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Kerry King (Slayer)

Interview with Kerry King from Slayer
by Kontogeorgakos Dimitris, Maria Voutiriadou at 27 July 2010, 9:07 PM

When we were preparing the questions for this interview we faced the “editor’s block” and we couldn’t write a single one. I mean what can you possible ask to one of the most important riff machine like Kerry King? And on top of that to have an introductory chat with Mr. nice Dave Lombardo?The good thing was that the METAL TEMPLE editors manage to hide the fan inside them and ask some cool questions that you can find below.

First of all, how is Tom?
DL: Great. He is doing really good.

Did he have any difficulties while on stage?
DL: No, he just doesn’t headbang.

Oh, it’s bad…
DL: No, it’s not bad; in situation like that you just have to stop. He was hurting his neck really bad while he headbanged or something.

(at this point Kerry King and the manager came and kindly interrupted our nice chat)

Kerry, how was the show in Greece the previous day?
Insane! The Greek crowd was out of their fucking minds. It was shockingly incredible! The people were just crazy. I don’t remember being that crazy, they were out of control or something… really good.

Yep this sounds like a SLAYER gig. So, you have the Big4 on the road; how does it feel?
Better than me in here. (laughs) Now we are going to visit a lot of places. Every time I see James and Lars I tell them ‘we should take this everywhere’. So, if the schedule permits it, you won’t be surprised if we –hopefully– be visiting all the West European countries and then, America’s and Australia. Anywhere they want us to go, we’ll try to be there.

Actually, that’s my next question: do you plan to take the Big4 on US?
I hope so. They just had streamed the Serbia show, they showed it on the theaters, cinemas and they just replayed again yesterday in the US. It’s cool for people to see but it’s not like being there.

You have also the ‘American Carnage Tour’; are you gonna play the entire “Seasons In The Abyss”?

How did you decide to play the entire “Seasons In The Abyss”?
The fucking promoters wanted us to do it.

You don’t have your own opinion on this?
Well, I didn’t want to do “Reign In Blood” no more because we have done it everywhere. So, “Seasons In The Abyss” was my first choice after “Reign In Blood”. Hopefully, after all that touring with METALLICA and stuff, and if we go on tour out again, I’d like to play the new album.

Entire the new album?
I’d like to, yeah.

Is there any other SLAYER album that you would like to play in its entity?
Maybe “Christ Illusion” but that’s not the new one and everybody likes the new one, so that won’t kind making sense.

What about the ‘Carnage’ tour; do you have anything special like in the “Reign In Blood”, when you had blood pouring from the ceiling?
No, we don’t have something extra special; we wanted to have some pyros but on the hand they are too expensive!

And we are living in very tough days, hugh?
It’s ridiculous to pay for some bunch of fires (laughs).

So, about the US tour, do you have any difficulties to embark on this tour or what?
Just the pyros, it’s too expensive. Everything else pretty much they were as we want them to do, you know.

You have been around the world for many years and you have seen many crowds; do you think that, comparing the 80s with nowadays, the fans have changed?
Not really, it’s just another generation, you know. Like I was telling you about yesterday in Greece, there’s incredible! The 80s was great, 90s was weird but this decade is definitely, especially now, is just… I saw James, we had a dinner the night before the first show and we talked a lot. His and Lars’, their opinions matter, they’re so stomped about the whole thing and you really see when James is on stage and talking to all the fans, he is really into it, so, that’s exciting for me and the fans of this decade have a such cool package, you know?

Ok, we have one more question and we’ll let you go; sometimes there are rumors that SLAYER are in just one step before quit after the next, the next and the next album. What are your feelings about it? Do you see the end of the road for SLAYER?
I’ve got plans to do 3 more records but I have not talked to the other guys about it because we are on tour and nobody wants to talk about the studio when he’s having a good time, but that’s what I’d like to do; so, time will not stop for us for about more 10 years, I’m sure!

Hopefully. Ok, close this interview with your own words, say whatever you like.
I’m tired of traveling (laughs). It’s starting yesterday and we had four in a row and we fly every after performance. That’s why we are playing so early today (4 pm). I was asking ‘why the hell we are playing in 4 in the afternoon and SOULFLY closes tomorrow night?’. That doesn’t make sense to me. I’m not charging this on SOULFLY but the record company lady said ‘it’s because you are traveling’, you know? We’ve got a flight on 8 o’clock tonight.

So, we wish you the best and we’ll see you also on ‘Carnage’ tour in Chicago.
Oh, cool. Chicago is always good.


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