that the Internet can reach a lot of people a lot faster.

Now let's move on to the new album, which is called The Code of Life. What are the differences and the similarities between Code of Life and Ancient Future?

Every record that Warrior does, has the signature Warrior sound and songs that certainly our fans would appreciate as warrior songs so that never really changes. Obviously The Code of Life can be considered maybe a little bit more modern, maybe like bringing Warrior into the year two thousand and of course with our great new singer Rob Rock. I think that we've hopefully delivered a record that our fans will truly like.

Ok, since you mentioned Bob Rock, how come you cooperated with Bob Rock on the new album and how was your cooperation? Did he also help with the song writing?

Yeah, absolutely. Rob is definitely the singer in Warrior and all of us together as a band write the songs and Rob is definitely involved in that. As far as his cooperation goes he was wonderful to work with in the studio.

How would you explain your music style to someone that has never heard before your music?

I would describe it as very powerful, guitar, American Metal with a message.

With a message.

With a positive message.

And that's the direction of your lyrics in the album I suppose. I mean the positive message.

Yeah I think Warrior always had a positive message at the end of the day. You know, 'fighting for the Earth'. Kind of like a wake up call.

Now you're at Nuclear Blast…

Actually, now we're signed to a company called Reality Entertainment. Nuclear Blast has a partnership with that company to promote and release all the records of that label.

Is that the reason why you decided to jump from Metal Blade to Nuclear Blast?

Um no. We just had a really good situation here with this company because they also released the records of my producing partner, Warren Coil. We just produced the new David Wayne record and now we're in the middle of the production of World War Three and Nuclear Blast is our partner company.

How are you going to promote your new album? Are you going to perform any live shows? A Wacken gig maybe?

There is a possibility that we'll be playing at Wacken and right now we're just looking for the right situation to tour Europe. We'll keep you posted!

Did the sales of Ancient Future fulfill your expectations and how did the fans response after your reunion? Did they ever forget you?

No, actually when we played Wacken all the old fans were pretty shocked to see us. I mean, they were happy to see us (laughter) because we played in front of people who had never before even heard of us and that was a success on that level. As far as Ancient Future goes, we were disappointed with the promotion of that album. The good news is that we have this new record with an excellent company like Nuclear Blast now, so we look forward to success together.

What do you believe is your future as band?

I wouldn't like to predict the future. I just hope that we continue to write great songs and make records as good as this one.

What is your personal ambition as a musician?

Just to write songs that can truly give people a positive effect.

Make them have a better perspective on life?

Yeah, I would hope so. I mean I could only hope so.

In our days there are a lot of newcomers in Metal. Do you like any of them?

I think it's like anything. There are a lot of new records out there, more than ever before. There will always be jams; you'll just have to look for them.

What's you opinion on Re-Unions since you as a band had already one re-union?

I think that it's done right, it's great. I mean, the Black Sabbath re-union I think it was awesome!

So you think re-unions are a good thing…

Like I say, if it's done properly then I think it's great cause I think that there are a lot of the old-school bands that definitely need to come back together to set the record straight.

This is a funny question actually (laughter). If you had the ability to communicate with a musician's spirit (a dead musician), who would that be?

For that question: Jimmy Hendrix.

Is he your favorite musician? Of all time?

Either Jimmy Hendrix or John Lennon. One or the other.

Do you think there's a chance we will be seeing you in Greece?

Oh! I would love to come to Greece! Absolutely! Hopefully if we put together a European tour, we'll stop in Greece and have a pheta salad together! (Laughter)

That would surely be great! Tell us now, what's your message for all your fans out there that will stop by at our Zine and read this interview?

Our message is that Positive thinking can open doors in your life such as in the song called Open your eyes.

Thank you Stathis (he knows why ) :)


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