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Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust)

Interview with Joel Grind from Toxic Holocaust
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 21 October 2008, 10:38 AM

TOXIC HOLOCAUST is a name you may already have heard of, since this one man band has been relentlessly releasing albums, touring and playing some pure Metal. The band's only member Joel Grind talked to Metal Temple for TOXIC HOLOCAUST's brand new album, his contract with Relapse Records and many more.

Hello Joel and welcome to the Metal Temple online magazine! Tell us a few things about TOXIC HOLOCAUST and how it all started.

TOXIC HOLOCAUST started in 1999 as a full band, but quickly dissolved due to personal and directional differences. Since early 2000 TOXIC has been a solo project, with me writing, recording and performing everything. After lots of DIY tours all over the world and 2 records on Nuclear War Now Productions I signed to Relapse Records for the release of An Overdose Of Death…. Things have been going well ever since.

How did you decide to form a band where you would do everything on your own? And the fact is that we are used to seeing such bands in genres like Black Metal.

It was all out of necessity. I grew up in the country and I didn't have a lot of people to pick from to be in a band with. I figured if I was going to do this, I was going to have to do it myself. You are right it is a rare thing in the genre of Thrash Metal but I've gotten pretty efficient in doing this way.

How do you feel that you are part of a label like Relapse? And how did you manage to sign with them? It is kind of strange since this label only has some weird Hardcore and Sludge bands.

Relapse has been treating me really well. They let me have artistic control over my music and my artwork. I wasn't going to sign anything if that wasn't met. Anther cool thing is that Relapse has a lot of distribution but it has a small label feel.

I see you are getting ready for a big tour that starts in the first days of October and ends in December. How do you feel going out on the road?

It's great; I will be out on the road with GWAR for 3 months. Tonight we are playing at Irving Plaza in New York City. The shows so far have been great and all the guys in the bands have been cool.

Speaking of live shows… Have you ever thought of getting full time band members? I suppose having session musicians is kind of nice, but it must end up getting tiring at some times.

I actually have full time guys now. I have the guys from the Canadian band RAMMER on drums and guitar. Things have been working out really well with these guys and they are totally on the same wavelength as me in terms of musical taste and work ethic.

I know that you have one more release out this year with your other band TIGER JUNKIES. Tell us a few things about your new album with Suzuki.

It's straight up Metal Punk with influences from DISCHARGE, GBH, ENGLISH DOGS etc. Lots of songs about sex and drinking.

Have you scheduled any other release for TOXIC HOLOCAUST or are you going to concentrate on your live plans for the time being?

I think I'm just going to be focusing on playing live. Maybe an EP will surface in the future but right I'm just going to try to stay on the road supporting An Overdose Of Death…

Really, which bands have influenced your sound? I suppose you are a great fan of NIFELHEIM.

VENOM, BATHORY, early SODOM, BEHERIT etc. I am a fan of NIFELHEIM but it's not really something I would say influenced the sound of TOXIC.

What's your opinion on this new wave of young Thrash Metal bands that come out?

I think it's really cool to see this kind of music getting some attention again. It's a lot better seeing this music getting some respect as opposed to Nu Metal or something.

Thanks a lot for this interview and I hope we see you here in Greece sometime! Anything last you'd like to add?

Thanks for the support! KEEP IT EVIL and NUKE THE CROSS!!


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