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Kasper Thomsen (Raunchy)

Interview with Kasper Thomsen from Raunchy
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 16 July 2008, 5:17 AM

When you get many 'modern' Metal releases you kind of getting bored and you can't have a clear mind to judge each one as objectively as possible. The fact is that RAUNCHY managed to kick my butt with some modern Metal gems and the band's singer Kasper Thomsen was also more than kind to offer me an interview talking about stuff like touring with SOULFLY, HATESPHERE and VOLBEAT, as well as defining the band's music.

Hello and congratulations on your new album. Tell us a few things about RAUNCHY and how it all began.

Yeah, the story goes a long way back actually, back to the beginning of the 90's where we started jamming together for the first time. In the beginning of 2001 we got signed and started releasing albums and playing bigger shows with bigger bands. We've released 4 albums and completed a couple of European tours and played festivals like Wacken, With Full Force and 'Roskilde Festival'.

This is your second album through Lifeforce Records. How did you manage to sign a contract with them? Are you satisfied with their work until now?

We are very satisfied with Lifeforce Records. They are really nice people and we have so much respect for the hard work they are doing for us, so we couldn't be happier with our label. After we left Nuclear Blast we were shopping the Death Pop Romance, and Lifeforce Records were the label that came with the best offer, so that's why we signed with them basically.

Why did you leave Nuclear Blast in the first place?

We didn't want to be just a band among a million other bands, we wanted to be a priority, and that we weren't with NB. Of course it's cool to say that you're signed with a big label, but at the end of day it's really not that important if you're not a priority. We are of course thankful for the time we spent with Nuclear Blast and the things they did for us, but to be honest with you we're much happier and satisfied with Lifeforce Records today. They are the perfect label for us - without a doubt!

Wasteland Discotheque is a pretty strange title for an album. Why did you choose this title?

We wanted the album title to sound original and a bit provocative as well. It's very much in the line of how we have entitled our previous albums in regards of the reference to our sound, like Velvet Noise or Death Pop Romance. We know it's not the typical Metal title, not at all actually, but that's what we like about it really, hehe…

2006 was a pretty busy year for you since you toured with bands like SOULFLY, HATESPHERE and VOLBEAT. How was your experience with these bands?

It was fucking awesome and unbelievable cool. The SOULFLY tour was a high profile tour, which took us out in front of thousands of people every evening, so in terms of promotion it was perfect. The SOULFLY dudes and crew treated us very friendly and gave us extra playing time after the first couple of shows, so it couldn't have been better. Touring with our friends in HATESPHERE and VOLBEAT really kicked serious ass too. It was basically just one big happy family on the road together, and we enjoyed each others company very much. And the drinking and partying was beyond anything else! Damn, it went down every single night, hahahaha… I actually believe that HATESPHERE's song Drinking With The Kings Of The Dead actually was inspired by that particular tour, so hell yeah we destroyed everything in a blaze of glory on that tour!

You worked with Jacob Hansen once more. Why did you choose the same producer? Will he be the one for your next work or have you thought of choosing someone else?

Mainly because he's one of the best producers out there right now. He knows what our music is about and what we like, and during the years he has almost become the seventh member of the band. We'll probably use him for the next album as well, but we have not decided on that matter yet. Right now it's all about promoting and touring for the new album.

How did you decide to cover ROCKWELL's Somebody's Watching Me? Whose idea was it?

The idea was Jeppe's. One day we talked about recording a cover song for the album, mainly to use a b-side. Then a couple of weeks later Jeppe returned with his own initial recording of ROCKWELL's Somebody's Watching Me, and we just said: HELL YES, that's it! After recording it in the studio it turned out really great and it therefore ended up in the final track list, and we're so glad we did that actually, because it suits the whole atmosphere on the album very well!

How were the reactions of the press and the fans until now regarding your new album?

So far they've been excellent really, and beyond our expectations. Playing the new songs live seems to be working very well, so we couldn't be happier, and we're very much looking forward to getting back on the road and meet our fans and friends again.

What differences does Wasteland Discotheque have from your previous albums?

The sound is basically more mature and the songs are performed excellent, strong and better. It still has all the traditional RAUNCHY elements combining melody and brutality, but overall it's more rough and tough, it's dirtier and much thrashy. But it has several references to our previous albums as well, and if you listen closely enough you will discover this aspect. In my own opinion I think it is an archetypical album and the best so far. It contains all the aspects I personally love about our music. I'm very proud of it actually. It sounds like the soundtrack to the perfect summer with loads of cold beer, combined with thrash, pop music, death metal, electronica, desert rock, Euro dance, sex, and one hell of a good time!

Which bands have influenced your sound?

Classic bands like METALLICA and stuff like that. We know that our sound is very different, but it really comes naturally to us, when we write our music. I don't know where the 'different' sound comes from, but in the band we listens to a whole variety of different genres all the time - from classical hymns to symphonic black metal - and everything in between, and maybe that have influenced our eclecticism. But it has also something to do with the fact that when we write new music we never compromise anything, which is hard work by the way, and we obviously don't limit ourselves - if it works, it works, you know…

Some call you Metalcore, some call you Neo-Thrash Metal… How would you name your music?

Yeah, we noticed that we got labelled as metalcore on your previous release, but it just made us all laugh, because the genre label was clearly a product of the whole metalcore movement peaking at that time. We have been playing this kind of music since the nineties, so we have been around for years before the term 'metalcore' even surfaced, you know. So defining us as metalcore is not accurate in my opinion. The tag 'hybrid metal' is perhaps more in terms of what we're about sound wise. I recently read a review where we were labelled as 'boogie-death', which I thought was really cool too.

Thank you for your time and I wish you only the best. How would you like to close this interview?

Yeah, thank you for supporting RAUNCHY and for taking the time to prepare the questions for me. Hopefully we will be able to visit Greece on the upcoming tour, we would sure love to. Also remember to pick up our new album Wasteland Discotheque and keep supporting and spreading the word about RAUNCHY. Thanks!


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