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Kingcrown's Jo Amore: "If we refuse to wake up, we will come to face more and more problems like the pandemic…"

Interview with Jo Amore from Kingcrown
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 24 April 2022, 10:10 PM

Over the years there have been countless of wake-up calls for the general public in order to further the understanding of what are our possibilities for the future, whether close or far. Nonetheless, there are many that tend to ignore in order to live a life, as better as possible, without any concerns. The big question is, will this perception change, or at least, think a little different for the sake of a better future. Kingcrown, and their founder, singer Jo Amore, demand that people would wake up and understand what is going on. Steinmetal, in light of the band's sophomore album, "Wake Up Call", had to find out more from Amore about changes, and a future.

Hello Jo, it is an honour to have you once again for an interview for Metal Temple online Magazine, I can’t believe that it has been three years, time flies, even with what we have been facing lately. How have you been doing sir?

The situation with this pandemic has been very difficult for all artists and for the culture world in general. As you know, for KC, there were changes. At first, the line up with the departure of Steff, Florian and Markus, replaced by Ced, Bob and Seb. We used the time, due to the live inaction to record “Wake up Call”, our new album.

Last time we had a chat it was about the debut record under the Kingcrown moniker, from the ashes of Oblivion. Since then things happened, the pandemic happened, with nearly everything we know and love shut down, including the live scene of our favourite music. Back when it was dominant, how did you manage to cope with it?

We had a lot of things to do, to share and in no time, we had to learn, with the newcomers, how to compose together. We’ve been very busy.

I believe that one of the greatest effects of this pandemic, other than on the medical end, is the mental side of things. As a band, would you say that this phenomenon had an effect on the band’s integrity? Moreover, did it have any kind of effect on your motivation to write new material?

I think “Wake up Call” wouldn’t have been the same without this pandemic. Most of the topics covered on this album, are about the need, for mankind, to realize that it is not all powerful. It has to unite and live in harmony with its environment as indicated on the title of the album. But we deliberately addressed this subject on a positive way.

To everyone’s fortune, you were able to rise to the challenge and work on your sophomore album, titled “Wake Up Call” wasn’t rather easy as I noticed. Since the debut record, “A Perfect World”, the band’s line-up didn’t remain intact, and over the course of two years, three musicians were recruited. What caused such a change in the band’s ranks?

We can surely be criticized for having changed the line-up. But it have been an opportunity to evolve our music to a more direct and efficient style.

“Wake Up Call” has been out in the market for a short time, what were the initial responses to the album? How was it accepted by your fanbase? Were you able to perform live in a release party of sorts?

The reviews are almost all very positive, and we have also very good returns from our fanbase. Our last video clip exploded the number of the views… We are actually on tour and the public’s reaction is fantastic.

I believe that our world has been in need for wake-up calls, nevertheless, it seems that people just don’t want to understand, or simply prefer to ignore. There are plenty of reasons why, and to be honest, I guess those are too many to count, as each to his own. What is your take on this in light of the record?

I think our society is living regardless the consequences of the future. If we refuse to wake up, we will come to face more and more problems like the pandemic, war for example…

You created a story surrounding humanity, and its travel to find a better future. I presume that this ancient, and distributing, world as you put it, is our own Earth that we tend to ruin? If so, finding a better tomorrow would also change our perception of how to preserve?

Exactly. Mankind has to deserve what we enjoy today. We must give our children a safe future.

We talked about ignorance, and I have the feeling that through “Wake Up Call” you are also channelling what you really fear from, or are concerned about. What can you share about these concerns?

We share our worries and above all, we sound the alarm before it’s too late. But the message is meant to be a message of hope…and mankind will eventually wake up and join a spiritual dimension.

Taking on a stronger stance at being at the direction of European driven Power Metal, there are a few elements in Kingcrown that are more towards the west, late 80s US Metal type. Furthermore, there is clearly a lot more energy in the record, which provided the spirit of the music with enough juice to make it a swift, and deadly ride. How do you find the musical progress of the band in light of the new album?

The arrival of the three new musicians opens us new horizons, new influences. We composed with the main objective of greater scenic efficiency, with, maybe less neo-classical influences. New composers automatically lead to new a musical direction, that’s exactly what we wanted. We are very happy and proud of the result.

We mentioned progress, but it cannot be done with a concentrated effort of the group. You recruited three new axemen, duo guitarists and a bass player, for Kingcrown over the last two years. How did their arrival help the shaping of the inner force within the band’s music?

Kingcrown always worked in a collegial manner, and we all worked well together because we only have one goal: to make the best and give the best for our music, and only this.

Throughout the record, I felt that the songwriting on “Wake Up Call” tended towards being at the center of things, attributing to comprehensive song arrangements along with hooking riffs and simple but effective melodies. In a way, that is one of the reasons why the record felt so swift, passing you by in a rush. What is your input on that? How do you find the album’s song writing?

I personally think that this album is, as you mentioned above, the most efficient; we have realized, it’s due to our willingness to be more direct.

One of the key factors of the album is your vocal line, it was hard to escape the emotional gravity that has been integral in your singing. Furthermore, I must say that you rose to new heights, and it felt to me that you gave your all along with a few extras here and there. I have to know, wasn’t it quite a load on your voice while recording? Did you feel as if you were drained after the experience?

When some asked me which vocal technique I’m using, I can’t answer because I don’t know myself. “Wake up Call” is not my first release as you know and the only thing, I’m sure about is, that I always give my best. Thank you for your nice remarks concerning my singing on this album.

Even if you have been an experienced singer, and musician overall, and saw so much, and did a lot, I bet that you are still learning new things here and there. What can you tell the experience of “Wake Up Call”, whether writing the songs, or recording, rehearsing, teach you? How do you sum it up?

I’m a bit hyperactive. I love to discover new musical universes, new musicians, and every time there’s something I learn. I used to think that, if you still know everything about music but also about human relationship, what is the reason to continue? Every new album is a new journey, a a new adventure.

A song that I guess won’t leave people ignorant is “One With Earth”, certainly the album’s top notch catchy note, its heavy hook in mouth, a combination of melodies and crunchy heaviness. If I could select a wild card, this song no doubt takes the bite. Furthermore, I could notice the great connection between the lyrics and the music, simply a perfect match, and a great contribution to the general feel. What can you tell about this song?

This song was mainly composed by Seb, the bassist. Seb is a real composing machine. The theme and the atmosphere suggested by this music, is a strong message of positive thought a true hymn to happiness. Words are only here to express this optimistic momentum; I love this song too.

Looking forward to the next stage of 2022, have you started planning forward your live schedule? How do you intend to support the record properly?

A lot of concerts are already planned. We are proud to announce a European Tour as support of the iconic band “TYGERS OF PAN TANG” this autumn. The last two years where very difficult for live music, but KINGCROWN is back and we are ready to fight !

Jo, sir, it was once again an amazing pleasure, and thank you for the effort on this interview. Who knows maybe we will have a chance to meet again, perhaps even in Israel. All the best sir, cheers

We would be happy to meet the great Israeli people. Thank you for the attention you have for our music .



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