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Jon Modell & Greg Kubacki (Car Bomb)

Interview with Jon Modell & Greg Kubacki from Car Bomb
by Emily Coulter at 19 March 2017, 8:18 AM

If you like heavy music and want to hear a wonderful collision of MESHUGGAH and DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN then CAR BOMB are a band to check out. Bass & guitar riffs heavy enough to break your neck, CAR BOMB are driving their way to your ears. We speak to members Jon Modell and Greg Kubacki whilst on tour supporting GOJIRA through the UK about their latest release.

You're halfway through your tour supporting GOJIRA, how has it been so far?

Greg: Amazing!

Any standout moments?

Greg: The London show! We came down here 2 years ago for the London show with MESHUGGAH and it was a lot of fun but we didn't feel we represented ourselves that well but we felt this time we really nailed it especially cause we got to play our new album.

If you had to describe your sound to someone who hasn't listened to CAR BOMB before, how would you describe it?

Greg: Poly-rhythmic technical death metal in the veins of MESHUGGAH and DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN but has other influences like space rock and jazz.

What are CAR BOMB's influences?

Jonny: We're all into really different stuff, Greg is into electronic stuff whereas Mike likes bands such as DEFTONES and COHEED & CAMBIRA and I like Zappa but we're all into heavy stuff overall.

What bands got you into playing your genre of metal?

Greg: We all grew up listening to bands like METALLICA, MEGADETH and SLAYER but before me and Elliot was in the band together he gave me a tape of ''Destroy, Erase, Improve'' and that was an album that changed everything for me.

Your latest release ''Meta'' came out last year, do you think it's your heaviest release?

Jonny: No it's heavy but it's not as heavy as previous albums, it's got a lot more slower and sludgier riffs so it could be considered heavier I guess.

Greg: ''Centralia'' and ''W^w^^w^w'' are a lot more aggressive and heavier than ''Meta''.

What are your favourite tracks on the album?

Jonny: ''Lights Out''

Greg: ''Gratitude'' – we really didn't know if fans would like that song or not but they seem to have really embraced it cause it's a very different song for us.

How was it working with Joe Duplantier on the album?

Greg: It was fantastic! We've been friends for almost a decade, Jonny especially so we came to him for help. It was really relaxed and low-key, we had a lot of stuff written already so he helped us trim the fat and get it right. It was helpful to have such a great outside look on the album especially building atmosphere and different styles of vocals.

Jonny: He has such great insight and knows what is happening in the metal community so it really made a change on the album. He hooked us up with Josh Wilbur who mixed & mastered the album for us.

You worked with Frank Mullins of SUFFOCATION on ''sets'', would you be open to working with more guest vocalists in the future?

Jonny: We've asked a lot of people over the years, we constantly run into people who we want on our music all the time so definitely possible.

There was 4 years between your previous album, will you be leaving it so long before the next release?!

We've actually wrote most of it already, we're making a conscious effort to have it out for next year.

What are CAR BOMB's plans for 2017?

Jonny: A lot more writing! We're gonna finish this tour then we're playing Euroblast this year and then we're gonna need some sleep! We're trying to put more towards 2018 in terms of touring, we really want to get on the European touring circuit as it's a dream of ours.


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