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Julian Barrett

Interview with Julian Barrett from
by Federicho Taich at 11 May 2011, 7:27 PM

Julian Barrett is an Argentinean Guitar player that has been doing a hell of a job on the Argentinean Metal scene and also the world! He has been working with acts such as BARILARI, LORIHEN and the infamous TARJA. Federock talked with Julian to catch up about what is going on with him and his work.

Hello Julian, how are you? First of all thank you for this opportunity to answer this interview for Metal Temple!

You’re welcome Fede, I’m here in Argentina, working my ass off!

Can you tell us a little about your work in the Argentinean Metal scene?

Sure! I’m currently the guitar player in BARILARI, a solo project of Adrian Barilari, the singer of RATA BLANCA, one of Argentina's greatest Metal bands. They have preformed sold out shows in the biggest Latin America stadiums and they are really big here. On his free time, Adrian have BARILARI that is a band that he formed with me, Pit Barrett (my brother) and Nicolas Polo. Our latest release, “Abuso De Poder” can be downloaded free via I’m also the lead guitar player in LORIHEN, an Argentinean Heavy Metal band that has been around for more than 10 years playing in all of Latin America, we have 5 albums to date , our latest is “Bajo La Cruz”.

Can you talk a little about the difference in playing with BARILARI, LORIHEN and TARJA? I am more talking about gear and composing.

Well, those maybe all Heavy Metal bands but the material is very different! For each band I pick my gear in a very delicate fashion. On my last tour with TARJA, I took my Ibanez Universe and my Gibson Les Paul Custom. Those are two very different guitars but they complement each other very well and I fit each one to songs I believe they fit the most. With LORIHEN I mostly use my Fender Stratocaster and with BARILLARI I usually use my Gibson Les Paul Standard that I think fits the best. My amp is always the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier in which over the years I’ve found my sound!

BARILLARI and LORIHEN are both Argentinean bands, tell us a little what is like for you to play in TARJA, a band that the songs are in English and not written by you?

Well, I believe that English is the language of Rock and Metal and I’m used to listen to it that way. We always hear music in the English language here in Argentina. I really enjoy playing with TARJA even thought I haven’t composed any of the songs. The songs are in such a high composing level that sometimes I wish I was a part of the writing process (laugh) .

LORIHEN have a lot of European Metal influences. I was wondering if Metal is popular in Argentina? I've read that you’ve released a live DVD and that your latest release “Bajo La Cruz” had great success and the band is very popular.

Metal is very popular here! We have the most loyal fans in the world and that’s why a lot of international acts love to play here. A few weeks ago IRON MAIDEN were here and I had the honor to be invited with BARILLARI as a warm-up act with a 40,000 people crowd, can you imagine how popular Metal is here? About LORIHEN, the last album was really well received. Despite the lineup change, because we have a new singer, and usually it’s hard for a band to move on with a new singer and it takes a few albums to get back on the track. In our case that wasn't the situation and “Bajo La Cruz” was our most successful album, very similar to what happened with AC/DC after Bon Scott's death.

Adrian Barilari is the singer of RATA BLANCA that is one of the biggest Metal acts in Latin America. The style of his latest release “Abuso De Poder” that you are part of, is very different than RATA and his older releases and is much more modern and groovy with a very American sound. Is that something that came from him or something that once that band started writing just took that direction?

That was something that was actually looked for. For Adrian himself and the record label, that is something that for me, after I was picked for the role, was very good because I sympathize more with this style than his older stuff or the RATA BLANCA stuff. I love them both but I don’t find myself with them artistically.

A lot of Spanish bands sing in Spanish and have success all over Europe; would you like to be able to do an European tour with LORIHEN?

Of course!!! That is our dream, I wish one day it will happen!!!

I’ve heard via YouTube that various covers of LORIHEN to European bands like IRON MAIDEN in English and they sounded awesome!!!. Do you think that in the future the world will hear some LORIHEN in English?

We thought about it, but he haven’t had the need to do it because we are lucky enough to have a great big audience here in Latin America and we still have a lot here to conquer (laugh ). If that day comes and we’ll feel we passed our limit here, we’ll start rethinking that.

What do you think about social networking?

I think it’s a great tool… even though I'm very aware of the business side of it that the big corporations do with our personal information.

And last but not least, is there something you would like to tell our readers that we haven’t talked about?

Only that my biggest dream is to come to Europe and perform to you all!!! If it’s with TARJA, LORIHEN or BARILLARI or as a solo artist or even as a tourist (laugh) I’ll be there soon!!!

Thanks a lot for your time Julian
Thank you!


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