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Junior Figueroa (42 Decibel)

Interview with Junior Figueroa from 42 Decibel
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 05 June 2013, 10:46 AM

Hard crushing Rock N’ Roll, and from Argentina and in English, how about that kick? Only three years old, and now signed to SPV Germany, 42 DECIBEL, the new message of Hard Rock music, are out on a prowl with a debut “Hard Rock N’ Roll”. Blacknasa had a chance to conduct an interview with Junior Figueroa of the band about their origins, music and new album.

Hi there Junior, how are you? Thanks for taking the time for this interview for Metal Temple.

I’m great and a bit nervous; this is the first interview I do.

Let’s start from your band, 42 Decibel’s, origins. Can you shed a little light about the band’s past and how it came to be? What brought you all together?

Well the band started back in 2010, with Nicko on the drums and me on the lead guitar and vocals. In the beginning when the band didn’t even had a name, we used to do a lot of covers from Chuck Berry to AC/DC, or even SRV, it was more like a hobby. And then Nicko went to Europe for a couple of weeks to see some friends, and bands. And when he came back he was changed! He wanted to do songs in English, and to start a new band called 42 decibel. I was a bit shocked with this news but I liked the idea of doing it in English, because it sounds better that way.

We had a lot of problems at the beginning we couldn’t find a singer or another guitar and bass player, to get in the project. So one day we were at the rehearsal, and the lead singer got angry with us and left the room, and I started to sign but as a joke, I didn’t wanted to be the singer in the band! But Nicko said “you are going to have to sing until we can find a singer “cause I was just the guitar player, I have never wanted that position in the band, but the time went by and I started to enjoy it, and it makes it easier for me when I’m writing, I don’t have to tell another guy to sing in some way, or scream at that moment and etc. So we had to find a bass player and a guitar/slide player, because I can’t play the slide, at suck at it. And  a couple of months later Nicko came and brought Chris Towers with him, but he didn’t knew what kind of project we were doing, so I told him to jam some covers that we used to do with Nicko at the beginning, but he didn’t know any songs, and I started to fool around with a riff and I tried to tell him how I wanted the bass to sound, and he did it for a couple of seconds, and then he got tired of doing that and started to do something completely different, and that’s when I said “he’s the one”, he had an incredible easiness to create amazing bass lines out of nowhere. And we needed a slide player, and I knew Billy Bob because we used to have a band before, and I called him just to see how we had a try out for some guys, and in one moment he grabbed the guitar and just did one chord, and I looked at the guys and said that’s it, the audition is over. And that’s how we got 42 Decibel.

What have been the band’s major influences?

There are a lot of influences; from blues to old school rock n roll, but the main ones are Rose Tattoo, AC/DC, The angels, La De Das, Band of light, etc.

Why the name 42 Decibel? Any meaning by that name?

That’s something we get asked a lot, and we always tell the people to listen to the song “ Let there be Rock “ , in one of the lines bon says “ And there was a 42 decibel rocking band “. So that’s why the band is called 42 Decibel, it was Nicko’s idea.

First of all, congrats for the new debut album, “Hard Rock N’ Roll”. A magnificent start, and also to be signed by SPV, this is quite a thing. How do you feel about it?

Thank you very much, I can’t believe it yet, I never thought something like this could happen, to sign a record deal with SPV, Its huge for us! And we got to be very thankful with Olly Hahn and Herko Schmidt, because they believed in us, the project and the songs of course, and are making this happen

I believe your album to be a hit machine, yet it would be great to know what your favorite peak points are?

Hopefully it will! I just love the whole album but if I had to choose, I will choose Rocker soul, I love the guitar sound we got at the studio, and Long Legged Woman, because I just love that one, it’s a song with a lot of groove and violence.

It has been known that the recording / production process of a release can be stressful. How did you guys feel while doing so?

It was hard, the first time we went to a real studio, the first time we got the chance to record live and with the amps at full volume, and we had to make a perfect take, because we were recording in tape, and if somebody had a mistake we had to do it all over again, from the top!. You could say that it was fun, really fun, but as well it was stressful, because of the time we got in the studio. We had to record all the songs in two days, and then sign everything in one day, and do some overdubs with the guitar in a couple of hours. We didn’t have much time to plan what we were going to do in the studio, but I believe we did it all right for the first time.

How about supporting the album? Anything planned?

Yes, we are trying to go “viral“ over the internet, to get everyone to know the band, to listen and if they like it to buy the album, that’s going to be released in June 24th.

Are you planning for a video clip anytime soon?

Yes, it’s a thing that we must do, and maybe in a month or two it will be ready.

Though I sensed that your songs are pretty loosen without leaving anything behind, is there something that you wanted to address the world about?

No, we are not trying to send a message, we just want to play hard rock n roll, and if the people like it, that’s better for us.

It might be early to talk about, but anything new on the material front for the next album?

Yes we got some, but it’s not even close to being ready. We got to rehearsal a lot, and specially jam a lot.

Do you use the social network to keep in touch with your fans? Do you feel that it is important for artists, no matter the caliber, to keep a certain line of relations with their fans?

Yes of course, I love talking with them, and talk about what other bands they are into, and etc. And it’s incredible important for the artists to talk with their fans, sometimes I don’t really understand those kinds of musicians that forget that they are big thanks to the people that buy their records, and goes to their concerts, it’s something that I can’t understand

Junior, I wish to thank you for the time for this interview. On behalf of Metal Temple and myself I wish to congratulate you guys for making such an amazing debut. Any last words for the readers?

Well, first of all, thank you guys to give us the chance to be on metal-temple, it’s something very important for us. And wish to have another interview when the second album comes out, this has been really fun! And for the readers I just want to thank them for taking the time to listen to 42 Decibel. Thank you very much and Rock on! 


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