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Johan Fahlberg (Jaded Heart)

Interview with Johan Fahlberg from Jaded Heart
by Grigoris Chronis at 30 October 2007, 3:24 PM

JADED HEART seems to have surpassed the departure of charismatic singer Michael Bormann. Equally dynamic frontman Johan Fahlberg has put the melodic Heavy Rock band bak in the map and - as their latest album, Sinister Mind, confirms - we will have lots more to hear from this notable German act. Johan was kind enough to answer briefly regarding all things JADED HEART era 2007.

Johan, hello from Metal Temple magazine!

Hello there.

Even if 2005’s Helluva Time was a very good album indeed, fans of the band were still worried if JADED HEART would carry on recording strong albums. Thankfully, this year’s Sinister Mind also is a kick-ass CD and it seems JADED HEART is willing to deliver more wonderful music in the future. Do you feel there’s a new JADED HEART era from 2005 and onwards?

Absolutely. We have so much damn good music on Sinister Mind, and more to come.

Helluva Time was a heavy-sound album; Sinister Mind sounds even heavier. Don’t get me wrong, the melodies are still here bit I think you do play louder now! Your opinion?

Heavier and louder sounds good to me! I don’t know if we play louder but definatly heavier.

Working with Michael Voss, Dennis Ward and Chris Lausmann: what was it like? Guess you’re satisfied from the result, huh?

Very. These guys know what thier doing. We are all very happy to have them as close friends.

In my mind, the bet is won all over. Johan Fahlberg ensures he is not only a perfect replacement but - now - he grabs the listener by the balls! I don’t know if he lacked confidence stepping in for Michael’s place, but I feel that JADED HEART are lucky having a great singer like this!

I guess I’m not the right person to answer, but thank you very much! I think people around was afraid what to come, but when we started to play together we knew that we had something going on.

Frontiers Records - your new home these last years - was a logical label for JADED HEART to ink deal with. Are you satisfied from their cooperation so far?

Yes. They’ve been very helpful and kind to us.

There’s typical impressive JADED HEART stuff, but there’s also some ’something’ in the new album’s songs that certifies your creativity. Can’t figure it out, though! Could it be new(?) guitarist Peter’s contribution, I wonder?

Definitely. I knew him since earlier and what a great guitarist and composer he is. He brought a lot of good and cool stuff to the table.

Where did you draw inspiration from this time? I mean, both in music and lyrics? Really, who handles the lyrics themes in Sinister Mind?

We have so much fun in the band and are great friends. Much of the energy comes from that. Most of the lyrics I have to answer for. Henning did one Going Under, and my old friend from SCUDIERO, Mikael Rosengren, did Open Your Eyes.

Sinister Mind - and its cover - are not something I would expect for JADED HEART. What’s the message of the title and cover artwork?

It came naturally. The music is heavier and the lyrics have more anger and attitude.

Are you planning to shoot any video for a song off the new album? I’d die for e.g. Open Your Eyes or Always On My Mind…

We have plans but nothing is settled yet. You have to wait and see!

On to JADED HEART on the road: the news was pretty good, you supporting the legendary U.F.O. German tour. How do you feel ’bout this?

It’s gonna be great. I’m so looking forward to play with them. Peter is of course eager to meet the guitar hero Vinnie Moore, and so are we.

Apart from these dates, have you fixed anything else for the remaining 2007? Ah, I now remembered: Firefest, right? It seems therell be some hard rockin time over there!

Firefest, that’s right. We have plans but it’s not ready to be confirmed yet.

Sinister Mind is released through Frontiers records in Europe. But, what about the rest of the world?

We have a deal in Japan as well for Sinister Mind. Release date is the 19th of October, same as in Europe.

Really, what’s the status of JADED HEART in the USA? Is this country still buying melodic Rock/Hard rock CDs, I wonder?

We have many fans who email us and want us to come and play. We have to wait and see what the future have for us.

Thanks a lot for your precious time, hope to see you soon on stage!

Thank you. I would love to come to Greece. Maybe this time.


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