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KingCrown's Jo Amore: "KingCrown is obviously my main band. I am no longer a part of Now Or Never, which allows me to collaborate with different musicians and groups. I will soon announce a new big project…"

Interview with Jo Amore from KingCrown
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 06 October 2019, 12:00 AM

No matter the chosen title, whether concerning legalities or simply a name that doesn't fit out of whatever reasons, the musical essence is the key, that which does matter. Not really out of the ashes, but simply a technicality, KingCrown rises up for the challenge to bring in another powerhouse in Heavy Metal music, bearing a contemporary sound. Steinmetal had a chance to talk with Jo Amore, the band's frontman, about the becoming of the band, the new album, his old band Nightmare, and more…

Hello Jo, greetings. If I am not mistaken, I think that this is the first time that I am interviewing you. It is a pleasure to have you. I think it was almost four years since we last met, last time being at Titans Of Metal in Tel-Aviv, Israel. How have you been doing? Quite busy I see

Hi, Thanks for all the interest you’re taking in my music. Things are going fast for me and my band: our second album called “A Perfect World” will be out the first of November 2019 and a lot of gigs are confirmed for its promotion.

It has to be asked, kind of obvious, but necessary, as I trust that it also would be interesting to know. Earlier on you formed Öblivïon, already released a debut album, which was quite good, and all of a sudden, no more Öblivïon, and here comes KingCrown. What made you shut down Öblivïon?

It’s not easy to talk about it but we had to change our name in KingCrown only because another band from USA deposited the name Öblivïon before us…. We didn’t want to spend money in lawyers and legal procedures. You can notice that the line-up of the band and our musical way hasn’t change at all

What is the source for the new band name? It sounds rather catchy, when it comes to marketing, yet I feel that you didn’t just name a band for its title to merely sell. Something deeper perhaps?

We liked the first name “Öblivïon” but come to think of it, it sounded like a Progressive or Rock band. Therefore, we chose KingCrown because it fit better with the spirit of our music, more connected to our influences.

With the rise of the KingCrown moniker, there is a new album coming out, titled “A Perfect World”. Let’s talk a little philosophy for a few moments. I believe that there is an inner hope for utopia with such an optimistic title, or simply to signify something that would never actually happen. Which is the right one of the two mentioned? If not any of them, please shed some light on what this album is all about

The title “A Perfect World” alludes to the opposition between what we would like to be or become and what we are in reality. The world we all dream about and what it really is. Lyrics are about a lot of different topics: about religion, based on questionable foundation, about delusion that leads to suicide, about love and its opposite issues; death or happiness, and more subjects you will discover by yourself.

Musically, it appears that you continued the Öblivïon efforts, perhaps slightly treating the material in order for it to be diverse and somewhat far from what is expected of ordinary Euro Power Metal. In your viewpoint, what are the elements that spiced up the material on “A Perfect World”? How does this album stand out in the market, especially due to the large amount of albums being released every single month?

The influences present in this new opus are broader because several members of the band participated in the composition of "A Perfect World", which was less the case in "Resilience". the lyrics were written by several members and even by our friend and manager. Jeep Moncorger The topics covered are richer and treated in several ways. Here is a little twist; at the end of the composition process, we had to choose among 24 songs to retain only 10. The choice was difficult.

I have the feeling that you are an old school Metalhead at heart, yet nearly every project or band you are involved in, such as KingCrown and Now Or Never for that matter, is directed towards the contemporary means and echoes of Metal music rather than the early days. Other than finding your spot in today's generation, what draws you to the modern edge?

For sure the sound. The current realizations benefit from a technology giving them a powerful and a high definition of sound that did not exist in the productions of the 80’s. Why deprive ourselves of this, knowing that we are more willing to listen to today’s groups? KingCrown is fortunate to have known both generations, thanks to the experience of his musicians. That is whys our music perfectly reflects experience and modernity. This is what makes our originality and strength.

What I liked most about this album that it is like a two edged sword, it carries a track like “A Perfect World”, which is melodic and memorable yet also a Power ballad, “Over The Moon”, with an 80s AORish perception. About “Over The Moon”, do you think that the art of creating a power ballad, similar to old times, is lost and nobody really pays attention to these emotional spirits within Metal albums?

KingCrown's music is always the result of a collective work and it is even more true with “A Perfect World” as mentioned. The presence of a power ballad has imposed itself from the first listen of this song, proposed by Stephane. It is not the result of a commercial approach. And I can tell you with a confidence: I love to sing ballads.

To be honest, I expected this kind of sound pattern that showcased on “A Perfect World”, it suits the band and the songs. For this release, you hired ex-Helloween, Roland Grapow, for the mixing and mastering. What is your perspective regarding his work? Do you feel that he helped you find the true sound that is the image of KingCrown?

We called upon Roland Grapow to give this second album an even more powerful sound, especially concerning the sound of guitars. Roland Grapow is unquestionably a specialist in this field and his contribution has given our new titles a new dimension. Like any artist, we wanted to give the best, and Roland Grapow was an obvious choice. He has done a fantastic work, respecting totally the idea we had for our sound. It was a real pleasure to work with him

Any music videos are scheduled any time soon prior to the release of the album? Can you hint at least a single song that was chosen to be featured on video?

Many videos will be available, some of them are already done. The choice was not so evident. You will have the pleasure to see “The Flame of my Soul” sooner than you think.

Did you have a chance to play live some of these new songs? If so, how were the reactions by the audience?

We already played some new songs live and the audience seemed to appreciate a lot. Our music is written for the stage and the new titles take all their dimension in live.
Is there a special release show in the works? Any hint regarding a grandiose set to be featured, will it also include Nightmare songs?

Three of us were Nightmare’s members. We love to play some songs from this era, especially since the current Nightmare band no longer plays them live.

About Nightmare, 2019 marks 40 years of your early band. I know that things weren’t in the best of terms back in the day, yet, with every year that passes I guess that things could change. Were there talks with Yves regarding a possible show, or series of shows, to commemorate this anniversary?

Yes, we can expect a commemoration of these 40 years of existence of Nightmare, but without Yves………

Is KingCrown to be regarded as your main band, since you also have Now Or Never, unless the latter was put on ice for now?

KingCrown is obviously my main band. I am no longer a part of Now Or Never, which allows me to collaborate with different musicians and groups. I will soon announce a new big project that I am already part of. Something unexpected and big challenge for me…. Stay tuned

Other than a release show, what are your plans forward for KingCrown? Perhaps a team up with a bigger band for a tour to support the new album? Any festivals closed for 2020?

We’ve recently been working with the new agency called “No Name Agency”, they’re working on our opportunities to tour with a big group from their roster. We will provide more details when everything is set. Some gigs and festival are already confirmed and be sure, 2020 will be “A Perfect World“ for everyone

Jo, I wish to thank you for this interview. KingCrown channels great vibes, loyal to the old school era, yet also with a brighter ear towards the future of the Metal scene.

Great talking to you, all the best mate.



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