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Juho (Falchion)

Interview with Juho from Falchion
by Harry Papadopoulos at 15 October 2008, 7:30 AM

Juho left his accordion and KORPIKLAANI aside for a little while and recorded the second album, and the first under a major label, with FALCHION: Chronicles Of The Dead. Between rehearsals and preparations for their tour he answered our questions about his new band that, as he said, is not a side project and they are here to stay. Let's see what he had to say.

Hail from METAL TEMPLE's headquarters. First of all, congratulations for your latest release.

Thanks a lot! After all, we are very satisfied with the album, even though there are still lots of things we would like to develop.

The band is active since 2002, but some of our readers may have never came across FALCHION. Can you give us a small bio of the band?

So, as you mentioned, I founded the band in 2002 and in 2004 we recorded the first album, Legacy of Heathens, which was released through a small Japanese label World Chaos Production in 2005. The current lineup has been stable since 2006.

You have a new deal with Massacre Records for this album. Are you satisfied with the work your new label has done for you so far?

Yes, we are very satisfied with the new recording deal and the promotion the label has done.

Even though there are some folk elements in your music, I noticed that you are not using any other instruments like accordion or any other folk instruments. Was this a decision you made in order not to 'look' like KORPIKLAANI?

We didn't make any decision about our sound. It is obvious, though, that I didn't found the band just to sound like KORPIKLAANI.

Your record company describes you as a melodic Death/Folk Metal band. Are you satisfied with this label?

In my opinion, we are more just a melodic Death Metal band and there are not that much folk influnces. The latest album has songs from 2004 to 2008, so the songs differ from each other and some of them are probably slightly folk-influenced as well. The main idea of the band, though, is to make just melodic Metal without classifying it to any certain sub-genre that melodic Death Metal has.

What are your influences as a musician?

Nowadays, 80's Heavy Metal like e.g. DIO, KING DIAMOND, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and RUNNING WILD; Progressive Metal e.g. DREAM THEATER and SYMPHONY X plus several melodic Death Metal acts. I also appreciate classical music a lot.

Two of the members are also playing with KORPIKLAANI. Under this circumstances, are FALCHION a full time band, or just a project?

It may seem that FALCHION is just a project, but it's a full-time band with serious plans to record albums and to accomplish tours. It's a fact that KORPIKLAANI is far more popular than FALCHION, but that doesn't mean that FALCHION is not a very important act for its members.

Can you give our readers some details about the recordings of Chronicles Of The Dead? Any funny stories that you will like to share with us, during that time?

The recordings went so good and we had a lot of fun. Furthermore, it was a good thing for us the thing that we had a vocal producer: Jukka Ruostila. He pushed me hard to get pure aggression out of me. That affected the way the vocals sound a lot, in a positive way.

During those six years that the band is active, many lineup changes took place. Can you tell us why, in your opinion, that was necessary?

The first actual lineup change was back in 2003 when Joonas, Ville and Sami wanted to leave the band. That was their own decision, so then I was forced to find replacements. The second lineup change happened in 2006 when I wanted to refresh the lineup due to my place of residence. I went to Tampere and I desired to have a new lineup from the Tampere region.

Will the fact that you and Matti are also playing with KORPIKLAANI affect the schedule of FALCHION?

Of course it affects a bit, but we will find the time and keep the band active all the time. And by being on tour with both KORPIKLAANI and FALCHION eases the schedules a lot.

Juho, in this band you are the lead vocalist and guitarist. How different is it from just playing the accordion?

Guitar playing has always been the most important thing for me and the best way to express myself, but playing both guitar and accordion makes a perfect contrast. I rate myself as a better guitarist than an accordion player.

Who writes the music and the lyrics? Can you give us some feedback about the things they are dealing with?

I'm responsible for the music and Miikka is responsible for all the lyrics. Working this way is really easy going and I don't have anything to complain with it.

What are your expectations from Chronicles Of The Dead and what are your plans for the future?

My expectations for Chronicles of the Dead are rather optimistic. I believe that the album will find its listeners. Our goal within the band is to work hard and to record albums and play live as much as possible.

You have booked some live dates in Europe with KORPIKLAANI. Are there going to be a more extended tour during 2009? Any plans for a US tour?

Yes, there will be another Finnish Fire Tour in April 2009. The US tour hasn't been planned yet.

How easy is going to be for both of you playing in two bands in this tour?

I think that will be quite easy. We will have only two members more in the nightliner and there will be one or two bands between FALCHION and KORPIKLAANI sets, so we'll have time to rest.

Since you are playing with them, I want to ask you the latest news from KORPIKLAANI.

Well, nothing extraordinary. Just playing live shows and practicing songs for the new album. We are going to enter the studio again in February next year.

Well, that's all from me. Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best for you and your band. The last words belong to you.

Thanks a lot for your time as well. It would be nice to share thoughts again with you. See you!


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