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John 5 - John 5 and The Creatures

Interview with John 5 from John 5 and The Creatures
by Harel Golstein at 03 February 2018, 11:12 AM

Due to the new JOHN 5 & THE CREATURES live album titled "It's Alive!", Metal Temple's Harel Golstein was lucky enough to chat with world-renowned guitarist John 5 (ROB ZOMBIE, EX- MARILYN MANSON) on the new album (also his first release with The Creatures to be featured on vinyl). John 5 talked about "It's Alive!" and the upcoming american tour, about his own inspirations; on the new Rob Zombie album ("all we have to do is Drums"), and even on SLAYER's farewell ("Too soon"). 

Congratulations for the new album! How has the feedback been so far and how happy are you with "IT'S ALIVE"?

I'm so happy because it’s a record that wasn't planned. We were setting up at the venue like we always do and the sound man said "Hey do you want to record tonight?" and we've just said "Sure!". An opportunity like that is rare because it's hard to travel with all the equipment you'll need to record a live performance. So we were exicted, we knew we've only got one shot to do this. We have to really concentrate and really be on our game, becasue if we mess up there isn't another show to grab another song from, if you will. If i mess up, or the drummer, or the bass player, we can't say let’s "Ok let's use Chicago's night recording." We only had one shot. and it worked out really well. I explained to the crowed why we werent jumping around, because we were recording, and I'd left that part on the record aswell, to show what a completely live record this really is. No overdubs, no nothing. It was just completely live and I think it sounds really good. I really am super happy how it came out.

What sorts of hesitations does a live album like this come with? Let's say regarding sound quality, for example. How much of a perfectionist are you when it comes to final result?

I'm a horrible perfectionist and I wish I wasn't.  I think there was only one crowd mic, usually when your'e doing A live record.. I've done many, with zombie or manson or K.D -Lang, anyone like that, there's usually multiple crowd MICs, but there was only one. So yeah I wish the crow was louder but  there’s nothing you can really do about it and that's what makes it a completely live record and  what makes it so fun.

What can you tell us about the JOHN 5 and The Creatures north american tour this February?

We start on the 1st in Orlando Florida, and we go everywhere. Everry single day we're playing A show because of the there's no singer so no one's going to get tired. Well the road crew will probably get tired they have a lot to do. But when it comes to us no one's going to really get tired.  So it's going to be a really great experience. We start on the 1.2 in Orlando and then we go all over the east coast. Then a little time out in March and then we pick it back up in late March and April. I think we’ll have a really special show at the Whiskey Go Go in California. We'll have some really special guests at the Go Go in L.A but I can’t say who's it's going to be, I can’t give it away yet.

What about a new JOHN 5 and The Creatures album? How much is already written or recorded?

I have a lot of riffs and ideas, and parts that I've laid down my part to, probably about five songs in. So what I'm going to do, just like last time, I'm going to make a video and put out a song each month. I think that works really well. Because people get to enjoy every single song, and each month there's a brand new song and a new video. So it's a great way for me to keep the record alive and enjoy each song.

As an instrumental artist, is there a certain vision or a concept behind the material that you try to stick to?

Well instrumental albums are very different, because, I'd say you're trying to keep the attention of the listener but there are no vocals.But you have to really kind of try to keep the attention. It can’t be too much shredding or too melodic because people will get bored. It has to be the right mixture for myself and it can’t be just the same kind of music because people will get tired of it, and anybody would get tired of it because there's no vocals. So I try to put a an amalgam of all these sounds, songs and styles together in a record so they could please the listener and myself.

I was just watching the director's cut for the "Making Monsters" video you've released a few weeks ago. Do you think you'll ever use visuals and ideas from modern horror movies?

I don't know, that's a good question. I like modern horror! I like Annabell and The Conjuring, and all that stuff. But some of the stuff I don’t really enjoy because I think it's a little silly. But for what I do enjoy it could be, so yeah, sure.

What about your next music video? Any decisions been made yet?

It'll probably be for a new song, so not just yet for a few months at least.

You've said in the past you still play guitar all the time. Is that still true? How do guitar virtuoso's find new ways to practice playing?

Yeah! I play all the time. But I don’t know, it’s tough. It's daily. I'm driving right now to go do another interview and I wish I was playing guitar! But that's what you've got to do. So I try to find anytime possible to play guitar. That's what we do, so I find the time to play. I play anywhere for like 4-5 hours a day.

Does it ever feel like there's nothing new to learn, or even like hitting a creative block?

No, I'm always learning something new and creating something, so thank god that hasn't happened to me yet.

You've worked with so many artists in the past (Rob Halford, Paul Stanley, David Lee Roth, Lynyrd Skynyrd, to name just a few). Who didn't you work with yet that you might like to?

I would say probably a Beatle. I would love to work with Paul McCartney or Ringo… But I'm so content and happy with where I am right now, really really happy. That's working for me, being in such a great place in my life right now and I wouldn't change it for the world. But I would love to write with one of The Beatles, sure.

What about a new Rob Zombie album? How much of it is done?

I'm not sure when it's coming out but the record is phenomenal. I cannot stress this enough. I can't wait for it to come out. It's his best work by far. All we have to do is drums, And I really do think it's incredible. Hopefully it'll come out soon.

Any specific album you're expecting to listen to in 2018?

Nowadays I don’t really know, I guess the one I'm looking forward to the most is the Rob Zombie record, As a fan and a member . You know back in the day we knew what was coming out, with all the advertisement. but there's not much news anymore on new releases. We have Instagram and Facebook, but some of our artist friends that we love so much and respect, maybe they won't talk about their record so much. They're just talking about breakfast or something.. So that's fine. But, like " when IS your record coming out?" So I don't know. I don't know who's albums are coming out in the future.. But I am a fan of new music and I love new stuff. I'm not one of those who just listen to old stuff and I'm always looking for inspiration.

Any guess on what kind of music you think you'll be playing 10 years from now? And how Important is it for you to experiment outside of your comfort zone?

I love being outside my comfort zone, that's what makes everything challenging. Hopefully I'll be doing the exact same thing that I’m doing now.

What do you think about Slayer's decision to call it quits?

I think it’s too soon because they're so great and i love them so much. It's scary to not be able to go to a Slayer show. I think they could go for another 10 years easy. That's just my opinion, but it's not my decision it is Slayers'. So.. It's a sad thing for me.

Is there any place you'd like to tour at that you still haven't?

Well with Zombie we've pretty much gone everywhere. with The Creatures we did go to China But I would like to go to Australia, South America. all over, really, and explore the world with this music.


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