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Interview with Kenze from Kenze
by Jean-Francois Poulin at 22 June 2019, 5:33 AM

KENZE is an up and coming Scotish Rock/Grunge singer. Recently, Metal Temple writer Jean-Francois Poulin caught up with her to talk about her upcoming debut album "Diversity," her influences, and the "RiseUp" TV show she is working on.

How did you get the name Kenze? I was pretty curious and I thought it was original.

Hey Jean, I picked Kenzé because half is part of my surname (Kennedy) which is from my fathers side and the other half is from my mothers side which is (McKenzie), so I thought I’d put two and two together, plus I wanted to be original.

What was the impact uniting yourself with established artists like Barry Bennedetta and Paul McManus for your debut album?

Before I came down to Wales my manager Phil Taylor and Barry Bennedetta were good friends and Phil asked Barry if he could do my lead guitar parts as a favour which Barry was very happy to and has done so. Paul McManus and Phil connected online, I once went to see his band GUN live and loved every second of it, so when Phil asked Paul if he could do my drumming parts which he agreed to do, so I was buzzed!

What is the concept behind this tour and Reality TV show you guys are working on right now?

The concept of the RiseUp TV show is to show the ups and downs of the emerging bands and artists around the world. It shows the struggles they go through behind the scenes by trying to be successful by what they do best which is coming together and making music.

You say your favorite bands growing up were Nirvana, Marilyn Manson and Oasis, how have these bands forged the essence of your sound?

They haven’t really, they are just my favourite bands I listen to on a regular basis that helps me deal with my emotions of whenever I’m happy, sad, chilled or angry. there is so much music I have done that is yet to be released and that have all different genres which is the reason why I’m calling my debut album Diversity. I have a diversity for music for example like… rock, punk, grunge, rap and trap. I like to do everything and mix everything together, that’s if goes and feels right like how I hear it in my head but it doesn’t always work out, it is a challenge and that’s what I like. just depends how I feel and what I’m in the mood for.

You have a unique voice, did you get any vocal training or classical sessions in the past?

Thank you. To be honest, I never thought I’d be a singer, when I was younger I couldn’t sing a note in tune, I wasn’t a singer what so ever, I was just a musician more of a guitar player, and it was the guitar that helped me to get my voice in tune. I was bored just playing the guitar and I wanted to do something more challenging which is to sing which took years to accomplish haha.

Rock Solid are a very established name out there representing artists, how has been their impact on your life as an up and coming artist on the scene?

It’s a huge change and still up to this day I’m still getting used to it, It has been a pleasure to be signed to Rock Solid Talent Entertainment, it’s been great fun. Being on the label has impacted me so much by having great management and by giving me hope for my future which I’m looking very much forward to.

Breaking out on the scene is never easy for a new artist, how do you deal with the pressure of starting this new adventure in music on the grandest stage?

It will always be difficult to start of as new artist and gaining recognition especially if you’re broke and unpopular who doesn’t have any money to pay for production, video/photo shoots and promotions unless you’re a rich kid from a rich family who get things handed to them. I deal with the pressure by reminding myself to just keep going and pushing myself forward and how far I have become and keep remembering why I done and do music in the first place is which is to release pressure from my emotions from my past while growing up. It’s my perfect medicine that gives me the ambition to help me and to help others to continue with their life’s no matter how hard it can get.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2019?

Well… at the moment I’m in the studio recording my debut album "Diversity" and will be releasing that hopefully this Summer, and after that I will be forming musicians to join me so we can tour, play music and do some photo shoots, music videos and just to just keep touring to get out there and let people hear my music and hear what I’m all about. To be honest I don’t really expect anything, I’m more of a go with the flow character and just take every day as it comes.

Any artists you would love to tour with in the next few years?

Oh yes, definitely! Marilyn Manson is my number one whom I’d love to tour with. I’d also love to tour with, Rob Zombie, The Pretty Reckless, AWOLNATION, Twenty One Pilots, Korn, they’re is a number of all mixed bands and artists I’d love to tour with.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to interview you for Metal Temple and I wish you great success!

Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me, its been a pleasure.


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