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Kai Reuter (The Ordeal)

Interview with Kai Reuter from The Ordeal
by YngwieViking at 07 October 2012, 1:24 PM

It is rather hard to actually understand what goes behind the alcove, where decisions made by bands to depart or to just take a break from creating, performing and sorts. The German THE ORDEAL hasn’t released a new album since their debut in 2004. Their new album, “Descent From Hell”, released via their new label Dust On The Tracks Records, topped its previous contender, at least as far as YngwieViking is concerned. He had a chance to talk to Kai Reuter, the band’s guitarist, about his own history and the new album. 

Hi, can first tell us about the history of the band…Your past involvement in such famous acts like VIVA or FAIR WARNING!

I was the founder of Viva together with "Waldo" Kawaldt and Frank Algermissen. Later on we got Barbara Schenker and Marc Paganini to join the Band and i never ever liked Paganinis "singing"….so i decided to leave. Fair Warning was an "happy" Accident…because their Manager  knew me from the early Viva days and he asked me to join the Band for the 2000 Japan Tour.

How your switch from Mausoleum Records to Dust on the tracks Records worked at first? Do you plan on touring?

We had a little bit of luck and some old friend connections…and we plan touring in China next year, I think.

Why all the guitars and even the bass, were recorded (brilliantly) by yourself only?

Yes…I recorded the whole Production by myself and did the Vocal and Choir Arrangements too…only the Drums were played by Phlippe Candas and Michael Fromm, our new Drummer….and thank you for the compliment!

I also notice that 2 different drummers are playing in the new record…One of them is Philippe Candas…The FAIR WARNING Connection, I suppose?

No….Philippe and i know each other for a long time. We played in many local Formations around Hannover. We did many Studio recording Sessions too.

Mr.Kai Reuter & Oliver Opperman seems to be the masterminds behind THE ORDEAL…Doyou agree or can you prove me wrong?

Yes….you can say that…!!

In my review for the new album “Decent From Hell” I stated that THE ORDEAL is sounding very much like a mix between German and Scandinavian Power Metal…What do think of that?

I'm not so involved into that Music scene…so you know that better.. ..when I’m  listening to Rock or "Metal"….most of the time it isn't Metal(I looove Gospel Music and those fantastic Vocalists like Leandria Johnson)…then I hear Bands like Deep Purple. Especially the Coverdale / Hughes Formation….which I loooooooooove…it's my favorite Rockband of all time…and I looove Ritchie Blackmore….most of the other guitar time I’m hearing those Fusion-Guitar players…my God is Allan Holdsworth….then Greg Howe…and a Handful others. Steve Lukather I like very much too. Yngwie Malmsteen for sure…

In the same review i pointed the amazing similarities between the voice of Oliver Opperman and Patrick Johansson from ASTRAL DOORS/WUTHERING HEIGHTS/SPACE ODYSSEY who is one of the best Ronnie James Dio clone…So , in my book , it's a high value comparison…What do you think of such comparison?

…Sometimes at the end of some Phrases…he sounds a little bit like…We both love Ronnie James Dio!!

I also refer to some contemporary bands like AT VANCE / MASTERPLAN or ASTRAL DOORS…Do you know those acts?

…No, sorry…but you'll never know. Play me some Songs of theirs, I’m open minded for mostly everything.

Talking about “Descent From Hell” what can you tell the readers about it ? Has something changed in your musical perception or did you just do your regular thing?

It's the first time that i took the Production under my Wings….with the main Focus on the Vocals…and because i was my own producer, I could do whatever I want, Guitar-wise.

I think the progression between the new album and “Kings Of Pain” is huge, do you have any conscience of that or the everyday life with those songs keep you away from some realities ? goes on…we all learned a lot…and we were very unlucky with the producing of the first Record..Especially me.!!

Tell us about your PETER GABRIEL's "Here Comes The Blood" cover?

I love Peter Gabriel ….I didn't even know that song…but Olli came some day with that Tape (Piano/ Vocal Version from Peter Gabriel) and said: "Could you imagine to do a Rock version of that??"…and I did…I love that Track.

Please let us know your All-time TOP 10?

1.Leandria Johnson:" I love the Lord". 2. Denise Clark:" Is Today the Day" 3. Smokie Norful: "God is able" 4. Jimi Hendrix:"Who knows". 5. Toto: "Spiritual Man". 6. Greg Howe: Wooten/Chambers/Howe. 7. Allan Holdsworth/Allan Pasqua: "San Michelle". 8. Deep Purple: "Gypsy" from Stormbringer. 9. Van Halen/Linda Ronstadt: "You're no good". 10. Queen:"All dead and gone" from News of the world.

I wish to thank you for the interview and wish you guys the best of luck with the new album. Any last words for the fans out there?

Hold on to your Dreams, never give up and praise the Lord!!….Rock'n'Roll…!!!

"Decent From Hell" Review by YngwieViking


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