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John Walker (Liquid Gaveyard)

Interview with John Walker from Liquid Gaveyard
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 27 October 2008, 12:14 PM

When I found out that John Walker of the legendary band CANCER is back in business with a brand new Metal chariot I was too impatient to listen to how it would sound. LIQUID GRAVEYARD were faster and sent us their demo, which I reviewed a while ago. After the review, wouldn't an interview with John Walker be a nice treat for you maniacs?

Hello there! Congratulations on your new… may I call it musical vision? How did it all begin?

It began in the summer of 2006 although me and Raquel used to talk about it before. The idea was to create songs by dressing them up in different forms of power and extremity, this wasn't an open invitation to make as much noise as possible but to take the songs into a different audio dimension, so with the foundations of our musical histories and the focus of songs, LIQUID GRAVEYARD was born.

You have Adrian de Buitlear of famous Irish doom metallers MOURNING BELOVETH in the band. How did this collaboration take place?

Both me and Adrian live in Spain and Raquel. I knew he was the man for the job. We found his contact and asked him up to Madrid for a jam. Adrian's got similar interests to me and Raquel. So he was in.

While listening to your demo CD I tried to understand what it exactly that you are playing is. How would you describe your sound? Which bands have influenced your music?

Liquid Graveyard plays Hybrid Metal. It consists of many musical elements condensed to a 4 piece band. Principally songs are the focus; it's just the interpretation that is different. Each member has a blank canvas to work with which allows an element of experimentation to the overall sound. As for bands that have influences us, we all have our favorites!

Why did you decide to name the demo CD Criministers?

Criministers is a social comment that explores the hypocrisy and corruption in modern day's politics.

You first song is called 1760. Why did you name it like this? What happened back then?

1760 is the average amount of hours worked by each individual in Europe per year. The song explores the suffering that's endured with modern living and the results of mental sickness within our societies.

I suppose you are now preparing your debut release. How are the recordings going? Have you found any label that is interested in releasing it?

Currently we're preparing songs to be recorded, shortly. As it's the first LIQUID GRAVEYARD CD for commercial release we're negotiating with labels, we hope to have something released for the start of next year. Although time schedules aren't always realistic in this business.

What made a good impression on me was the wide variety of vocals used in Criministers. Does Raquel sing everything by herself or is someone backing her up with some additional vocals?

Yes, Raquel sings a wide variety of vocals, I do back her up on the chorus of 1760 but all the rest is her.

The cover artwork was kind of strange I must admit. Who drew it and what exactly do you want to show with it?

Raquel designed the artwork. We wanted something very simple and direct for this demo. A direct message of what we are and what we do. Nothing too extravagant or naive, we wanted something that would be easy to understand and read. I'm talking about the band logo and the title of the demo.

Do you have plans for any live appearances? Is there any chance we may see you performing live here in Greece?

With a CD released we'll be playing concerts all over Europe. Personally I would like to play in Greece as I haven't played with CANCER, in the past.

Thanks a lot for your time John! I wish you and LIQUID GRAVEYARD all the best! Anything last you would like to add?

Yes, I hope that the information I have given isn't misunderstood. LIQUID GRAVEYARD isn't a band that's one specific genre, each member of the band has a different musical history and we celebrate this, with variety. As long as it rocks, we're happy and we hope you are. As for anything to add, yes John McCain is a genetically modified human being that was created from the rotting DNA of Homer Simpson and Steve Martin.


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