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Joel Carlsson (Covered Call)

Interview with Joel Carlsson from Covered Call
by Mike Novak at 12 April 2009, 12:48 PM

COVERED CALL is one of the growing number of Hard Rock bands in Scandinavia that draws equally from 80's Metal and 70's Hard Rock for influence. Their lead singer also sang on CANDLEMASS' underrated Chapter VI album. Their new release, entitled Money Never Sleeps, was released earlier this year. Don't let the cover fool you, this isn't Japanese pop-techno-Rock, the influences mentioned in the interview are definitely present. Guitarist Joel Carlsson was kind enough to answer a few questions that I had about the band.

Interview with: Joel Carlsson from COVERED CALL

Hey Joel, thanks for taking the time to participate in this interview.

My pleasure Mike!

In your bio it says that many members of COVERED CALL have day jobs working in the stock market. Did you all know each other from the stock market prior to forming the band or did you meet and realize that your common ground is that you all work in the stock market?

Well, Ronny and I work on the stock market as traders. We formed the band outside the job, but thought we could play a little with the financial crisis and the market. Everybody talks about it and is a part of it in one way or another.

How did you decide the type of sound that COVERED CALL would have? What are your major influences musically?

We draw influences from so many things. Ronny had a vision of the sound early in the beginning of making the record. A combination of VAN HALEN and Whiskey In The Jar with METALLICA, with a twist of THIN LIZZY.

How did you meet Thomas Vikstrom? What do you think he adds to the band?

We needed a new singer because the old decided to take a break from music (family, kids…). So we met Thomas through Lars Chriss at Blistering Records. He listened and liked what he heard and decided to join the band. He's a very good singer, has a good tone that suits the band.

The artwork to your new album is very unique. How did that cover get chosen and why?

It might not be so logic the first time you see it. But if you read the title of the album, Money never sleeps, and look at the Japanese guy you probably get the connection that the market never sleeps. It keeps on running all over the world.

What were your objectives when you entered the studio for this album? What statement did you want to make as a band?

We want to make a really good debut album with great songs that you can recognize somewhere. But we wanted to do it in our way, with our touch. The sound was high priority.

How close did the results come to what you had hoped for? Did they surpass expectations? What has the feedback been like from outside sources (magazine reviews, fan feedback, etc)?

We get very good responses on our MySpace page. People like what we do. The CD has only been out since end of January, and I must say that the reviews and responses we have gotten so far are very good! We have done interviews with radio, websites and magazines.

What is it about your band that separates you from other bands playing a similar style?

I think when people hear us they feel that this is something new but at the same time something they heard before but in a new way. A mix of BON JOVI, U.F.O., THIN LIZZY, NICKELBACK but in a new way! COVERED CALL way!

Who are your personal influences as a guitar player? Who are some guitar players in the current scene that you respect or see as up-and-coming?

Well, there is so many guitarist that I like and respect. I am a fan of John Norum. I think he is a great guitarist with an amazing feeling.

What do you think of the current Hard Rock/Metal scene as a whole?

I think it's quite good. Here in Sweden they appear at more and more festivals every year which is good! I guess we have to come and play in USA and see for ourselves!

Anything else you would like to add as a final thought to fans reading this first interview? Thanks for your time!

COVERED CALL hopes to visit USA and give the fans a great show! Thanks Mike!


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