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Joe Fraulob (Danzig)

Interview with Joe Fraulob from Danzig
by Katrina Cannon at 15 January 2006, 6:03 PM

Amongst several phone calls through broken signals, which became very humorous after about the 4th time, Danzig guitarist Joe Fraulob talked to me about being on Danzig's Blackest of the Black tour, his other band Deconstruct, and his future plans.<br><br>Having toured with Danzig while working with Chimaira, I was able to see Danzig perform every night and it was a definite honor.

What have you been up to since the Blackest Of The Black tour?

Basically I’ve been writing and recording new songs with my other band, Deconstruct. We’re hopefully gonna put out a new album in January and do some touring for that.

How did the tour go for you?

Aw, man, it was awesome. Just really good times. Everywhere we went the crowds were insane. Getting to play with Danzig and Doyle was totally crazy.

Is there anything you would have done differently?

(Laughs) If I was running the tour, I would have had them bring our own monitor guy. That turned out to be an issue sometimes where we were playing in venue where the monitor guys were rookies and it sounded terrible on stage.

That seemed to be an issue every night.

Yeah, you know how it was. In an ideal world you have everyone on your crew that does something to make sure there’s no hitches ever but that was just one thing that seemed to be a problem on more than one occasion.

I think the funniest time was in Washington when Danzig told the monitor guy that he needed to be shot.

(Laughs) Yeah, there were a few times where monitors got thrown off the stage. During the last show in LA, Jerry \[Montano - bassist] about killed the monitor guy. He threw down his bass and ran across the stage and fell over the monitor board.

I’m sorry I missed that one. How did you become Danzig’s guitarist?

Jerry is my friend from a long time ago and basically we just keep in touch. Back when they were getting ready for the tour, he said Hey man, we’re gonna be auditioning guitar players so if you want to learn some songs and come on down. So I learned a bunch of stuff, went in, jammed with the whole band and just nailed it. So they said Hey man, you’re in the band.

Tell me about your other band, Deconstruct.

I’ve been doing that band for about 3 years now and it’s just my own thing. I wrote all the songs, recorded it and produced it. I just got a new singer and guitar player. What I’m trying to do now is just make it really badass as far as the guitar playing goes. It’s just like heavy dark Rock, that’s pretty much what it is

What would you compare it to?

It’s kind of like Black Label Society or Corrosion of Conformity where it’s just raw and heavy, something like that.

You said you co-wrote, recorded, and produced the Deconstruct album. Was it difficult to maintain all those roles?

Yeah, it is kind of a bitch to do everything yourself. I’d rather have a good engineer that worked for us, but when you do everything yourself, it turns out exactly how you want it. It is kind of a drag sometimes because I’d like to just play music and not have to worry about doing everything but in the end I’m usually happy with how it turns out since I was really hands on with a lot of it. I’ve been recording for about as long as I’ve been playing guitar so I’m pretty good at it.

So you’re gonna have another album come out in January?

Yeah, it may not be totally done in January. Actually since the tour ended, I’ve been writing and recording stuff. We’ll definitely put something out in January. I don’t know if it’s gonna be the full album or an EP or what, but we’ll put something out because we’ve got a bunch of shows we’re doing in California.

After you put out the album, are you planning on touring then?

Yeah I’m planning on doing a tour with them, then Danzig is talking about doing some overseas stuff, so hopefully at the beginning of the year, I’ll be doing both things.

I noticed you had a female bassist. Speaking as a female musician, I know it’s not always accepted having females in a band. Do you think it affects people’s overall first judgment of you guys?

Yeah, it’s one of those things like it works for you and against you, you know what I mean, because people are like oh wow, she’s a hot chick playing bass, that’s cool, but then they’re like but she probably can’t play. A lot of people think that way, so you either get people thinking that or that it’s a gimmick to have a girl in the band but she’s an awesome bass player, she’s a totally incredible performer so it would be crazy not to have her in the band whether she’s a girl or a guy because she’s an awesome musician and that’s the whole thing.

I face those same exact problems. People think I can’t play because I’m a girl and I’ve been playing bass for over 10 years.

Yeah, man, I think it’s totally dumb that people think that way. My whole thing with Deconstruct is that I just want to play with the best musicians around and the best performers and make a live show that’s amazing. I’m gonna do what I gotta do to have the best people in the band and if one of them happens to be a girl, that’s not gonna make me not have her in the band.

You appeared on the new Deftones album on the Lynard Skynard Simple Man cover. How did you become involved in that?

I have this studio in Sacramento where we’ve been recording all the Deconstruct and I’ve been recording other bands there. These guys are friends of mine. I don’t remember when they did it but they actually recorded it about 7 years ago, after a tour of theirs. They were like Hey, we’re gonna record some covers songs and we’re gonna do this Lynard Skynard song and if you want you can play on it and record it, so I was like Yeah, that’d be cool. So basically that was one of the things that they did and nobody ever heard it. Then they decided to put it out on that new album of theirs, B Sides And Rarities, and I thought that was really cool that it finally came out.

Any last words?

I wanna thank you for doing the interview and everyone look out for Deconstruct and look out for Danzig. I like meeting everybody that comes out to the shows and hopefully I’ll get to meet a bunch of new people this year and get a bunch of people turned on to my music.

First 2 photos are credited to Chad Lee.
Last photo is credited to Kevin Graft

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