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Joey Cirera (Crazy Lixx)

Interview with Joey Cirera from Crazy Lixx
by Yiannis Zervos at 14 February 2008, 1:24 AM

CRAZY LIXX is the new band in the town of Hard Sleaze Rock and with their new album Loud Minority these Rock maniacs from Sweden, scream that Rock music is alive and kickin'. Joey Cirera that handles the hard drum task of CRAZY LIXX and takes a break from his own time to answer Metal Temple's questions.

Joey, first of all congratulations on your first album; it really kicks ass man.

Thanks! Cool to hear that all that the work we have put into this band is being received as well as it has!

From the first notes in the album you seem to have a solid sound. How long have CRAZY LIXX been together before Loud Minority?

Danny started the band in late 2002 but Danny, Vic and myself have played together since ? so we know each other really well. The sound is probably so solid because of that.   

What does ’CRAZY LIXX’ mean anyway? Is there a story behind the band’s name?

Danny took the name from a toy guitar he had when he was a mini-Danny, which had the name ’Crazy Lixx’. It turned out later that it wasn’t really spelled like that, so we just have the dumbest name in Rock now!

You had a small experience in the studio with Heroes Are Forever and Do Or Die, but this is your first full studio album attempt. How hard was it for you to record Loud Minority?  How much time and money did it take you to produce the final result?

Well, for me it was not such a new experience since I have recorded albums before in other bands, but this was different in that sense since we had a producer. We recorded the whole thing in 2 weeks, but another 2 weeks was put into mixing and mastering the record. Chris Laney is an outstanding producer and made the whole recording process very easy and relaxing. He was a great help in the studio, especially when it came to the vocals.

Loud Minority has an amazing sound, the songs sound really heavy. How did your collaboration with Chris come up? What new things he added on the recording process?

He came down to our rehearsal place a week before we where going in the studio and did a pre-production, where we discussed which songs should be recorded and how we could change them to be better than before. He is an amazing person and you can’t get mad at him when he wants to change something; he’s to cute.

From the songwriting point of view, there is only one man that puts together the songs or is it a team effort?

Well…Danny and Vic are the main songwriters in the band but me and Luke have input on arrangements and how our instruments are to be played, but mainly it’s Danny or Vic that come in with songs and we work on them together if its needed.

In Loud Minority the Heavy/Sleaze/Glam/Rock elements are obvious. Can you name the bands that influenced CRAZY LIXX’s music and the artists that influenced you, personally?

Well, in the beginning of CRAZY LIXX we where influenced by GUNS ’N’ ROSES and SKID ROW, but - as you can hear on the album - influences from KISS and DEF LEPPARD have risen up and we are drawing influences from all genres of the Hard Rock era from the 80’s.

It is a fact that Hard Rock music has a lack of fresh blood. Do you believe that CRAZY LIXX can attract younger people to this music? Do you believe that Hard/Sleaze Rock music is ’Loud’ but remains a ’Minority’ in the music business?

It doesn’t have a lack of bands, at least not in Sweden; but the quality differs among them. I know for a fact that we attract a wide spectrum of ages when it comes to fans. We have had people in their 40’s and children that are 7 years old that want autographs and say that they love the band. The Hard Rock era will, probably, not raise \[to] the fame that it had in the 80’s, but if the quality of the band is good and if the band is willing to work hard at it, there can be a future for all bands in this genre.   

From all the music that comes out of Sweden and the Scandinavian countries in general, I can distinguish wonderful melodies not even in Hard Rock but to Black and Death Metal bands also. Where do you think this passion for melody comes from? Music seems to be basic knowledge for children in Sweden. Swedish kids grow up with musical instruments or something (laughs)?

Melodies are just a part of us, I guess; I know for a fact when it comes to the melodical pieces in Death Metal, this genre has great pioneers in this music in bands like AT THE GATES, IN FLAMES and so forth.

Kids these days have such an ambition to be great musicians that they work real hard at their instruments from a young age and sometimes I’m really amazed that kids that are 14 years old can kick the shit out of musicians twice their age. That’s a good thing and good for the music industry. It’s either that or we are just musically mutated.

You have any free time? What are your hobbies? You surf around the Internet at all? I know CRAZY LIXX have a really cool MySpace page.

We service the MySpace page and I’m often out on the Internet looking around. Free time? Is that some form of food? No, free time is not something we see a lot of, since we all work day jobs when we are home. Hopefully we can quit our jobs if we have a bright future. Me, Danny and Vic play in a small football club in Sweden and I train with weights as well, and whenever we are home we try to be with our friends and family as much as possible. There really isn’t any more time left to do other stuff.

How do you feel about people that download your music instead of buying your CDs? You think Internet and downloading is a way to increase your popularity by making your music accessible to more people? Or you think that your work is been ’stolen’ in a way?

I’m kinda divided in that question. I don’t mind people downloading the music since, as you said, it’s a good way to get noticed, but at the same time it’s kinda bad. I’m the one that really enjoys having the album with a band I like. It’s a wonderful thing to explore a record and read the lyrics, the thank-lists and so forth. But there’s a bigger reason why people should purchase albums with bands they like.

Fact of the matter is that a band that sells few records, because of downloads, can get dropped by the label, or might not get any financial support for touring and so forth. If people stop buying records, it is going to effect the bands that people wanna hear. The mayor companies don’t give a shit about downloads cause they can get their money through their big artists like Britney and Christina Aguilera, but the Rock bands will get less and less money to do music which in turn can lead to the demise of the band. I don’t think of downloading as ’stealing’, but I can see problems for bands in the future.

What are your dreams for CRAZY LIXX and your personal expectations for the future?

Hopefully, we can keep up with gigs and the record will sell. If our dreams come true, we might be able to do this for a living and that would be fuckin’ brilliant!

Have you written any material for a second album yet?

No, not yet. We have been gigging constantly since the release of the album and we don’t plan to start rehearsing any new songs until after the summer. Danny and Vic are probably going to create at home but it won’t come up in the rehearsal place until after the summer.  

Is there going to be a tour in Europe for Loud Minority? You have any confirmed dates for the major Rock festivals this summer?

Yeah! More or less. At this point we are going to tour Italy in April and we have some gigs in Sweden during March. We recently signed a deal with Agency Group in Sweden that have been great and are booking good gigs for us all the time. When it comes to festivals, we have confirmation to do 2 festival gigs in August in Switzerland and one in Norway in June and we are going to a festival in Brazil next fall which is going to be super cool! Hopefully more gigs will pop in during the spring and summer.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans and to our readers?

Thank you very much for your support. If it weren’t for you guys coming to the shows and writing to us, we wouldn’t be shit!

Joey, thank you very much for you time. Rock on!


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